Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Home For All

homelessness in my opinion is only a symptom of A more prevalent problem in this world and to limit our efforts to solving this problem is like unto putting a bandage on a finger of a hand that's being sawed off,how can we solve homelessness in a world where people are denied there basic human rights are we mearlly trying to give people houses so that they might be kept in others range of exploitation,if we are going to solve homelessness lets first solve the problem of a society that is passing laws abridging these peoples very freedoms, In most cities it is illegal to sleep to sit on park benches for extended periods of time, to beg for food or even to climb into a dumpster in search of crumbs from the masters table,what I for years called is against the law to sleep on the steps of a church in many states. A person without a house must at times Beg away their Human dignity to use a restroom or even be told by a minister if you want water we have a hose outside and in the thinking of being able to answer a mans prayers we ere we are not the creators of mankind and only choose to be the harbinger of their destruction by limiting our voices to a single mindedness of our actions A house divided will not stand,men and women with a true voice must not waist there voice nor should they limit it I for years Have truly been invisible and have only recently because of my purchase of a notebook been given a voice and can no longer limit or conceal my voice as I watch the world as we know it crumble down around us so it is not every homeless man needs a house it is fact that every man woman and child on this planet needs to come home. If we do not Look at The big Picture together We are bailing out the titanic with a thimble

Monday, November 29, 2010

What do you really need ?

My life as it is, Is not some big complicated thing as many's lives are. I often have to ask why this life that we lead is for us all the same our needs are not in anyway unique to us as individuals though we would like to think that they are.Our needs are simple to continue on with our daily lives we need food,everything else is what we perceive to be a need and is truly a desire.many of our desires are common to all,we desire to be clothed,to have the comfort of shelter and nice things but when our desires are put aside we need only food.the quality of life would be lessened for many whom are afflicted in some way,by deformity or mental deficiency or being stricken in some way by physical limitations,and i do in no way try too categorize them.we as a race of people understand there are some with special needs. but it is not those needs i am speaking of.i am speaking of all of the rest of us.we are not as unique as we would like too believe.That being said we have a basic need of food,More Wars have been fought over it than anything else on the planet.Men would have you believe That it is over religion but that is a lie perpetrated by an elite class at times when religions have loosed their grasp on those they control.At the very basic core of human nature we are all driven by the desire to have this food that us and those we love are never found in a state of hunger.we will kill for it work from daylight to dark for it steal it if we must Men have done more for it than Gold.because it is our basic need and falls well outside the realm of human desire, A lover of cheesecake may not agree. But it is no less true. I purpose to All that are A part of this grand design we call life that as long as food is viewed by some as a commodity and not a basic Human right,Wars will continue strife will continue and mankind will never be able to step into His future.Food is not something that is to be sold for a price that those who do not not have the price of it may not partake of it.and by not having the price thereof you are only to be allotted the worst of or the dregs that other more fortunate may not want,you've all seen the films and picture of drought stricken countries where children are swollen in there hunger,and close your eye's to the fact that your local landfills bulldoze under tons of waste that was unable to be consumed in your store and your restaurants the day before. Food  is A basic Human rite Not something to be Held hostage by corporations governments and profiteers. the world is in a dire state,and mankind must soon re prioritize or perish we all know it to be is How this one Man became Happy and found peace I prioritized in this way

With Food and  raiment let these things be sufficient unto thee for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus.
and in all things give thanks

What Do you see?

People Have Ask This question,And I will Pose the same question to all of you,When You look at A Homeless Person What do you see,Do you see someone less fortunate ? Do You see someone who has wasted their life? Do You see a Drug addict? Do You see a prostitute? Do You see A Drunkard? Do You see a lost cause? Do You see A Mentally Defective? What Do you see?

