Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If It Quacks!

In a Perfect World I wouldn’t be writing this, My Hope For Humanity isn’t only in the Hope of solving the Homeless Problem. In This Country It Goes So far beyond That I am Homeless and It is At the forefront of what I face In my own personal Struggle. And In truth I must admit the Homeless problem has Received Entirely to much attention from myself because anything I might say, Is Not going to Set aright the problems with the manner in which we have become accustomed to dealing with the problem and the very core of what we as part of the Human race are truly dealing with.
And That being by Our very own inability to call something that Quacks A Duck!
Homeless simply puts a face to the problem for those of us dealing with it, and In that I find great frustration because we have if we could get a count that is not in someway tied to funding somewhere in the range of  1-2 million people. excluding the pacific northwest where I know as Fact some of these people living in the woods out here homeless are never going to be counted. If we alone said enough is enough great change would happen. Imagine 1-2million homeless people moving to Washington in our tents and cars and sleeping bags and saying we aren’t leaving until,  lol never going to happen. because as a common people we too are divided by struggle each mans being His own.
It Is Bigger than Us, We in this country alone are faced with surmountable problems the least of being Homelessness, We have Child sexual slavery in America, We have a loss of the sense of community. We have A senate finance committee, That it has seen it as more important to spend research money on Making a better Bomb, More important than Increasing the the Agricultural yields per acre of land. And technology has advanced to the point of how to deliver the Bomb than has been spent on how to Make o fuel efficient plow. We spend More money Destroying and rebuilding other cultures than we spend on medical research, and  community sustainability combined. and yes we all do it because of our allowance, of others to do so, and our acceptance of it as our only option.
While stating I do not wish to drop out of society I just want to drop into one that is awake and not afraid to stand together. Because Something Quacks here and I am pretty sure it’s a duck!    

Monday, June 27, 2011

To All you homeless Traitors There I said It!!!

Homeless, By Housing and urban development and by all agencies dealing with The homeless Problem in this county is something that I have such a hard time dealing with, It has been stated that chronic homeless men and woman are the biggest benefactor of homeless aid in This country. I am writing this post Knowing that in the homeless Online community I am Not going to make friends with this post but It is going to be said. That is bull shit the biggest benefactors of Homeless help are Mission stiffs, people who go to missions to become a part of their programs and fell they must do what they call jumping through hoops to meet the requirements of staying in these programs and the Most money spent on the homeless, Is being spent in these programs. People come online and claim being homeless, or formerly homeless and presume to speak for all the Homeless saying we are giving a new face or we are giving a voice to the homeless.
If you are in a shelter If you are in a program if you are working with an agency getting federal funding to house you and others like you You are making it possible for the continued Profiting from men and women Like you and you are simply by saying these people are doing great work Screwing the rest of us and you have failed to realize you are only a very small percent of the homeless population who benefit from these programs I simply hope for your sakes you are found to be so blessed as to be part of that less than 19% that find success in these shelters and these Profit centers who have by there very intake process Eliminated those of us who might have there own opinion and not bend to the will of men who Go home at the end of the day to  the comfort of their 6 figure incomes, But I do Not wish for those people who are making it possible for these profiteers to continue any hardship I do understand feeling as if you had nowhere else to turn, But you need to know that by continuing to accept their beds and by jumping through all the hoops you leave behind you a great Number of men and women who fell short of meeting the requirements for Help maybe they where to Outspoken or unwilling to give up There Human right to housing For a Bed Or a piece of bread. But I guess it’s what you had to do right.
and I will tell you the truth if you are in a shelter every night And you have not had to struggle because you have a balanced meal served to you by staff and volunteers every night Your ass aren't homeless and you don’t know the first fucking thing about being homeless, But go on and sell your asses out but stop saying your homeless and stop saying that shelter you are at is a God send Because It is Just that you are being blinded by those Presenting themselves as angels of light. and these shelters you stay in are the reason why men and women die on these streets. The people living on the streets the ones that are dying from exposure and beatings There blood will be required at your hand because In your haste for comfort you left them behind when you jumped through that first Hoop. and you are not the voice of the homeless you are the voice of the help orgs. You find encouragement from them because you are their voice not because they give you yours. So don’t try to be a voice of suffrage because as I have both lived in and been on the payroll of shelters in this country I can tell you, You are Sheltered and You have it made. so Enjoy your bed Because Others Who came before you and will come after you will pay for it.
And For everyone else No I am Not moving back inside until we recognize Housing as a basic Human Right I will stay out here till I die Or I am Forced inside,because I will not Throw others under the bus for a house Because in so doing it will never be a home.

