Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Friday, December 31, 2010

May you on this Sabbath Eve be Blessed

There is a scripture I quoted to A Friend It is Psalms 118:8
It is better to trust God: than To put confidence in man.
By no small thing is this verse Placed strategically in Gods word it falls in the middle of His word there are by No chance as many verse pretexting it as there are following it the exact same, placing it at the very heart of His word,People ask Me Alot How Can you call yourself A christian And not Go to Church ? I Tell You I can Because God In His word assures me that I am the Church and the Kingdom is within, For me to Go to a Church every Sunday Would be slapping God in the Face, Lets Go thru the First step, In Geneses 2:3 And God blessed the seventh Day, and sanctified it because in it He rested from all His work which God Created and Made.
Now Preachers ,pastors ,and reverends Teachers of the bible all teach that, that is of the Old law and has no bearing on our faith Ok but You show me anywhere in Gods word wherein He has changed it, He set it aside and Made it Holy,That is to sanctify.
And who is the greatest of men that might overrule the creator?
I'll tell you there is Not one.
Many preacher would have you to believe that the commandments of God are of no effect these days?
that Christ fulfilled the law and the prophets,and indeed He did but in His own words Was He not Lord of the sabbath also.
He Never in His teachings, excused man From keeping Gods Law, Men would Like to have you believe That he excuses us When he truly taught that if we Love one another we have fulfilled the law and that is truth, however He also taught Us and I say this to ears that might hear, If you Say you Love God and Keep not His commandment,wherefore is the Love of God in you.
I often teach this and to great offense to many, man can and will always try to do and end run around the Almighty and the greatest way to do it is, to teach a lie and that not being from God It is time church to stop putting your confidence in men and turn to God look to His word and to Him in Guidance in your lives Trust Not Me or any other man for it is God and not Man who shall Judge you,But as a Man seeking the truth of God I will tell You it is Not coming to you from the pulpits of the world church,for the church has conformed to the world and is Not found to hold the truth of God but would rather have you believe them in all things.
God would if you will have you believe in Him and on this sabbath eve may you be blessed and Kept by the Lord until Lord willing I meet you here again

Joseph Son Of E'loi 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do You Worship Idols ? What Are They ? Do You Know?

John 4:21 Jesus saith unto her, Woman believe Me, The hour cometh, when you shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. ye worship you know not what;We know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.But the Hour cometh that the true Worshippers shall worship the Father in Spir'it and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship Him. God is Spir'it and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spir'it and in Truth.
And in what we Worship we know not what, If in that we would believe the Lord of host, we are at the present day worshiping in houses full of idols what is an idol ? 
Their land has also been filled with idols; they worship the work of their hands. that which their fingers have made.
                                                                                                                Isaiah 2:8
It is that which we set before us on the alters of God the silver Plates in which we pass for communion, it is the Golden candle sticks, it is the things you have brought into your sanctuaries it is all of the things made by the hand of man we set them before us in our houses of worship and we say look at us O God.
It is for each and everyone of us to judge, are we worshipping God in the manner he has chosen for us. but we in the church fail in doing so we blindly follow the leaders God has by our belief placed before us. 
But I tell you God, has not Chosen for you men who would lead you along the path of destruction teaching you God cares not in what manner you worship Him, He is very clear Church if you are Worshiping idols you are not worshipping Him, you worship that which you know not.
Worship God in Spirit and in Truth,
"But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come.
I am at all times believing that, Their are Good men and women in the church that Know the truth of God they feel what is wrong in their hearts and know it in their minds they feel the emptiness of this world and they see the father of lies at work in the churches they hold so dear and in the members of the body of which they are a part yet they say and do nothing.
because the spirit in them is being quenched, by the ministers that are before them the men who worship God not in the way of the Jew and worship that which they know not, believing the lie and leading the flocks that count on them over the edge of the precipice. 
It is no small thing that God give the Law unto moses and that Our Lord was an Devout Man amongst His people, A man without Sin A man in order to be without sin must have Observed Gods law and lived His life accordingly, yet we sin willfully in that we refuse to observe what God has set before Us. We can't even bring ourselves to observe the sabbath of God a day He set aside sanctified and made Holy.
We have allowed men to reestablish this day and we all blindly step into the future and say God doesn't care. 
Answer me this if you are truly following, Christ Jesus the proclaimed example of your life why would you not worship in the manner that he worshiped? why would you worship in the manner of men? did not the Lord Himself warn us against the practice of men and there strange doctrines.
please I beg of you Church Look to God ask God search Him in His word, Church The evil day Is at hand. God is calling you to be saints of the most High God he is calling you to be those of whom Jesus spoke such as would Worship Him In Spirit and In Truth.
His truth and Not mans, His way and not mans, His decree's for worship And not the Emperor Constantine's. It is and will be my testimony unto you! Church that it is no small thing to God, and to follow Christ, is to follow Christ and not to follow man so set yourselves apart from the world be different and be found in the way.
 May the God of Heaven, Who sent His son Christ Jesus Who Died and Was on the third day Risen to life, and conquering death and hell became a living sacrifice for all.
bless you one and all, and lead you in Truth and in Spirit.