What I see is someones father someones brother someones sister I see a daughter I see someones child,I see A warrior a man and I see hope I see a Child of God and hope next time you do too!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

In Short Men Lie to themselves

I Started blogging because I have been vexed in my spirit by the way people talk and think about The Homeless.I've seen Men's hearts and Minds on the subject of me.It's easy to see go to a Chat room or twitter and watch there hearts and minds open up to the subject,to most we are a running Joke. Someone less than Human,someone who is seen as the lowest form Human,not a person and of less intrinsic value than that of an animal.So I understand when I see Men living under the Bridge like an animal,afraid of any who may happen to near to them guarding themselves from the hurt that is trust upon them when interacting with others.Men value themselves beyond all that is upon the face of earth and judge those of a different state as not equal to them In Short Men Lie to themselves.There is Not A Man on earth In anyway Worth more than another,the Greatest of scientist that struggle to cure disease,are in no way worth more than the men who build their labs, and both worth no more than the man who spends his day in the fields to feed them,I think you get the point. So really Men need to quit lieing to themselves and looking at each other as if they somehow are of a greater value.If we are unable to do this than mankind will continue it's decline and it's race to destruction,I A Homeless Christian Am Worth no more to God Than A Muslim in a House,Or A Pagan in his House Nor do I have any More Value To God the father than any one of matter your station in life your religious belief or your color or creed God the creator of us all has given us equally,the breath Not believing In Him Makes you no less than any other. I am always in the hope that men will one day awake and find it is all for all and the competition had no fear is this will not happen that men will never see others as equal and will stay on this path and this path has led us to where we are today separate and alone without all the abundance of earth with no real direction and no real hope,fearing always for those we love not reaching the fullness life has to offer until we meet death in the face 
I pray this not be so. 

therein is a gift from the heart

Being Homeless for all of these years I have seen my fare share of people advocating for my cause some have done it in the spirit of love and some in the spirit of self gratification,the difference is in there speech to a homeless person the honest will say I can help with this and i wish i could do more therein is a gift from the heart.when  a man comes to me and says you are in this group of people and this is what you need I know because this person or that person who is far more educated and has studied the needs of you people so we need to do this for you,well my question would be what heart do you have,who are you truly doing this for are you doing it for me or that you might beat your chest as the Pharisees have and say O what great thing is it I do,If you Want to know what a homeless person needs ask one,Lets all agree that if a man has a house he is no longer,unhoused but many people live inside and have never experienced a home and continue to be miserable in there existence if this is what you want for homeless people I tell you most will not have it and will end up back where they began on the streets,because a house is not a home I can be at home under a bridge with a bunch of strangers who truly care about me and value me as a person,and totally homeless in a ivory tower with people who look at me like i am a statistic of their success,someone who they can point to and say what i do works look here at this man.We all must in the end stand or fall on our own merit so give me as a fellow human being the respect of at some point believing me when I say I know what is best for me,if you want to be my friend i am here if you want to exploit me I will not avail myself to you,think not that you can save Man from Himself in that you take the place of God And Only God can Change A man and anyone who has known Me for any length of time will testify to this That If God can Change Me He can Change Any man.Do Any Of You Think So highly of himself that you are more Able than God And can accomplish What He can not You want to Help the Homeless be a friend And trust God to Do the rest if it is only a hello, a smile and a wish i could help,give it from your heart and not your patronizing pride and trust God to work the Miracles because you can Not

May God the Father Of  All Mankind Lead And Guide You
Joseph son Of E'loi  

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I met A Man Answering The Spirit

A Man Anywhere in any walk of life will not find Himself more blessed than I am this day I woke up it was cold and snowy the ground was covered with a fresh layer of white and the silence of nature even in a small town could be heard above everything else I began my day as any other with my morning walk for coffee and there I met a man before even getting to my first cup.he first ask me would you like some breakfast.I replied I would love some coffee.I tied my dogs up in their usual spot,in front of the armed forces career center and went in to get coffee,there I met with this man who's name I wont use because I didn't ask.He was I know placed there at that time by My Lord and Savior Christ Jesus we talked for a few and He gave me some cash said if I needed anything later.I never looked at the amount at the time as I never do I told Him God bless you brother and wished it to be true.He then after buying me breakfast and giving me money Told me he was going to get me a room at the motel for a couple of days I started walking to the motel and he went ahead in his car he came back and said your set but the Lord told me it's for a week I can never thank Him enough Because there are no words,so Here I tell of a man whom made Himself available to the spirit of God.He Did what he believed he was lead to by the spirit asking nothing in return.But I know that God has in store for Him a blessing For what He has done He may have to wait For The Lord But his reward is sure.He showed me that there are True Men of God out there willing to answer the call of the spirit,expecting nothing,in return.And Him And His Wife And Children Are Forever In my Prayers and My Heart.