Friday, June 17, 2011

United States Policy On We The People.

"A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial. That is when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud.”
                                                                                         George Orwell.
Fortunately For Me Freedom Of speech Is Not truly yet Dead. I often Do Not lend myself to the world of politics outside of the homeless arena, I try to obtained from all appearance of Evil. As A Christian I am above Politics Now that may offend many Christians immersed in politics I however Must say I am Glad They are Offended. I do not understand How Men claiming to stand Behind God the Father Can stand Behind any Government that Cant feed or House its own people or tend them when they are sick, or when they struggle comfort them and can find the funds to Fly Half way around the globe to annihilate a people they perceive as a threat. A Christian Who Lives In fear Of others and spouting fear of other religions somehow have missed the victory you will be Hated By the world, Saints. Today we are deemed by all as people believing for the most part Us to be a Christian Nation. As A Christian I am ashamed that the United States is the best example of Christianity we have. Where more Money is spent on The defense of Gods people than on the care and the sustainment of or the enrichment of in the form of education or health care and sustainability of their way of life and all efforts Made by These leaders lend toward sustained consumerism and a sustainable bondage to the system of dependence and reliability on powers outside our local Communities. So without thinking to far ahead In politics we as the Most powerful people On the face of the planet A people with The ability to heal to work miracles In the Name Of father with all Of His creation at Our beaconing call we fail in that We Live Outside of The Family Of God we Greet Not Our sisters and brothers with a heavenly kiss because Hell lets face it we don’t even know who they are. We Can never be a Christian nation if we Cant Be a Christian Church We talk  a lot about we are but what we are is divided all of us claiming as he said we would here is Christ Or Here Is Christ and I believe you not. The Churches are Not a representation Of Christ In any way they are all working independent of one another and cant agree if Baptist Methodist Adventist or Lutheran are His true Children let alone if the Buddhist Or the Muslim Down the Street Has a Place in the Kingdom. My Question I guess To the Church And Christian Nation would be How Long will you  Allow the Perversion of your faith to Continue? Can we really spread Love with B1 Bombers and Poseidon or patriot Missiles? Can we best Spread Peace Through Violence? Will We win with bullets that average cost is more than that of a decent meal? will Our Love shine Through At the next splitting of an atom? Will we Become the World, Before The world Becomes Us?
And The United States Policy On we the People Is to Let Us Keep Our Heads In the Sand, And Live Our Lives Of Fear In the Best Possible Illusion Of freedom That Can Be created.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sometimes the Simplest Things