people would have you believe

The following is an excerpt from a conversation I have had with a upcoming public policy advocate God Help us all,Pray for one another saints.

"The Lord 


spoken, the poor will always be with us. Even if we set up a socialist system where the government assures every man woman and child a home, food, etc, and this is a primary singular goal of the government; or do you believe that the USSR or China, or even Cuba has no homeless? You cannot defeat the lord's will, you can only respond to it.

Understand you speak to a man who gave up his worldly belongings as an act towards Christ, I see the best way as a system that rewards people to invite the homeless into there homes, strangers or not. 

however, our system and culture cannot, and will not, accept such a change at this point. Which means we are left with rarely people, often organizations, and government doing what they can to satisfy the need for shelter, and hopefully to teach men to fish-to be self sufficient.

the question that we have remaining is twofold: in what manner to address those goals "how" and everyone's favorite, how to fund it?

some people are stuck on "why", but no-one who advocates on behalf of the homeless is stuck on that question.

I will let you reply before I post more."

and this after I have posted the funding and know 300billion dollars are all ready allocated and absorbed by the profiteers

I have to no avail responded to the above post which took place on my facebook page and I am under the impression that this is part of the problem with the homeless problem we face in this country, I with held the gentleman's name in this post out of respect but it is something that I have as of yet received from him.
I am under the impression from our much back and forth, that The man believes he is the voice of God and that he is in His right an authoritative voice and God speaks and only speaks thru Him.

In the simplest terms God speaks to and thru us all at times when we have availed ourselves to His voice and to be His vessel, We are as men not soul and exclusionary of others the only voice of God to believe this is to believe yourself to be God.
I praise my Lord Ye'shua for my simple understanding of Him and His Word, I do know that in the text of His message you will have the poor with you always spoke not to the problem of homelessness that we now have, You first have to avail yourself to the word of God and the culture unto Which he was speaking and you have to have a certain degree of understanding as to what term He was using to believe that the Lord would have been saying that you have to always to have homeless is in err.
in the culture of that day to say poor and to say homeless were not synonymous  and inclusive of one another as in many cultures to this day only in America are they truly deemed to be.
in most cultures even still the native Americans, it is culturally a part of society that families that are poor are poor together.
they may have had multi-generational dwellings but they had dwellings and the poverty was far reaching.In this country the Native Americans are our best example They have many homeless in their culture but will tell you the do not outcast the down trodden they are always welcome in their community. To make it in your mind or the mind of others that it is the will of God to have the problem we are faced with today, is both high minded and against all that God has taught us in his word.

to also believe that you can Be a Christian and follow Christ without thinking that you can do it without socialistic principles is to Go against the very premise of the Lords message.
when it was spoke of by the early Church The followers Who walked when our Lord walked it was said of them, That we were in one place and of one accord,  We had gathered ourselves and our lot was in one accord. We had by our own, been gathered so that none were with want. 
In the day of Pentecost when the Spirit of God descended on His followers It was said we were in one Place and of one accord.
and all that believed were together and had all things in common,and they sold there possessions and parted them to all men as every man had need.
socialist in their very nature. 
But to use the term as socialist is somehow become someone who is out to redistribute the wealth of a nation and is often viewed in this country as  anti-American and so be it I no longer care the only thing that is driving against this truth is those who would go against the teachings of Father and to me they are no longer of any consequence.

We are as Christians socialistic in nature and must address the worlds problems as such if we do not include our fellow man in our plans for our future we are doomed not to have a future.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Praise God In All Things.

