Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

rev marshal barth and the truth,A self proclaimed rev who refuses to stand on the Word

Updated Friday January 7, 2011

I truly Hoped that It was finished as far as the Good Reverend,But as The Enemy is working Hard on This Poor man I ask All of you who read This After Stop and Pray for this Man as He is Under attack from Satan, He is still tweeting things He knows to be a lie.
He is accusing me falsely still and now believes that I have edited our discourse on face book page and I cant do that even as the page administrator the only power I have is to fully delete post. or to mark them as irrelevant. so Pray for the Brother that He might find peace in His discourse and in His life. 
I wished only to point out to Him that the word will not endure a false teaching anymore, and I do not want His ministry to suffer  I only wish it be based on the word in it fullness.
as I have always witnessed to those who know me. 


While a harsh critic of the Church it is simply because The church has erred in its teachings to men and it continues daily. I am at all times praying for the Church, That is Gods People and not some building,Gods people deserve to be taught His word as it was intended.
In its fullness, for men to take Gods word out of it's text and try to expound on it Is both Against Gods Word,and the work of the enemy the father of lies .Truth lies in His word.

So I say prove me in His text Or disprove me but that By the word of God, and that not out of it's intended text. In doing so you grasp not the word of God, Or you To have been deceived, I have invited You here for an open discussion I am willing to have with anyone Sir,please understand I will not defend myself, for it is Gods word alone I defend.
I at all times Look to scripture,so I admonished your saying that you seen the future in the past ,that and nothing more,their is plenty of scripture that pertains to our future but Jeremiah 29 pertains not to us and That is not limiting God that is truth

Marshall Barth
PTL!!! There is much wrong within the '4 walls' of our churches these days, a truly sad fact, but one that we've allowed to happen. Rest assured though, GOD knows/knew about it and it can be found in scripture with but a little searching.Christian seem to be afraid to confront erroneous preaching, because the preach is a 'trained' speaker. Yes, we are, but that doesn't mean we can't be in error!
GOD is preparing to bring about many great changes in the world as we know it and I relish them all, for I'm firm in my faith and beliefs. Unlike most though, I don't depend on my knowledge, but that imparted to me by GOD!!!

Marshall Barth
PTL!!! There can be now argument that JESUS is for all of mankind,and the Bible being GOD's revelation of JESUS to us! Scripture tells us that there is no difference between "Jew and Gentile" during the New Covenant. Than that which you're pointing out as not pertaining to us in Jere 29 does pertain to us! To many time we see people put a 'lock' on prophecy, because they've been fulfilled, yet the only ones lock are those that prophesied the advent of CHRIST, all others remain open to reoccur. An example would be the numerous 'returns' from captivity of the Jewish nation and how many times has that been fulfilled. We should never restrict that which GOD can and will do, by our limited(very limited) understanding. for HE'll always prove us wrong and so limited in our true understanding of HIS majesty!!!

It is not that I am trying to put a lock on prophecy, my friend I just believe that men and women of the church are at every degree in their lives besought and besieged by the enemy to by some false teaching brought forth from the pulpits of today and men in the Church who have come to be Shepherds of the flock are going on with the work set before them by the enemy and in that you are a man teaching in a Church that as best as I can tell worships on Sunday a day set up by the emperor Constantine and Not By God your opinion carries little weight with me it is a simple thing really,
Jeremiah was Not talking to the Church this day, it is an out of context teaching, in this passage Jeremiah never addressed the present day Church until Chapter 31:31-40
and it was then he applied His prophecy to us today. The latter of Gods people.
And as to the numerous restorations of Gods people there is not a time when it was not specifically foretold of.
so let me be clear it was in this out of text teaching in which to I had responded and believe as you wish God is mighty in His word and promised unto those that sought Him in it He would reveal Him self, it is in this spirit I encourage you my brethren
So yes out side of His Sp'irit we can have no understanding But We have the Sp'irit of God In His word.

{There will be} tribulation and distress for every soul of man who does evil, of the Jew first and also of the Greek,
Romans 2:9

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.
Romans 1:16
being the best examples of there being no difference
in both instance it was in a matter of living Godly as to which was being spoke and yes we should model our lives according to Gods will for us and the will of God as to our living was indeed spelled out by God in His law.
affording us not the freedom as some especially ministers of the gospel would have us believe live as we want and just believe so yes God is in these day that are upon us going to be doing great things my brother

Marshall Barth
PTL!!! Oh have you got me all wrong! I don't follow after any man's teaching. To me every day is the sabbath, though I do fellowship on Sat and Sun when possible. I currently don't preach in any church, for that is my calling at this time, I'm working on setting up HIS ministry for me, period. I know that in the future HE plans on having me preach, but this is not the time. I don't depend on prepared sermons, but totally allow GOD to fill my heart with that which HE wants my lips to utter,the same with my post. You could say I'm on auto pilot. An I've heard all the arguments against this, but this is what the LORD has set for me,so shall it be!!!


we must at all times try to bring those in err to worship on a day that God has set aside and in His word sanctified there is but one Sabbath, and in that we must make known to gods people we are not afforded the opportunity to dismiss this I am sorry sir if in some way misinterpreted your website it would appear to be a site that is a Church site would lead one to believe that it is, so I apologize but in that please avail that God has called us to worship on the Sabbath sir and this is the greatest failing of the Church today. so I will pray He closes all doors that would lead you other amen and praise God for the work He has called you to.