Having coffee the other morning sitting outside and I had chance to meet a young woman who engaged me in conversation as many would say was just by chance Or happenstance, But as a man living in Gods mercy and grace I myself know that not to be true as I believe people when they make themselves available to the spirit are often found together right where God wants them too be at any given moment and there we were found she came to the carwash to vacuum here car out and when done with a simple smile and a good morning we began our conversation. Often times I talk about how the simplest things like a hello can mean all the difference to a man Like me.
We continued on in our conversation and I was able to relate to her as someone who while having a different life we walk in accord with one another she first simply spoke to me a good morning and how are you in which I replied I am well and I am Blessed. her reply to me me was simple and to the point. Are you a Christian? I said yes I am, to which she replied I thought so! and this was a beginning to a wonderful conversation. we spoke of The world the church and Our love of God and how so many more people need to walk in this spirit I spoke of how friends of mine had perished on the streets we spoke of how people are so wrapped up in their lives They often never have time for or the desire to converse with someone like myself and we laughed and together we cried me and this stranger that took the time to speak to me.
I know in the end it was a woman sent by my God and My savior for many reasons the biggest being she in know way judged me and she talked with me until her child was restless and ready to drive away without her As he was very small, we said Our good byes and we parted she went and got me lunch and brought it to me latter while I was sitting on the corner, and she gave me the gift of being able to bless others unwittingly as she gave me a subway gift card and it had twenty dollars on it now I have not seen her since and Her blessings on me did not stop there I have since our meeting and her gift to me been able to daily to share with others Gods blessings in my life because a simple footlong sandwich from subway will feed more than myself and I have been able to each day find some fellow wanderer that is willing to break bread and share her blessing too me with me, I am able to witness to them the mercy and grace and Joy given me by people like Her That God places in my life. Her Gift and her blessing to me was farther reaching than I am sure she and I was at the time unable too realize, But that is what I am writing about because while Her and I never gave it thought at the time, God did and He had us both Right where We were for that very reason.Her and I that morning came to agree that he was in the midst of our simple coming togeather.
Why Because He is.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We Go with what works people.

In the Last few Days there has been numerous articals and discussions on the issue of Homelessness and mental illness, and drug addiction. first and foremost let me say that not all homeless people fall into this category we do not all have mental disabilities nor are we all addicted and these are simply a small # of homeless people, however A large majority of homeless people have at some point battled with these problems both mental illness and addiction. I remember before I quit drinking 14yrs ago that in order to get through the drudgery of being homeless and alone I would often do what ever it took to get me to sleep or just make it through till the next day I have for years had a sleep  disorder stemming from the inability to get a good nights sleep for so long due to laws against it. but I live a life where homeless people are almost the only people I know, and in that I see there ongoing battles they face daily.
I am also very aware that a vast majority of homeless people are at present for one reason or another receiving a social security check for their conditions weather they be one of physical mental or drug disabilities. and yes I would go as far as to say drug addiction is in its purist form a mental illness. I watch as every month a person who has no chance of beating this problem alone are given money in the form of social security and food stamps and are set free to their own devises and in the first week of the month they have spent the monthly check they receive on drugs alcohol and cheep motel rooms there are many reasons for this the biggest being they are in an abuse cycle that has never been addressed. we simply have said Ok here is a check for your addiction or illness and we believe this somehow justifies our neglect of the true problem at hand.
But ask yourselves something is it of any help at all to a addict or a Mentally ill person to think that if we just give them money it will go away when they are still in a cycle of abuse or have withdrawn from society because of their condition?
We are in a sense simply trying to put a fire out with a can of Gas!
The problem with all of it is we are screwed up from the floor up we have so many misconceptions of what we are dealing with we talk about providing affordable housing as if that will solve the problem but we continue to see affordable housing in terms of subsidized housing and this is wrong affordable housing is just that it is housing that independent of any outside source a person of low or fixed income might afford and not have to be subsidizes to reach affordability, we have also a belief that everyone should be in this category or that one, which does not allow for the individual needs of people. We have set up a system of social help programs which by their very nature keep people in the bonds of abject poverty. If you are addicted Or mentally ill we place you into a section 8 housing project where as an addict you will find yourselves in the seediest most drug infested neighborhoods, and if Mentally ill you are in these same section 8 housing developments facing isolation and fear and no outlet for self discovery outside of those with whom you have been surrounded by. with no continuum of care.
In short we think that if we continue to throw money at the problem it will just go away, and it has for years evaded the very best minds, why because these minds while being the best have a one sided view and they are the ones with the ability to throw the money in what direction they choose. We are faced with a problem bigger than most people are willing to admit, It is one of out of site out of mind if we hide the impoverished and seclude them to a certain part of society then as long as there are none in our neighborhood they do not exist If we give the homeless and addicted and downtrodden a check or a house they will simply go away. what about Jobs What about the ability to pursue happiness what about the right of the individual what about our ability to better our lives, what about this society that not just on this continent but around the globe that views the degradation of others as simply the cost of doing business. how screwed up are we that we think that it is Ok to give a drug addict a check for His addiction rather than treatment for his addiction what is it that makes us give a mentally ill person a check instead of a doctor? It truly is the hope of those administrators that with enough money they will just go away. and it in a sense is working. because Little known facts like every month between The 1st and the 10th we lose 1000’s of people on social programs to the infirmities that got them there in the first place, drugs, alcohol, depression, anxiety and mental illness. yes 1000’s in this country seems insignificant But it is doing what as a people with all of our talk and all of our plans can not do it is taking care of the homeless problem a few at a time. Yes Giving a check to a drug addict has gotten more people permanently off the streets than the Department of housing and urban development ever dreamed of.

