Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

e-mails from a Mad Man, or Madman Whichever

             I am Not writing this for some great debate nor am I looking to fight with you On any personal Level, While I have written often and you have been included, in more than one of My post for the sake of clarity Mark I do Not hate you nor do I hate what it is you are doing. I just at a loss when it comes to you because I do not understand How someone who to me appears to have so much passion for the Homeless fellow Human beings of this country and everywhere where they face this struggle,
Yet refuses to talk about at anytime the real problem with the system while saying They are only fighting it from the inside, Mark I just don't understand it, I have never Put into print in my blog or anywhere else on the internet any one thing that is untrue about what is going on with these Organizations,yet while continuing to reach out to them you have openly accused me of being full of hate and simply speaking out from some inner hurt I am harboring, and in that you have even wished me in public that I find peace.
Here for you Mark I am telling you, I have great Joy and peace with my life and believe in my very being I am doing what Is before me because it is the path Chosen for me. Mark I will continue to speak out against these people who have for years taken all the public funding and  made  Mis-allocations with it. I am sorry that you receive alot of the brunt of it from me you are the voice out front crying out for people to continue on down this path that has cost so many lives already.
You also say there should be open discourse and yet every time I have tried to have just that with you, you have both shunned and ridiculed me for my criticism's of the system and have openly said I don't see reality.
Here is a small bit of my reality Mark, I have seen people who didn't fit into these people criteria for help to obtain housing die out here. About fifteen years ago at the time I quit drinking a good friend of mine I found dead at camp because he had killed himself in his desperation and what he felt was his own failing, simply because He didn't meet the basic requirement for housing he didn't have enough of an income,and His  SSI  excluded Him from project Housing.he made to little and Was denied, so for 15yrs I wouldn't even go to one of these places to eat. Or get a food box, because the system doesn't work.
I understand your desire to help the homeless mark and I do not deny that you have helped some, I can not however jump on board knowing that the system you have taken advantage of to help the few continues to bleed the life out of the many,It is by it very design only modeled to help a few. So while claiming to be fighting it from the inside, you are surrendering to it, and allowing the abuse of the system to continue, Mark my friend I Love You for Your passion, I also Feel it My duty as a Christian Brother To reach out to You and Tell you your a stifling the Very Gift of God You have been Given He has Done what He has to this point with you for a reason, you could indeed fight the brokenness of the system.and Have great power to Truly help Not Just a Few but All homeless and Impoverished people by refusing to bow to the will of the system you dont need them to make Us visible and to save Lives.
I truly would rather have you as friend and not a foe Mark but if the later know it not from some misguided personal hatred for you I do what I do because, I just couldn't stand by and watch  friends die any more.I cant even sleep in this house I now have at night and go to work tired every day Mark because I know that I will personally know someone that won't make it through this winter that is coming.after over 2 decades on the streets My family is still out there and it is for them I fight. not me or you or some cause.
                                                                                                                           Your Brother In Christ Joseph.

I agree with you. The system is broken. But real change happens when you work with people instead of against them.
I am 200% about helping our homeless friends get off the streets into housing that has support for all their needs. I work very hard to change the broken system.
I speak up about injustice in homeless services. I am working to change the broken system. I've given my all to fight for our brothers on the streets so their voice is heard in every decision being made.
All the best,
Sorry for the brevity and typos, this is sent from an iPhone
// Mark Horvath
We Are Visible