It Is an easy thing but Not for all, for me yes I am at all times blessed And that of nothing I can Do. I see daily That the Lord Is watching over me He sustains me when nothing else can. He is in my life forever merciful.
If I were to Give you a daily accounting of what God does for me you would say to yourselves He is A blessed man, I am always presented in my daily Life with people that I know God has placed before me. Some people to hear a word from God some to bring a word to me.
and I am always in awe of what is possible, In Christ Jesus and how He makes The truth To be known to those In whom he brings into my life.
God is Mighty and merciful,I have told Many that it is Gods calling in my life the soul reason for me being where and who I am and in this is truth, Do not think that I serve a God that can not at anytime He chooses to provide for me all that others have, but He has me were I am for a reason and I am way past questioning that.
I just continue on the path and Look for His leading in my life, I do know that for Him to lead me I must first make myself available and not struggle with Him to set my path myself, If at any moment we are to be in His service we must first avail ourselves to the fact that we can not lead and follow at the same time, and we must also have a very Low priority of the things which we deem necessary. because what we think is necessary to us, may indeed not be necessary to God the father.
If you first Go into your day praising Him for the very breath of life which he gave too you in your waking and trust in Him for all things and Give Him all the credit for what you have You will soon come to learn that you are also blessed.
I am at times dumbfounded by the salesmen of the gospel and I have come to learn that they believe in a God of a different kind of blessing and they believe that God has given them worldly goods as his measure of faithfulness to them.
I have at often times been confronted with men who believe God would not shelter men in their house built to Him, believing that one of these poor cold souls might steal from them.
And what they have is not theirs but Gods do I serve a God that is so small He can not be keeper of what He has given unto His church, The only reason it would happen is because God was not their with them as they perceived .
If there are Cold Hungry Weary men in the streets of your city and you Go to a church that has not opened its doors to them that in Him they might take refuge if You haven't heard it from God I will tell you He is not dwelling in this House with you and your people, If your ministers are in a city that says men can't sleep in your church than you need to start having prayer meeting every hour of every day of every year.Imagine a Church Were the doors are open for people, always everyday You would have more of a congregation than you would know.
My point to this whole rant is this Church,do you attend a church that is truly reaching out to Gods people because I am looking always for just such a church,I am looking for a church that has not just taken the name of my Savior But taken the very principles which he taught.
If you are not in one Than Come worship with Me.I am out here in Church everyday all day long. This church has no building has no pews meets at all only has one leader.Christ Jesus.
we have no treasurer no board of directors it has no pulpit but this church has A love for God and his word, and will share anything it might have at the time of your visitation.
may God bless you and may you be found in His church when He comes for You.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Am Above All Things Blessed

I was asked this morning a question that too me was ridiculous, I was asked, How can you stand sleeping outside when it is cold like this? My answer How can you stand to sleep in a house when you know people are sleeping outside!
I did not make a friend trust me,however I needed to explain my feelings on this matter, I have come to trust God for all of my needs, I no longer worry about what or if I am going to eat,what or if I am going to wear, or if I am going to be able to sleep and stay warm and dry.
I have come to understand He will provide these things for me and I will be comforted as much as any other man, With this faith Comes a certain amount of peace that I can not explain. It is beyond me, but what I do know is that the people who I see everyday out here on the streets everyday they seem to understand it, and by them I am not Judged.
They treat me with the respect that they want in their life, It is so disheartening  at times to see how these men and women live there lives and with so little respect are they afforded by others, yet amongst themselves there is a great deal of respect for others.
I see the men and women who day by day you can look at their eye's and see their very life force the light that people have as a gauge of their hope fade, If people who pass by them everyday never acknowledging them would only stop and give a kind word a moment of their time a soft word it restores the light and the hope that they might again feel as if they matter.
But as it is with most people they have not the time or the energy to waste on those who are not a part of their lives, and in truth we are all a part of each others lives. people wish not to believe that one who is so unfortunate could have a part with them and for me this is a simple thing.