This was not my Planned daily blog but a Story I felt I Should Tell.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Blessing Missed

Being Homeless is not the burden one might believe yes it has its drawbacks the biggest is which most people will never take you seriously about anything you have to say,Nor will anyone ever really place their trust in you.this can be vexing to a mans spirit if He lets it,every time I see one of my homeless people talking to themselves I ask myself at what point did they get tired of trying to talk to others,or at what point did they get tired of being patronized,both of which can be very disheartening for a person who feels alone in the world.I have studied people and their interactions with the homeless for 20+ years and do consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject.I do not however put all people into the same category.there are those who don't know how to interact with the homeless mainly because of stereotypical fears they think that somehow all homeless people are mentally deranged or violent drunks or drug addicts.and in some cases they are correct,in many they are not.The Church is the worse In my opinion at interacting with the homeless for the simple reason that it is their duty,as christian to avail themselves in every help them know matter what the need ,Imagine if Jesus Had said of the I can't cast out His demons why he's a mad man.the apostle Paul said I was All things into all men that some might believe,Church you are truly never going to be able to pull Men from the mire unless you yourselves are willing to get dirty,You can feed them dinners not just during the holidays but everyday of the year and accomplish nothing if you are unwilling to sit and sup with them,If Yesterday you counted unto you a blessing to have feed some poor soul yet you feared having a conversation with him because he had an air of liquor about him or he acted a little crazy you truly missed the blessing The Lord of Host Had For you
May you be Blessed in all you do If indeed it is From your Heart

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Kingdom of Heaven Is At Hand

Today We as A People Have come to a crossroads the church is failing us our governments are crumbling before our eyes and we as a whole feel helpless,But there is Hope and that hope is in Ya'shua the Risen Savior,Not As He has been presented by the church the fact is He is not in the church,I am not saying His people are not there because there are many of His Children that Have been deceived and are faithful to Him.They believe in the lie,But it is also my belief That God is calling you out of the Church He is Calling you into the Kingdom.He is coming soon.we live in a day and age like no other and we have become as the days of Noah and as the days of Sodom and Gomorrah Men have become lovers of them own selves They care not for their fellow man and believe that the are Judged by the equivalent of their wealth John the baptist came proclaiming behold the kingdom of heaven is at hand as do I,repent therefor and be baptized.The biggest lie of the church is that we are not under the commandments of God we are free from that bondage god tells us in His Holy Word That If a Man says He loves God and Keeps Not His commandments wherefore is the Love of God in Him.The commandments of God are A perfect law unto themselves directing us to God,The Law was perfected in Christ Jesus Our Lord Ya'shua proclaimed that if we Love one another we have kept the commandments.Keeping them is the key.We Must learn first Love for one another.The church has become carnal in its nature it has failed in separating itself from the world it has failed in it's instruction,Be ye not conformed to the world but be transformed by the renewing of your minds in Christ Jesus.