Marshall Barth
PTL!!! I've read and studied almost every denomination out there. I've found great incite by many of them, Seventh Day included. Yet when I read Galatians their practices come to light as practices of the man and not the SPIRIT. In JESUS we've been set free from the works of our own flesh, for the fact that we can't get even the simplest of things right. With JESUS we can stand before GOD totally accepted, not by works of our own hands, but through HIS grace alone. If you want to worship on Saturday, fine, but don't stand in judgment on those that don't. An personally, I worship GOD daily, for I see that which HE's done for me, greater than I can honor HIM in but one or two days a week:)))

and in that if you studied Galatians in its fullness sir for did not Paul say therefore having these promises, dearly beloved let us cleanse ourselves of all filthiness of the flesh And spirit Perfecting holiness in the fear of God.
so then are we to exhort ourselves and our teachings above that of God by your own admittance of the study of Galatians give me a scripture or verse that would lead any to believe that God Has at anytime instructed us to walk not according to his precepts and I find it Hard to believe that any man a fleshly vessel walks always in the spirit of God.
However if God has in some way given you a new message and not one of His established word than by all means Share what God has Given you
For I will continue In Gods Word and Caring only for The truth in His word Will debunk any teaching not of Him sir
While my message is sometimes hard for the church ti accept It is However Gods word and not some teaching of Man,and I have found No teaching in any denomination Even The teachings of Mrs White, in there fullness a teaching from God and His word.
So let us stick to Gods word on the matter and Not continue as many have to err to the side of what we think but rather what God has Given to us on these matters, and understand I am not the judge of men and if Men feel Judged By the word of God than
Let me say I have spoken it to offence and it is well for it is Gods word and not mine.

My message to the Church is clear Sir do not listen to me but rather the word of God, as I will in no case ever listen to you or any man I will seek God in all matters.
So Judge me not For I judge not others I judge there ungodly practices that are against the word of the Most High God.That they might continue on deceiving men. is of great consequence to me for these people who place there trust in the workers of iniquity are the children of God. 

Marshall Barth
PTL!!! You say you judge not any man, yet your telling me I've not read Galatians in it's fullness. That is standing in judgment itself:) There is only one perfect man and I know you'll agree that is JESUS HIMself alone. Everything we do, as men is prone to failure, for we're far from as knowledgeable as our pride makes us think we are. You seem to hold your own interpretations as truth, yet are you not a man and open to wrong interpretations? You're correct in that no man's understanding is perfect and that only GOD's WORD is correct, but your failure to be open to others opinions you're placing yourself above others. Far from the humble servant that the LORD requires!!!

Sir I value highly other men's opinions on the word itself and as I said we were not excused in Galatians from living a life less than is expected of us and Do not adhere to the teaching that we have now as spirit filled being the freedom to continue on in our lives as we see fit if that is your view sir than so be that view
but understand i only spoke of the scripture and judged you not for Galatians tells us to cleans ourselves in flesh and spirit and that is what I was trying to point out to you sir
if God leads you in this than know it is my teaching that this is what we must stride to achieve we are not
to be living as those in the world we are at all times to lift ourselves and our fellow men to this higher life this fullness that we have obtained and to live Godly lives as He has given us precept and this is our calling to teach different is to teach another gospel and I speak from scripture and wish not to interpret it but to take it as it is intended and destroy the out of text deceptive teaching that is even now being thrown at me. i don't judge you i am simply pointing out that God is not to be separated from His fullness so that we might justify a life independent of the truth
and I am not placing myself above others sir I am however placing Gods Word above us all, it is the final authority in the lives of His chosen.
we are forever reminded in Gods word we have not the freedom to continue on in our ways but must turn and seek Him in all things pertaining to the Kingdom.

and re read what I said sir, I said if you studied it in its fullness and gave you pretext to what Paul said in scripture so it is you who is giving your interpretation of the Word for I quoted you scripture that could not be taken from its intended text and you come back with your theory of the word and not a scriptural discourse so in that I do believe you are offended.
I ask you only too be led by scripture and I ask not for you to believe what I have to say about it. And I am always willing to learn from one who has more knowledge than I so if there is something I am missing scripturally please sir I have asked with scripture enlighten Me.

and this present discourse is also of what Paul spoke when he said shall we continue in sin so that grace might abound ? God forbid!