He who gives to the poor will never want, But he who shuts his eyes will have many curses.
                                                           proverbs 28:27
The poor is hated even by his neighbor, But those who love the rich are many. 
                                                         proverbs 14:20
"If there is a poor man with you, one of your brothers, in any of your towns in your land which the LORD your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart, nor close your hand from your poor brother;
And for me every time I see the poor or the downtrodden the less fortunate than me I can not judge them because are not they also a Child of God.
Made in the Image of the Most High so to turn ones eye from them is to turn His eye from God Himself, And it is not of this Judgement I Wish to Partake. I praise God for them because I am a part of their world I live with them We are friends. 
And they no in their heart that we are all equal.
But know that it is not them that I speak when I say less fortunate It is of those Who know Not God as their personal Savior of whom I speak and it is of those who turn their head,or fake a phone call,and do all within their power to not look at men and women like me. 
So It is God alone that sustains me and makes me whole I am in His thoughts He has Said, I am mindful of You He has spoken, And In me you might have rest He promised so you see You need not look at me As If my life is lived accursed  Because I am A blessed Man I have Hope and redemption I have God to walk Beside me on this Journey 


Monday, December 27, 2010

I have Many times Myself Failed.

Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?                                                            Isaiah 58:7

I am guessing that, Isaiah was not favored amongst His people, as It is most don't want to hear share.
I think that the world is taken over by the spirit of greed,It is not an easy spirit for man to overcome because we are all taught that is the measure of a mans wealth that is the measure of a man when it is a lie from the enemy it is what keeps us all in competition with each other and at the very heart of it it is a spirit of covetousness.
And this is a hard thing for any man living in these times where you are taught by everything that you know that it is Gods will for you to have nice things,There are things that perplex me and trouble me in this teaching, It seems that people are so caught up into this competition that they don't have time for anything that is important to God.
I fail to see how The creator would want to have anything that makes them ignore Him, or if it makes Him ignore His neighbor or if it subtracts from the time that he has with family, If in anyway this world has something to offer us that is more of value than God or our fellow man I guess I have missed the point of this life!
It is no small thing for a man to separate Himself from the things of this world, He is at all times besieged by Life and those around Him to raise Himself to a higher stature, He is often told even By His Church leaders That God wants You to have all that Life has to offer and have it abundantly.Scripture is often quoted on this very subject,Those in the leadership of the church today will tell you, seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.
                                                             Matthew 6:33
  But Lets Take that Verse and at this time not out of it's context in the teaching of Our Lord and see Just what these things are,Of which the Lord spoke.
In Order to do that we must Go to The Text o back as For as you like,But I will Go back to where The Lord Broke The text and between Verse 16 and 17 he turns His speech from the ways of the sinner and the world, to those in whom He is talking to
But thou, when thou fastest, anoint thine head, and wash thy face; that thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father which is in secret:and thy father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.
Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth,where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
But lay up for yourselves, treasures in Heaven,where neither moth or dust doth corrupt,and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
for where your treasure is there will your heart be also.
the light of the body is the eye:if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness, if therefor the light that is in you be darkness, how great is the darkness!
No man can serve two masters;for either he will love the one and hate the other; or he will hold to the one and despise the other, Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.
therefore I say unto you take no thought for thy life, what thou should eat, or what thou should drink; nor yet for your body,what you should put on, Is not life more than meat and the body more than raiment ?
behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not neither do they reap,nor gather into barns:yet the heavenly father feeds them,or you not much more than they?
which of you by taking a thought might add one cubit unto his stature?and why take ye thought for raiment,consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin.
and yet I say onto you, Salomon in all of His glory, was not arrayed as one of these.
wherefore ,if God so clothes the grass of the field which is one day, and cast into the oven the next,shall He not much more cloth you.O ye of little faith.Therefor take no thought ,saying what shall we eat? or what shall we drink?or wherewithal shall we be clothed?
(for after these thing do the gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that you have need of all these things.
seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.
                                                           Matthew 6:17-33                    
Now reading in the fullness of the text in that what the Lord is teaching is not what most of you are being taught in the church and you are being both failed and led astray in that most of the church members have bought this deceptive teaching and adapted their lives accordingly.
It is a simple thing for a man to have been deceived by the teaching of the text not in the fullness of the spirit of God and that is why we as the church are instructed to seek God in Spirit and in truth.The Lord said I am The way the Truth and the life seek that and guild your life in this spirit and truth full well knowing that it is In Gods Word He might be found.
This is only one of many teachings in the church that has brought the world to it's knees before the father of lies and the church continues daily in its quest to conform to the ways of the world, and that outside the Gospel of our Lord Ye'shua the Risen Savior.
So today in this Post to all who read are you being called by your leaders to serve God or to serve Mammon ?


