Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Please Forgive Me!

I am sorry above all else and Hope that You all each and everyone can Forgive Me for allowing myself to be drawn into The last 2 0r 3 weeks Of interaction I have had On the internet, with something that is so meaningless to the overall picture, Of this battle to end Homelessness, and For the sake of the bigger picture I am finished, and I ask each and everyone of you to forgive me please for the distraction and Hurt I have done too you all. I know so many of you have given unto me your support and friendship You did in no way deserve this from Me.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A voice Of My Own!

Today in this country the leading homeless advocate, is A man claiming to give a voice to the Homeless community, Nothing could be farther from the truth in that I lay claim to having now and having always Had My very own voice, It is Just that it being the voice of a man who has been on the streets of this country for a combined total of over 2 decades one that is often discounted, and one that can by others easily be discredited or discounted for the sake of convenience, It is however Mine and not something given to me by others.It is only now and by the wonder of social media That I am able to express the voice I have in a broader range, If you talk to anyone That personally knows Me they will tell you expressing My opinion has never been a weakness of mine, that being said I would like to express it now.
I ask that before you read the following that it is detailed in great length, as to what I believe is wrong with the system of help offered unto the homeless. and The example I am using is because of recent personal correspondence that I have Had with the self proclaimed #1 homeless advocate in this country.
I wrote to Mark Horvath explaining my true feelings about his work, and explaining it was not him it was merely his approach which I was concerned with, and it was Him being embedded in an already failed system. it was a lengthy e-mail as I said I have no problem expressing my opinion.
His response was lets say expected but not hoped for, he simply replied thank you “ I agree with you. The system is broken. But real change happens when you work with people instead of against them.   I am 200% about helping our homeless friends get off the streets into housing that has support for all their needs. I work very hard to change the broken system.”
the thing that bothered me most about this reply was not the hint of I am going to continue to work with these organizations but the fact He said 200% which lends itself to the belief that this person believes He does 100% more than others possibly could do, And this is still troubling to me, as I know people who have given there very lives in the service of others and never received praise for it and are far more deserving.
The next response I received from Mark Horvath was in response I had made to a fellow homeless twitterer, @from-nothing Or revolution MacInnis,

 @From_Nothing I thank the God you dont believe in, nobody ever listens to you because of that last tweet
“There's one person everyone on@twitter should follow. He's changing the world for the better @hardlynormal "
we have always had this normal form of banter as we differ on faith but long ago found a common ground and respect for one another.
included in Marks e-mail to me was also the statement, @From_Nothing response to you is spot on. You're a Christian, yet you continue mean spirited attacks. Where is the good witness in that?”
in response to our conversation where Rev said to me,@Joseph2dogs So your god approves of such mean spirited tweets? If so your gods an asshole Joseph, you might want to find a new one!
Mark then went on to falsely accuse me of making things Up and spreading lies about him all over the internet, and went into great detail about his problems as late of others and there doing the same He believes it to be some great conspiracy making it possible to live in the denial of there being an awakening of people who are seeing things for what they are.
when confronted with this accusation of me spreading lies I then e-mailed mark that I had a copy of His tax forms and nothing could be farther from the truth,I also explained that His repeated statement of making nothing from His efforts and living a life of 200% sacrifice was a deception that he indeed made money from His efforts.
His reply to me was this.
Sorry to disappoint you, but I am always honest and I told the truth.
My tax records are public knowledge and I have nothing to hide

$6k was for health insurance and rent. It was not an income, but
listed as such by our accountant.  I had to write the checks to my
landlord and to health insurance from my personal account, which is
why it was listed this way. I have receipts for both rent and health
care payments.

Even if it was income, which it was not, $6k for a years work is
hardly anything you'd call abuse!

The income came from a $50k Pepsi grant. $25k was for the road trip
and $13k ended up being travel expenses.

now I don’t know about you but if you are paying for Rent travel expense and health care and food anywhere you are dipping into company funds or it is part of a salary? Just my thoughts which I think I made clear in my next correspondence with Him.
It is either that or your ass should be sharing a room with Bernie Madoff, I am at a loss as to which. However I digress you make the call on that. His response to me over this the next correspondence again was no surprise.

Love ya Bro
But your arguments makes no sense at all
are you saying I should take up a bed in a homeless shelter? maybe
that I should live in my car? are you saying that I should be homeless
does a cancer doctor have to have cancer to help a cancer patient? a
person helping blind people have to be blind? that no one helping
hurting people should be paid?
Out of all the "homeless advocates" you know, I am the only one that
has had any impact in ending homelessness and getting people off the
street into housing!