Monday, June 6, 2011

What Are We (Homeless)?

People in general When having the conversation want to express in terms something that will define the Homeless person. The Term Homeless, most are comfortable with I however don’t think it is as easy as a word to define a person, However we the ones living this have no choice as in many things we are simply told this is what defines you. I don’t care if you use any term it does not in any way define who I am. The titles and words you place on me simple define my living condition and in no way shed light on the who I am. The fact is in calling me anything but a Fellow man you somehow set me apart and keep me separated from others simplifying peoples own need to maintain the wall of separation that keeps us from coming together in unity. After all Who really want to be equal to a homeless man Right!
In calling me Homeless You make available the opportunity for the rest of society to view me as someone different a man of values not like others and of a life devoid of any human element. I am by terms set apart from the society, thereby justifying any action that is taken to fix my problem.  And Never does anyone think to ask me or others who they really are, and if We might have dreams or ambitions of our own It is just assumed that we are a homeless person and we need a House.
So I would like to just give a little bit of clarity to the situation, when dealing with people deal with them as a person not as a homeless person deal with them on a level of understanding that they are no different than you they are simply people who don’t at the moment live in a house, But we are men and women of dreams and aspiration we are capable of every emotion and feeling that any feel, When we get Cut we bleed when we are Hurt we cry when we a happy we laugh. We however in most cases as each and everyone in this world are unique and we are individuals.  People in general when helping us take the approach that we are broken helpless hopeless individuals with no true direction in life, we are merely on a different path. Yes some of us want a house yes all of us want the comfort of food today and yes we at times wish for the things others have the safety of a place where we can be at peace.
But we are not a sect of society you can put all in the same Box we don’t want to all be the people that live next door, I mean lets be realistic most of you don’t know your neighbor, and most of you that do cant stand them anyway If you must transform me to be like you is it for me to feel better about me or is it for people to feel better about themselves? I will Love you for who you are in all your uniqueness. I do not covet Nor do I want what you have, what I desire is for everyone to accept who I am and not feel I need to go in the Box with others Like me, I don’t want to be separated I want to be Me.
If you will all scroll back to the top of this page you will see a title that says this Homeless Life, Believe,  However different than yours or those around you I do Have A life.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Number One Problem with being Homeless!