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Do Not Believe Me Believe God.

Are our Churches being deceived today and if so by whom? Satan! Now why would I say that Satan is deceiving our churches and people today? What makes me think that Satan has the authority or power to do such a thing? It's easy to say this and its also easy to prove what I am saying without a bit of doubt. The Bible says so.
 Satan is the master of deception. He deceives entire countries, kings, people of all kinds. Millions today are being led straight to the gates of Hell because they are not in tune with God enough to recognize Satan's tactics and deceptions. Christians are no different than the unsaved when it comes to being a target of Satan. Actually, when you become saved and washed in the Blood of the Lamb, Satan tries even harder to wretch you away from the Lord's Kingdom. Paul, oft times called the greatest of the Apostles, was tempted by Satan. II Corinthians 12:7 says: "And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure".
Now understand what I am saying. If the great Paul who was a mighty purveyor of the Lord's Message could be tempted and tortured continuously what makes us think we are better than he? The deception we see today by Satan is that he has caused many of our prominent preachers to be deceived and therefore are teaching untold millions of followers that they can become so built up in their faith through the Lord that they will no longer have difficulties, problems, or hindrances of any kind. This is a false security my friends. You will NEVER experience that freedom until the Lord Himself comes back and puts Satan in his place once and for all. Until then we are in constant battle with Satan and his forces.
Jesus Himself was tempted. The only difference between how Jesus handled temptation and the way we handle temptation was that Jesus made a conscience decision to not sin and to rebuke Satan with the Word. I do not know if I could have been so hungry, tired and weak and I have been and not given in to some of the temptations that Satan proposed. I would like to think I could.  Jesus gave His life for me and assured me that I could defeat Satan with His assistance. When Jesus was tempted, Jesus had not gone to the Cross yet, I would not have had the assurance of Jesus' sacrifice to buffet me against such temptations.
Preachers are so convinced today that they have the power and assurance of a happy, prosperous, healthy, problem free life, that they have fallen into Satan's traps. Christ made it clear that Satan would search us out and look for our weaknesses and concentrate just upon that particular area in our lives to get us to fall into a sense of false security, therefore making us even more susceptible to his leading without us even realizing it. Satan found Moses' weakness which was a temper and used it against him so that he would get angry and strike the rock instead of just talking to it as God had directed. Satan also found King David's weakness which was the beauty of another woman and caused David to become a murderer and an adulterer. Jacob, the mighty Jacob was tempted by Satan because Satan identified his weak spot which was money and riches. I can guarantee you this. Satan will search you out and will identify your weakness and will buffet you with temptations within that particular area and you will be tempted to the point that if you are not firmly rooted in the Word of God, you will fall for his deceptions and be led down the broad, easy path which leads to destruction. Satan has a gift of making the narrow path which leads to life look like such a hard path to follow that you will think it has to be the wrong path for why would a loving God make such a path so hard to follow. Remember, Satan is the master when it comes to deceiving people and making us think bad is good and good is bad. Satan is a liar, a cheat and a murderer. He comes to steal, kill and destroy.
Many of our prominent preachers today teach that we can be and are "little gods". Nowhere in the Bible are other gods mentioned that were anything other than false gods. God said He is the great I Am. Not the great One Of. He is the First and the Last. The Alpha and Omega. The Beginning and the End. That doesn't leave any room for any other gods of any kind except false ones. Therefore, when preachers tell you that you are a "god", beware because they are leading you down that broad road which leads to destruction.
Another way preachers are leading us astray through false gospel led by Satan's deceptive practices is the gospel of prosperity. It is one thing to be blessed by God for being a faithful follower and doer of His word. It is quite another to think that the blessings by God come directly from our decision to make a concerted effort to acquire an abundance of wealth by giving and expecting it to be given back one hundred fold just because we say so. God, Himself makes the decision who gets blessed and who doesn't. Our preachers today are telling the story in just the opposite way.  I do not believe for one minute that anyone has the authority to demand from God that He give us anything except what he wishes for us to have. God certainly blessed Abraham, Jacob, David and many others throughout the Bible but never did any of them know in advance how much or what they were going to be blessed with. Now do not misunderstand, I do believe that we can expect a blessing from God for our faithfulness. I just do not see anywhere in the Bible where it tells us to name our prize.
One more way we are being mislead by these preachers who have fallen for Satan's wiles is in the area of health and healing. Jesus for sure paid for our healing. The Bible tells us that "by His stripes we are healed". I believe this. But, when a man gets on a stage and performs miracle after miracle and brags about it and tells all the world how powerful "he" is, something is wrong. We are not to stand on the street corner and brag of our righteousness as the hypocrite does. We are to be meek, humble and holy in our ways before the Lord. Many people, millions upon millions world wide are listening to these preachers and believing them for everything they say. Millions upon millions of dollars are being spent by people who cannot afford to spend this money to support these false preachers who are being led by mysterious spirits. Satan is a master. I cannot say this with enough emphasis. Satan is a master at deception. He will lie and find a way to make you believe it IF you are not grounded in the Holy Word of God.
People, please. I beseech you. Please beware of these teachings. Test what you hear against the Word of God. Do not just take a preachers word for what he says. Don't believe what he says just because he can quote a scripture and make it look like that is what it means. Read for yourself and pray for guidance from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit so that you will be enlightened to the truth as God would have you to be.
Ask yourselves this If you could not be led down the wrong Path why would Satan Continue To Tempt Christians Daily?
And Why Did He offer Ye'shua The Kingdoms Of the world If they Where not His?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have I offended You ?

