Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine


I would Like everyone to read The following Post of an e-mail received and posted on this blog in a previous post, after reading this post you are free to form your own opinion as to weather or not My claim as to this being an obvious Tax fraud admitted to in this e-mail

Mark too Me
Hi Joseph,
Thank you for this.
Sorry to disappoint you, but I am always honest and I told the truth.
My tax records are public knowledge and I have nothing to hide
$6k was for health insurance and rent. It was not an income, but
listed as such by our accountant.  I had to write the checks to my
landlord and to health insurance from my personal account, which is
why it was listed this way. I have receipts for both rent and health
care payments.
Even if it was income, which it was not, $6k for a years work is
hardly anything you'd call abuse! is governed by a board of directors. Everything I
do is held accountable.
The income came from a $50k Pepsi grant. $25k was for the road trip
and $13k ended up being travel expenses.
Pepsi grant was also governed by a review board before, midway and
after the road trip. Every penny was spent as per the grant
This did not cost the general public or any government agency one
penny. Over 30,000 people voted to give me that money. I didn't even
ask for it.
If you're claiming I abused money, or people for that matter, you are
way off. In fact, if you did a cost vs benefit analysis on, we are still the most cost-effective education and
awareness campaign in homeless services. Our cost is minimal compared
to our results
NOT ONE PENNY came from government grants - ever!
Something does not make sense. You sent me an email saying let's be
friends, then you continue to slam me online, then I get this email
wrongfully accusing me of abuse
I have tried to be a peacekeeper. But nothing I say or do makes any
difference to you or Greg. You keep attacking me for no good reason
whatsoever. You state you're a Christian man, yet forgiveness has
never once been a topic. You just continue mean spirited attacks.
Sorry Joseph, there is no financial abuse whatsoever with anything I
do. In addition, you should applaud us. We are helping change a broken
system and getting people into housing, and we are not using any
government funds
These continued attacks are unhealthy and unproductive. It's like we
are in 8th grade all over again. We are adults not children.
For whatever part I played in causing any of this I am sorry. I ask
you to please forgive me. Let's move past this and get back to what's
really important, fighting poverty and homelessness.
All the best,

It is either a deception that this is not an income of which I would agree is not much of an income but here it is claimed that it was fraudulently reported as one and was indeed not an income. so you decide which was It? But don't ask Mark He will claim You are a terrorist as He has Me.He will when presented with these facts say you are just hating on Him and have no right to question Him in this manner as He has Me, he will  above in this post In the e-mail It is claimed "this is not an income but if it were" I would now like you to go to both line 12 and part 4 of the tax form below.
I have formed My opinion this is  fraud weather it be of the IRS or it be of those Who blindly follow this man and support his claims of being under attack for no reason , Now form your opinion and tell Me is it?