Children of God come out of the Church's Of The World
 the kingdom of Heaven is At Hand

A gift for all

I am first and foremost a sinner I do not pertain to any special gifts or knowledge that has not been given to any other Man I know the truth when I hear it we all do yet for many years I was deceived I believed that there was something i could do about my life that I could have all the things in this life that any other man had I could have wealth I could have friends that looked up to me i could be a productive member of society all these things that we all want,I went through a bad divorce and then I went through the windshield of a car I had amnesia for 2 years I couldn't remember my life it was Hard for me to cope with others the only thing i did remember was going thru that window I cried out God I'm not ready yet and I now know that He came into my life and started to reshape me as a Man.however it took me many years to come to realize that.I was no longer happy in my life I didn't care about what the world could give me I didn't care if I had a house or if I had friends or family that that cared about me. I just wanted to no more and more about the word of God and nothing else really mattered and to the rest of the world this seamed to be this is what i had become a madman in the eyes of the world .I today thank God for the trials that I have been thru I no longer suffer from how others view me I am free from the guilt of the things i have done because i know that I have a true repentance of these things,and they are washed into a sea of forgetfulness,I now remember but know that to me they are of no effect. God has spared me from the worries of this world I see daily the failing of the church and all that they are doing I see good christian men and women being used by the church because of their lack of knowledge in the scripture I see men and women who think that God is behind all they do to excel in the world but know not the spirit of God.I see churches lock their doors at night will the very people they should be reaching out to suffer in the night from hunger and cold and lack of a relationship with the savior in short they perish.and the church goes on preaching the same message But God is faithful in that He will deal with all men equally he has spared me thru His mercy and Grace,and He has given me a voice that others might hear and in that alone I am grateful for it is not that I was worthy of His Mercy But on the Cross My Lord Jesus achieved what I could not He removed the Veil and the separation I had from My heavenly Father Freeing me from a life in bondage to sin and in conformity to the world I  pray now daily that others might receive this same gift because it was in no way unique to me it is for all

In Christ Jesus our Lord may You open your Hearts and minds to receive it

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Captivity Of Christ

After Dealing with the church from the aspect of being a homeless man and reaching out to my fathers people for What I thought at the time was The help I needed,I gave up Moved to the Woods of southern Oregon and there I stayed for years A recluse I withdrew to myself and God's word ,And there He Spoke to Me  It is Now clear to me that the Holy Spirit,The Comforter That Christ was Talking about Was not to Be Found In the Church,And by the church I  say the Church as a whole,I will Not debate denominations with men Nor will I debate Doctrines of men,any man can take a scripture out of the Holy Word Of God and Build religion Around it And that Is what Has happened within the church. I say and Know it to be true God is not there he is not behind them,I harbor no Ill will towards the many Christians that Go to Church It is not To Me To Judge Them,They are God,s people,The ministers of unrighteousness however are a different Story They have sold out to filthy lucre and convinced God's people that It Is The truth come down from on high, and it is Not,So I will Judge I will debase Them Before their Congregations I will show to be the brood of vipers that they are If I am to be Hated By them Than so Be it for They are Of the world And are of the same spirit of those that Hated My Lord,I have Tried To Temper My Speech But to Know avail My Job is to be angry and sin not,And in This At Times I also Fail miserably make no excuses for this I even question God All of the time why Oh Lord why,I will stand behind No profiteer of the Gospel of Christ whether you be a pastor of the church,the administrator of a homeless shelter,or the man on the street. 
Joseph Son Of  E'loi

my story

My Story Is No Different
Than any other Story

I Was Not A good Father,A good Son ,A good Husband,An upstanding church member or member of society as a whole for that matter,what I was good at was being homeless a vagabond a modern day nomad at this and this alone i I took it to be my station in life.I have lived in almost every state in the union .I have begged on your street corners and lived this life for more years than I care to remember.I am now 50 years old an have become accustomed to this life for me it is my life to put me in a house now would take from me who I am.I don't blame anyone for this life which I have chosen. It is who I am.Nor do I want pity,I am No different than anyone else,because I have A home I just don't have A house.I have Dreams and desires like any other man I want what you Want,safety and security for those I love.I want the world to know that this man is part of the human race.and I want the peace and the freedom that I have found out here.and more than that I want everyone else to have the same.for we are all in this thing called life together.

My peace I found In Christ Jesus alone ,for you see I fell as far as a man could fall and in that I fell into the arms of a Redeemer Jesus the savior of the world.and there I shall stay until he calls me home.