To Me from Mark
you say you truly would rather have me as a friend, yet you continue
to cast personal attacks and help spread false statements about me.
It's OK if you don't agree with me, or if you don't like me. That's
fine too. But personal attacks and intentionally trying to cause me
harm is wrong - very wrong!
Obviously, there is nothing I can say or do to stop the hatred you all
throw at me. I have responded the best I can as a peacekeeper.
@From_Nothing response to you is spot on. You're a Christian, yet you
continue mean spirited attacks. Where is the good witness in that?
Greg Staffa's claims of being exploited are false. It's impossible
since he not only wrote the copy for the website, he was happy and
excited to be part of the website. He even requested the business
cards to hand out. Also, there was NEVER ever any money raised for
that site, nor is there a donation link on that site.  When  he asked
to be removed he was removed as soon as I could raise the funds to pay
someone for the work.
The videos you make taking photos that are not even mine (if you
have a problem with Flickr, Yahoo controls that not me) and my tweets
out of context. Funny, because you even take my tweets so out of
context no one will ever believe the lies. You also state it is to
start a conversation, but all comments are closed. It's a hatred
campaign and it's wrong.
So again, you sent me this nice email saying you'd rather have me as a
friend. Then you continue to slam me online. Not sure what the game is
here, but it sure has nothing to do with being Christ like.
All the best,
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// Mark Horvath
Chief Evangelistic Officer, Do-Gooder and Loud Mouth

Me too Mark
Listen too yourself Mark I am after what you are doing all the lies and deceit come from you. I want to be friends with you and a step in that direction would be for you to be up front and honest  You state over and over that you have made nothing from invisible people tv You claimed 13K+ in 2009 as travel expense 2500 for food a 6000 dollar payment to yourself and I dont think the I have made nothing statement is Going to continue to fly, You paid your living expense through Inv Tv I have a copy of your tax forms Mark so bullshit someone else My friend I see through you and I dont care you can say anything you want about Me Mark in the end I stand firm in My faith and the Fact That God Has blessed me so Much the More since I have began speaking out, This is not about My faith
It is about the Lie you are trying to live and everyone seeing through it.You jumped in there and chose once again to attack me in my faith simply because I called yet another of your praise singers to examine the facts of what you do and you have never answered on Question of Mine like who have you housed? Meaning you Not path partners Who is a glorified referral  Agency at most and nothing more who I have their tax records also 616K plus in salaries to 13 employees not including benefits , and 58K to client care, are you kidding me . But you and dont send some link to a interview or article tell me one person You have personally housed because every time you open your mouth you say I have saved 1000's if so one should be able to prove. or give as example.
And like it or not Mark I am being a friend and a brother by asking people to examine what you do Maybe it will put you back on track and you will remember who this is about The homeless People and not their abusers. Because People die out here while Orgs thrive
And I wont continue to allow it. so as this is my given path I am at peace Joyous and I believe that people are waking up,
Nothing you can do will stop it mark If you Can ever prove I've Lied I will publicly Go on record as apologizing and allow you to make another of your video's it would be great for the documentary for you if you can prove it.
So Get a grip mark It is you who is having a hard time with reality because it is catching up too you, I will also tell you this you do not give more than any other, you are praise by Org's and Gov's yes that in itself is a tell as Org's and Gov's are the problem .
And people aren't stupid you saying I am lying does not hold water if the facts bear out what I say.

Mark too Me
Hi Joseph,
Thank you for this.
Sorry to disappoint you, but I am always honest and I told the truth.
My tax records are public knowledge and I have nothing to hide
$6k was for health insurance and rent. It was not an income, but
listed as such by our accountant.  I had to write the checks to my
landlord and to health insurance from my personal account, which is
why it was listed this way. I have receipts for both rent and health
care payments.
Even if it was income, which it was not, $6k for a years work is
hardly anything you'd call abuse! is governed by a board of directors. Everything I
do is held accountable.
The income came from a $50k Pepsi grant. $25k was for the road trip
and $13k ended up being travel expenses.
Pepsi grant was also governed by a review board before, midway and
after the road trip. Every penny was spent as per the grant
This did not cost the general public or any government agency one
penny. Over 30,000 people voted to give me that money. I didn't even
ask for it.
If you're claiming I abused money, or people for that matter, you are
way off. In fact, if you did a cost vs benefit analysis on, we are still the most cost-effective education and
awareness campaign in homeless services. Our cost is minimal compared
to our results
NOT ONE PENNY came from government grants - ever!
Something does not make sense. You sent me an email saying let's be
friends, then you continue to slam me online, then I get this email
wrongfully accusing me of abuse
I have tried to be a peacekeeper. But nothing I say or do makes any
difference to you or Greg. You keep attacking me for no good reason
whatsoever. You state you're a Christian man, yet forgiveness has
never once been a topic. You just continue mean spirited attacks.
Sorry Joseph, there is no financial abuse whatsoever with anything I
do. In addition, you should applaud us. We are helping change a broken
system and getting people into housing, and we are not using any
government funds
These continued attacks are unhealthy and unproductive. It's like we
are in 8th grade all over again. We are adults not children.
For whatever part I played in causing any of this I am sorry. I ask
you to please forgive me. Let's move past this and get back to what's
really important, fighting poverty and homelessness.
All the best,