And This Is The Origins Of Christmas As Historical Fact And Not According To Joseph Son Of E'loi.
Let me first explain I, as what is in the Aramaic language mshee-khe-taa,  Am a follower of the Messiah, and a yaa-loo-paa that is to say a student, a studier of his teachings, and with Him I have khoo-yaa-daa that being unity.
that being said let me take first the primes that in this the month of December We are celebrating His Birth Which is something He and His disciples Did not Do.
Let me first point out in scripture it is foretold of His Birth as being inn the time of shepherds abiding in the fields with their flocks Luke 2:8. what time could this have been? is the question first raised for that we must understand the culture into which the king was Born.
A common practice in the culture was that from kha-b-neeshan the first of April signifying the rebirth of the land, until tishrin-qua-ma-yaa October  where the flocks free to dwell in the land at that time they where sheltered,so to my first point The Lord could not have been born in December.
It was in 336 by the Roman Emperor Constantine that December 25th was chosen as the celebratory date for the birth of Ye'shua,
worship of the sun was at that time the primary religion of the empire but the whole of the empire had been converted to Christianity by the conversion of Constantine.
in that it is found that the winter solstice is the true significance of this date being December 21-23 , and was chosen so that the it would " coincide with the the nativity of the unconquerable Sun"
and The Sun symbol itself is held by the scepter of the ruling Pope and placed upon the obelisk at saint peters square.
The term also applied by the papal sea (papacy ) of Rome,  yule hence yule tide,it is also the pagan celebration of Saturnalia a roman sun God winter festival. the 6 pointed star used ceremonially is from the association of the Saturn symbol, symbol for man of the stars Shatan, Satan, Shamhazi.
and It is a accumulation of these practices of sun worship that we are found to be worshiping in on this Christmas Day.
and we say we are remembering Christ on this Day and for Many that is Because that is what we are taught, indeed Christ taught something we seem to ignore in saying this is for him in remembrance of His birth.
If indeed we had been instructed by the Lord on this matter to me it would be of no consequence But as he did give instruction of his remembrance I believe it is,
And He took the bread and gave thanks and break it,and gave unto them saying,this is my body which is given for you; This do in remembrance of me.
Now is it of us to choose in which way we are to remember Him the Holy one of I'sra'el.

"To put it very briefly, the Church did indeed use the
pagan holiday date for Christmas, but not so it could "force conversions."
Rather, Dec. 25th was the celebration of the days lengthening once again, which to the pagans meant that the sun god would bring light and warmth to the earth, once more. By co-opting this date, the Church made it the celebration of the
Light of the World.  It wasn't done to force conversions, but rather to make it easier for Christians to celebrate alongside their pagan neighbors without raising suspicions that they, the Christians, were
worshiping the sun god, which could get them killed. The only
conspiracy was of the pagan officials against Christians.Easter is the first Sunday following Passover, just as it was when Jesus celebrated it with his Apostles, so there is nothing pagan about that. Only the name Easter comes from a pagan source, but the holiday is based on the Jewish calendar not on any
Roman god or goddess worship. The external deserts in the
world are growing, because the internal deserts have become so vast. " -- Pope Benedict XVI