I am Both appalled and sickened that someone with this attitude has risen to such a state and praised by so many who themselves are unwilling to look at the facts of what is going on as to the why of nothing being done for the homeless , It is clearly an open abuse of the failed system so yes maybe we should just be willing to look the other way as people to continue to jump into the arena of helping the homeless and get theirs while the homeless people of this country continue to suffer, I however will not look the other way I will look at what is and what is is allowing people to continue to perish.   
the following link are to the copies of the original E-mails In there fullness, can as the post only hint to the heart of the matter I have linked the e-mails in a stand alone page for anyone’s reading along with the tax forms from this non-profit

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cease Fire, Cease Fire

The Hell you say! I will not stop, I revealed to you, when I first started this blog, I was in the hope of changing the Homeless Help enterprise, or as the organizations that profit from it call it the industry.
And I believe that to a small extent I have to date, if only in that  I have seen people have began to question the Morals and ethics of the people who are engrained in this system, and people have began to realize that not everyone who says they are battling for the homeless do not always have the best interest of the homeless at heart.I have since beginning this blog to now posted less and less about my faith as it is just that my faith, something that is personal to me and will not be shaken, only stirred. And forced to rise to greater Heights.
 But this blog is not about my faith it is indeed about homelessness and the revelations that one Man has come to in the plus two decades in which He has lived it.
Being homeless for so long and standing outside of the system I have been at A great advantage and been able to learn much about the problems of which homeless people face, The biggest problem we the homeless people face is that everyone else knows what is best for you and refuse to believe, that what they know is often wrong and It is not working and this is only a small part of the true problem as to the why we have over these last 2 decades had very little effect on the homeless problem.
Nobody wants to look at talk about or seek solution to the real problem, that faces us all with a non-solution, we simply put and in layman's terms  so that all might understand are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
We have to face the root problem to make any advances in the world of the homeless anything else and all we do and say is just waging the Dog, and allowing the real problem and the real reason why nothing is done to continue. we must take a stand and stop the misallocation of funds by the people who are receiving billions of dollars annually to fix the problem. because that is the root of the problem we don’t need more money to be thrown at it we don’t need more grants and private sector donations we don’t need more non profits, we we need is for the ones we have to be responsible in the allocations, and be good stewards of what has already been given.
There is a Gaelic saying  Ni neart go cur le cheile. translated It means “there is no strength without unity”  we are weak and ineffectual because we are not unified we all ran in different directions as soon as we Hit the battlefield.

Friday, September 9, 2011

What Will We Choose

The Industry as it is called, has been in the state of disrepair for some time, The acts of one Man can not be attributed to the exploitation of the homeless population at large, and I have never tried too do that, I rise to my defense only that I always receive from the person in the front lines the same nauseating response I hope you find peace and healing, This I have noticed is a superficial and a stock response given to any homeless person that has the audacity to question the Homeless Help industry. It is a machine Much larger than Many give credit too. They the Homeless Help organizations often stick together they are of the pack mentality, seeking to silence and destroy that which does not lend to their cause, even if it is the slander and discrediting of the Homeless themselves. The very people whom they claim to be helping. one has to then ask also this who’s interest do they truly represent ? this is the biggest question that we as those fighting for the Homeless fail to ask. They do in no way represent the homeless if Indeed they do not care what the homeless have to say in the furtherance of their Lives and transitions from homeless to a productive Member of society, If the Homeless person is presented with the Ultimatum at any time to put their feelings aside and do what is good for the cause It is it’s very essence Exploitation of a persons need By the withholding of Ones ability to fulfill it.
Being a person of Power In any of the Help organizations, in any Country, Hold with that position of Power Great responsibility, the failure Of all of these organizations and those that are in power, Is their clients are while being the very reason for their existence , are discounted and never believed to be a valid voice in their services provided, and any outcry from those they represent is deemed as simply meaningless and detrimental to the cause. This to is a failing as it is not a cause for which we fight, it is for the very uplifting of a people we fight. we can in no way fight for a homeless person and a homeless cause at the same time. we can either promote the eradication of homelessness and poverty, or we can promote a cause, they however can not be synonymous, Because one will suffer and to Date it has been the cause that has been advocated for and the homeless people have suffered it is only Our decision to choose Which Side we are going to advocate for that will determine the outcome.
So will we choose to stand behind Organizations that for decades have exploited the homeless for grant and private sector Money, or will we stand with those who have faced suffrage at their hand? the choice is Ours.
And If your choice leads you to stand for the Organizations than you need to know that it is this their cause to continue receiving donations, and assure themselves a place of prominence and praise, If you truly desire to help the Homeless Listen because when It comes to people trying to help them They are the voice of experience, no one can tell you what homeless people need better then the homeless person themselves. Most importantly don’t say I want to give you a voice and this is what you must use it to say Because Man does not Give man a voice, We have a creator who has done that, what we must do is respect each and every voice weather we agree with it or not.