Marshall Barth
PTL!!! For one I'm not mad, just having a hard time understanding you. We started on one topic and when I presented you with ample scripture to forgo it, you changed topics. I've went to your Facebook page and did a bit of reading, to maybe get a better understanding of you. This only brought about more questions.
You state numerous times, though never directly, that you're not a Born Again Christian! Are you or aren't you, which is it?
Now I understand you're homeless and I do understand this for I've been homeless about 6 of the last 30 yrs, sometimes by choice and others not. What kind of work do you do to support yourself? For you need some kind of means to afford computer time and or a cell phone!
Now you said you "looked at my site and it looked like a churches". Did you read it, or just look at it and make a judgment? I'm not asking these to make a judgment of you, but to better understand the reasoning behind your post!

ok sir well for one do not defame me with your false accusations you never seen anywhere that said i am not born again. you never seen me change the subject and you have yet to use scripture other than too take it out of it's text,
so you sir are one of whom I speak with your false teaching and yes i have read your web site I told you that I have been reading your blog for sometime also .maybe you should do me the same respect you sir are the one that jumped to another subject when confronted with the Fact that you had taken something from within its intended text so
as this is an open forum for debate i will not,not allow you the voice you are entitled to I will however not allow you to slander me out of ignorance i am born again, and have never said anything to the contrary, if you are referring to the fact that I have said I don't go to church it is not written a man must be found in one of your ungodly organizations.that you call a church
and I will be honest with you sir you don't have the right as to inquire as to my present financial situation of what concern of yours could that possibly be

and yes you are deceiving people with you web site if it is not, a church site you even have a donate cash site into believing that vine of Christ is a ministry web site often referring to the church and your work and calling yourself Reverend.

now sir if you would like to go back to our first topic which what you said was and i quote Jeremiah 29 point to us today when i simply explained to you that the discourse that Jeremiah was on in Chapter 29 was directed to the Jewish elders whom to who he was speaking and you inferred that it could apply to us today.and never told me in scripture where it said it applied to us today so rather than show me you jumped Ship and have totally changed this discourse so having answered your railing accusations
I ask you again sir where did Jeremiah Say that scripture applies to us today?
so provide me with ample scripture to forgo the Question at hand sir!

Marshall Barth
PTL!!! In your own words " Salvation Free for all, A safe place for every man woman and Child on the face of earth,something I have never really Had" May the last part of this pertains to something else, but it sure sounds like your talking about your lack of salvation. Maybe I'm wrong. For one that isn't being judgmental, you're sure throwing around a lot of accusations, one's you've no basis to make. You don't know me or my works for the ministry and yet your judge me. this conversation is going no where, because(and I've seen this in others) if it isn't to YOUR understanding, it's wrong. May GOD open your eyes to the pride that is within and allow you to show the love and compassion that JESUS believers to have. Good day!

Once again and now you take something out of text in my words to use against me lets be straight i want salvation for all and a safe place to dwell for all a safe place to dwell is what i have never had, If you can read anything about me that you would like to take out of text and try to turn it into me not having salvation it is because you err again
You are however a master at out of text quotations
I am Most assured of my salvation and Do not Judge you personally sir it is your Teaching of Gods word that I judge and Your salvation is of You and Gods concern If you have seen this before I would ask that you seek God on the matter of your discernment because It is a gift He has Given Me, and I fail Him in not walking firmly in that Gift, so Seek Him and If you would ever like to give answer to your out of text teaching that God was speaking to us when in fact HE SPOKE TO THE ELDERS CARRIED INTO CAPTIVITY IN BABYLON. YOU KNOW WHERE i MIGHT BE FOUND

This is where our discourse ended at the present Or so I thought, The Good rev Barth went on to Lie about me and make accusations against me on twitter and Has said horrific things about me in His tweets, i have repeatedly reached out and to no avail. And these are the men I warn the church about they are the deception that goes on When unable to confront me with an out of text teaching of the word of God He became what he truly is, servant of the father of lies.
So really read our discourse if you would and Tell me are these the preachers you believe God has chosen.

The greatest of the conversation had taken place after I had told the man I read his blogs and read His Church website and at His website he explains He is a ministry IE. church and that God has plans for him and his ministry. leading one to believe he has now or has plans for a church, he has a place to donate for a tax free 501c3 that he has posted now is not his tax exempt # he is operating under another church.
which in my opinion is both immoral and illegal, however I am not sure about the legality of it but if it's not it should be

God says you robbed me in tithes and offering IRS usually says hands up.
any way fell free to explore VineofChrist ministries.
 VCM kingland Texas