Friday, December 24, 2010

What this Day really Is

I was actually thinking of taking a couple days off of this blog,The reason Because Everyone Is enjoying there Christmas with family and friends, As For Me It is just another day Because In the reality Of what this day is People don't really want to hear.
Because it is the day when every Christian and pagan alike gather around there Christmas tree's and share drinks and stories with their family and friends and time with family and friends is important,most of my family and my friends wouldn't approve of those who I call my friend ,Because they are Junkie's and drunks and hookers and thieves and liers and pimps.
But no less than any of you they are my friends, they are people whom I haven't known long but have come to love as much as any of you, I know for many of you that is hard to understand.
And for me it is a simple thing Because I choose to share my life with people who are a great deal Like me, people who haven't received alot of love.
But all of you whom have shared your lives and your love with me many of you Christian many of you not, I for you in the next couple of days will be praying for you at all times because in my heart, as it has been revealed to me, You fight for your very souls in that these next two days you will be so wrapped up in your idol worship that the very essence of who you are as a child of God will be lost and in all of your efforts to acknowledge Him,He will be so far removed from you because of your inequity that you will fail to realize, even now many of you are saying to yourselves,who is he to judge does he not know the God who he serves says not to judge, disallowing the fact that he says make ye a judgement if it be righteous. No this I am far from a righteous man and I am trying as hard as any to live as He would will.
I only know what things that He has given me and those things I must share, so you are in my prayers and I pray the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings returns not this day for where many might be found.
And on a note of sorrow,do you really think that you should be celebrating with the rest of the world a day that was originally celebrated by the catholic Church to replace the celebration of winter solstice a pagan festival,This day in the religion of the pagan they walk closer to the creator than those who claim to know the truth of God but respect Him Not.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Fullness Of God

Here I Am again, talking about what I know best talking about homelessness and the church. I wish for the sake of both that there was No need For ME to feel like I needed to address either,such as it is I feel I must.
I have addressed each on separate Grounds and combined both before and will continue too,as I Love God and His people the church,and I have known nothing but homelessness for, Oh so Long. It is a shame to me that the church needs be addressed but as it is Not teaching,not listening to and not sparing Children of God, From the suffrage of the world and it's woe's I am always driven forward in that I feel we as the body, Of Christ needs do more for our fellow man.
If in anything are we blessed in that we have a Savior whom to us has become Personal But as the body of believers have we adapted this personal Savior and His teachings to our daily lives and have we been instructed to in His Word?
Now I must explain why I ask this question, I ask because it is one we should all ask, but this year being a census year, and It has been deemed that 62% of all Americans consider themselves to be Christian second in this country only to Muslims. this to me was an astonishing fact,Because most Christians believe them selves to be a minority.
However you are not, That is Not to say that you will not become the minority because yearly the numbers Grow against the church. Membership is declining,younger people are staying in the Church for shorter periods of time,and More and More people are seeking alternative means of worship,wicken and paganism in the top of the fields followed by new age worship, In short people are turning from the one true God because the Church is stagnant and the Church is failing.
The Church is no longer found in the Church,and It is because they are teaching the doctrines of men and not the doctrines of God.
So are we in the period of a great falling away?
It is my belief that indeed we are.
We The Church have come to dwell in temples not built by men we seek each other out and try and find meaning to our lives we talk about God to each other and we share Him with other Christians, That is not what we were called to do.Nor where we called to worship Our God in a House of Idols and in the midst of idol worship.
We have failed,But even In the midst of our failure God is there and He is calling,It is Gods promise that he will restore unto us His people, all that we have lost.and God is not slack in his Promise to man, He has and always shall fulfil His Word, Now for us it is to turn to His Word and to learn and to teach others, That all men might live the fullness of God.
Now with the church having a membership of 100's of millions in this great Land and what we have come to claim as a Christian Nation, He has to be a long suffering God as He always has been since the beginning of time. For this nation has Called unto Him for it's own destruction He as God of both the old and the new Testaments has In both Declared both that if you turn from the man whom has need of your worldly Goods  He ask wherfor is the Love of God in you,and  states He will mock you in your calamity.