My Biggest fear, That now as many more people daily join the ranks of homeless the idea of  providing housing of 100 50 20 or 1 housing unit at a time will continue on. Being as ineffective or more so because of the swelling number being added to our population daily. If we are in any way going to effect the ability of Men and women who are facing this struggle to change their lives and find a sustainable manageable way to keep themselves and loved ones sheltered and fed. We must first recognize the real problem that the homeless person faces.
The Number one problem with being homeless is, not a house. It is the inability of millions upon millions of people to see it as a societal problem and not one of a person and Their misfortune.
We live in a world where the interest of corporations and governments far outweigh the needs of the people. Where Men can be denied the use of lands they were born on, for what is presented as protecting the environment, or as a common good for all people(imminent domain) when only a select few truly benefit from these regulations Or environmental protections and the people really effected by the decisions of their governing bodies, face suffrage because of unsustainable lives in which we have been all forced to endure at the threat of annihilation  by our fellow man. simply to instill fear and rule over men.
If your Governments and policy makers in your lives could truly protect us there would be no poverty problem in developed countries. We in America would have already achieved sustainability and Our citizens would not be living in third world conditions on this continent. But we in America Live in a world of Isolation and one given direction by national media outlets, corporations and local, state, and national political interest which are now geared towards the continuity of governance rather than the continuity of life.
And the citizens of this system are simply trained to believe that the impoverished and the less fortunate in our society are simply victims of life and the failing economic times or disaster, when the real disaster is that Man has become an indentured servant and believes himself to be a tax payer and anyone outside this system is viewed as criminal non productive and a drain on the economy, a non contributing member of society.
So if we are in any way going to win this battle of homelessness it must not be in the concentration of our efforts to simply supply People with homes, But let us recognize people first as equal Human beings afforded the same right and protection as any and let us make our governing bodies first recognize the ability for people to lead productive sustainable lives as A Human right common to one and all.

Friday, June 3, 2011

He will Lead Me to the Kingdom

I have because of the way That I live often been biased or critical of many, I have often been a harsh critic Of the Church, That is to say Organized religion. In the saying of this know that it is only Born of my experience in dealing with the church. I praise God for the ability to recognize Him in those that serve Him. And I also Praise Him for the ability to know those whom do not serve Him.
So it is not all of the Church Or all of Gods people with whom I have become this harsh critic of rather it is those that serve Him to their own ends, It is this that I have come to realize how I am blessed in ways many can not understand, I have been delivered from the hand of the oppressors of Gods people I am no longer availed to those that seek to serve themselves on the backs of Gods people. I am free from this burden of illusory piety. I know in my Heart Gods word is true and Is Good and Just and is for us as Gods people the only truth by which we must live. and that there is nothing I have not experienced that was not foretold of in His word. My suffrage is a small thing in compare to the suffrage of others. God tends to the needs of me as much as he ever did the people of Israel in the wilderness while my manna does not fall from the sky and my water flows not from the rock struck by Moses, I am at all times provided for By God Almighty. He will If I let Him lead me to the Kingdom, For I am His Child. He in no way will forsake me. And any indignity I might face in this life Is nothing in compare to Him having suffered the indignity of the Cross at Calvary.  And In all of my ways and all of my judgments I in no way am able to change the fact that I am less worthy of His mercy and His Grace than any man. I am Just a sinner and am granted mercy By Him who knew No sin having come to be sin for me that I might be delivered from this flesh having walked in sin from the springing forth from the womb I am unworthy.
So I continue On and I pray for Gods people and I lift The ministers of the Gospel In prayer and I pray that the Church find it’s place and that being in the kingdom and not in some building or some synagogue or sanctuary. I pray for the Church That has been deceived that God Bring them to an understanding of Him and His word. I pray for Gods people that They might listen to the calling in their lives and to answer that calling and I know that God Is bringing His Church One of Men and women of God, and Not some building to a Greater understanding of the Ways of the Kingdom. God Has no need of a building God will Build His Church In the Hearts of Men. And I have seen it Gods people reach out To the Hearts of others And No sanctuary, No Temple, No Glass cathedral, Can House and Hold God the Father, He will However House Himself in the Hearts of those That diligently Seek Him.
I simply say To one and all Beware the False Church and those Giving instruction in the doctrines of devils, and Know If you believe Christ, Being Born Of God Who knew no Sin Died and was Resurrected, For Your sin, Than You have no need of A Church More grand Than the One in you.
If you are In a church It is Your responsibility To ask are we as a people doing Gods work, Because It is my experience that Some Shepherds are wolves in Sheep's clothing, and Christ Warned Us all Believe them Not.
Luke 12:51  Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division