Me too mark
you dodged and avoided the whole point of that email I have not as you say accused you of abuse of the money or said you got a government grant for invisible people, what I said was that you make money from it and you in reality do you pay rent with it your admission not mine, you travel around and never pay for food rooms or anything else, and that Mark is income call it what you will, you claim that you sacrifice more than any what do you sacrifice Mark?
You are most artful in dodging ? by turning everything around to avoid any critical questioning and you also avoided the questioning of the claim that you house people because you don't yes you assist people in the process of housing people Mark you provide transport to them and you do outreach and referral for I understand that,
But understand That is your Job by which you get a salary, and I dont belittle that aspect of you mark never have But the whole self righteous indignation by which you deal with those who understand it and see your self praise and degradation of those with whom disagree, in any way I find appalling,
and as for fighting the system which is broke you never speak out about the abuse of the system you lend yourself to it by your employer who with the money received more goes to the salaries and healthcare of it 13 employees than goes to the clients. over half of their funding went to it in fact.
That is the problem with the system that is the abuse, To say you work hard at what your doing is fine I know you do but it is a job all the paid expenses and the health care and rent like it or not it is payment not something someone deserves for being as you say a do good-er so get over yourself Mark, you are Just a man.with a Job.
and I dont know if you remember this or not mark but if not for the homeless you would have no job, so if you really want to end homelessness quit spending your time belittling them and spend some of your glorious efforts belittling the people who abuse the homeless like the ones you work for, but so be it mark if you believe that it is right to claim nothing is being made off of the homeless, there is nothing i can say
But know that I a man of faith can only forgive someone as i was forgiven when the are repentant for their actions. So while You are on the top of my prayer List mark And I want the best for you You and I both know in your heart you know it is not a good thing what you are sacrificing is not you it is all those people that are going to die on the streets this winter because enough money was given to path and every other agency in this country last year if they where doing the right thing the problem would have been solved
and saying I am fighting from the inside is to be actively taking part in it.

Mark to me
Love ya Bro
But your arguments makes no sense at all
are you saying I should take up a bed in a homeless shelter? maybe
that I should live in my car? are you saying that I should be homeless
does a cancer doctor have to have cancer to help a cancer patient? a
person helping blind people have to be blind? that no one helping
hurting people should be paid?
Out of all the "homeless advocates" you know, I am the only one that
has had any impact in ending homelessness and getting people off the
street into housing!
There is absolutely nothing wrong with me or anyone having their
expenses covered while working. I make zero salary. That means there
is no money going to my pocket, nothing in savings, nothing for
retirement - no money whatsoever goes to me personally. The chances of
me being homeless again at 60 years-old is about 200%
Also, revenue for INVPPL is not out of taxpayers pockets. Don't group
me in the big ugly homeless services machine we are both trying to
This conversation is unhealthy and unproductive. The time I spend
responding to the drama you all create I could be using it to help
others. David' post proved the world thinks this drama is stupid, yet
even when facts are presented to you over and over and over you won't
let go of the hatred.
I am not going to play your games anymore. You're hurting yourself far
more than you are hurting me.