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Friday, January 7, 2011

God Has blessed You Ted Williams The Golden Voice

Just days ago, Ted Williams was homeless and pan-handling on the side of the street.
Today he's been thrust into the national spotlight.
Video of the Columbus man belting out his best radio voice is a viral sensation.
It caught the attention of the Cleveland Cavilers and Metro Detroit-based Quicken Loans who offered him work and the mortgage for a home.
But a reality check today for those thinking that all homeless people need to get a fresh-start is a job and roof over their heads.
Fr. Tom Lumpkin says unfortunately it is not that easy.
Fr. Lumpkin is the director of the Catholic Worker Day House in Detroit.
While he hadn't heard of Williams' story, he points out that cases like this are rare.
"Most of the homeless are so damaged they can't recover", Fr. Lumpkin said.
Damaged by years of addiction and mental illness.
The second chance given to Ted Williams is heartwarming, but the hope among some homeless advocates is that it will raise awareness.
Not just that there are talented Americans living on the streets, but more importantly the great need for resources to help get to the heart of the homeless epidemic.
Fr. Lumpkin says the main issue is a lack of resources, especially here in Metro Detroit.
"Several area facilities have closed, making it more difficult for those seeking help for mental health issues."
Fr. Lumpkin says the amount of mentally ill living on the streets of Detroit is increasing, and may have a lot to do with the economy.
"Poor people have a lot not to like about their lives, so it's easy for them to become addicted."
Because of his instant stardom, millions of people will most likely follow Ted Williams' progress as he tries to turn his life around. It will be interesting to see not only happens with him, but with the perception people have of the homeless.
Will we see a greater push to provide resources for the mentally ill and addicted? More funding? Time will tell.

and I say
DETROIT MI      $ 15,234,947.00 funding is not the issue metropolitan Detroit received a grant of the afor mentioned amount for the period of 2010-2011 where has this money gone I'll tell you it has went into the pockets of the profiteers of homelessness, it is sad that the are given free reign to absorb the astronomical amount of money they receive in administrative cost and continue to do nothing. 
yet the blame is passed on to the homeless community them selves because they are beyond repair.
We if we are to be in this fight must understand that Men like Fr Thomas Lumpkin are part of the problem and not the solution he has been in the field to long and has come to think that since their tired and ill conceived solutions where the answer and that the failing is the people they are trying to serve.
You first and foremost are serving human beings Men and women who are as worthy and deserving of a home as anyone else. lets us Not forget the who and be so mindful of the How.
The truth is the How has been established with the allocations given annually by government grants, section 8 vouchers and by private sector donation. the money to solve the problem is already there but with no accountability in place it disappears as fast as it is allocated.
By the Us HUD office statistics, we spend over 68.980.00 a year per homeless person, that being said why are we not housing them with this money, I have said it before and will continue to say it until I can no longer draw a breath of life given me by God 
as long as men continue to profit from homelessness there will be homelessness.
while I may not be, my homeless brother Ted Williams golden voice and in know way wish to diminish the blessing he has received, I am a voice , and with it I say To all you nay Sayers May Ted Go on to prove you all wrong May He be blessed in ways you critics will never Know for many Just want to see Him fail so they can say see it is these people.

God has Blessed You Ted Williams From Him There is No pressure for you to Be anything But His. Be blessed always My Friend, by recognizing where your blessing flowed from.
And from a small small voice Fr.Thomas Lumpkin Please Quit your day Job!! 

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  1. i disagree completely with Fr. Lumpkin.

    There is not anyone "so damaged" by homelessness, addictions or psychiatric disabilities that he or she can't live a safer, healthier, more productive life.

    Statements like his are preposterous.


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