So I believe That God true to his promised has searched the Hearts of men and seen the darkness in which he dwells. and He has true to His promise began to mock the church in it's calamity.
Every Sunday in this people in the church's Of this country have driven by men and women begging on the streets of their cities and to them given know thought and no acknowledge them in anyway. And God Watches Us, So we are No longer afforded the Claim that we are Christians We must needs bear forth such fruit If men and women in Your cities towns and rural farm communities are in need of anything you have and God has Given unto you abundance than it is not yours.
It is A God in which you serve who Holds all that you are, The church will never  explain why it is that men went without when they were given unto abundance with hundreds of millions of Christians in the land You will be called to account for every man every woman and every child that has perished for want. and If you are a true believer It is In gods word. search it out Repent and seek God to Guide You in your life.

I say this because someone chastise me for saying I have nothing and count it all a blessing in Him, But my blessing is that for me having none of the worlds riches it is easy for me to give away all of my little because to me it holds no value to me it is nothing.
As It is what I am accustomed to but It is hard For others to see I am truly in this lowly state a man of great riches. I know I am an alien in this land and to this world For I am a Child of God and Rich beyond all that life has Given any man I have want for nothing of this Earth and In this I am blessed More Than I can explain.

I wish only to share my riches with all of you, I want none to Hunger I want none to suffer the elements and I want all to have health and suffer no pain.I want you to receive the adoption of my Father, and become the true Sons of God.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ignoring The Simplicity Makes It No Less Simple-( Or the elephant in the room )!

After having so many Conversations about the same thing I am convinced that People Don't get it,After Me explaining To someone that The problem That Homelessness presents In this Country is not one of a people problem But one of a Social Problem If this society In which we live were itself functioning and productive, it would be easier to Integrate the downtrodden masses into it but as people have Truly looked around and see what is going on in this country and see how the current system under which we all toil is both a tyrannical and exploitive system yet somehow everyone want to ignore the simplicity of the fact that the homelessness in this country is mearly a issue of human rights, at any point in our history with the exception of Darfur, and the tyranny of the Sudan,and other selected vested interest, we have amassed the military industrial complex and invaded or bombed countries that treat it's people as ours, so In that people are unwilling to stand up for their own country men and say it is enough. it's simple the country is ready to tear itself apart. and we will be each of us responsible and will be remembered as a country who let it's fellow man be put under the subjection of tyranny. and it is up to us but as people who say they are trying to help and I know personally some of you really want to. you can not in your hearts want for men to be remolded. and fit into some social model to be accepted of you because that would be daft,and if it is truly the case that people must first fit your model than stop advocating for anything, and start preparing for a coming revolution in this country because you are on a path that will force legislation to round up and re educate the homeless in this country how long before they say the ten year model is not working now it must be enforced.
I am beginning to think that I am the only one who has even read any of the legislation that goes with the housing first is not something that was conceived by 100k homes or path achieve or pathways to housing or American assoc too end homelessness it was originally implemented by Philadelphia, dept of housing and urban development.
so once again we really need to stop and ask what are we doing are we trying to end homelessness or are we continuing to feed into this system of exploitation, if you really looked at what has been done in the past 2 decades you would truly stop dead in your tracts and say to yourselves oh my, you are saying to me with the inaction of your actions,let me say that again the inaction of your actions, and i will spell that out you are choosing a fight that is already over, and having no effect. at best you are sweeping a battlefield.
But all of you think that you have the answers what I am doing is the best that I can do you say, it is only because you have chosen that, and I wish to not be thrown into the mix, I have before stated that it is the homeless my brethren I advocate for but know that I chose to get out of this fight not in the sense of not advocating for them but not in the ineffectual way people would have us believe is right but in that It Is a human rights issue and Not any other issue  you can not keep cold hungry people locked out of empty houses and high rises for much longer we are Human and we are tired of being cold and being told we can't sleep or can't rest or cant find comfort as far as that goes.
I am amazed in the fact alone that people who have become part of the downtrodden masses in the past year have not already started a revolution I'm not a brain surgeon and have no Dog in that fight but I can tell you that even a homeless man like me figured out that the banks that took your homes also took your taxes for the next 2 generations to pay for their failures, In that the federal reserve a private bank Not part of the banking system loaned the Government the money to bail out the federal reserve banking system or, consolidate the industry,to drive out smaller banking entities, and in doing so the made themselves seem to have liquidity because the money was loaned to a government that ask them to print it, and it's people will pay it back or the rest of them will be out on the street.
and In doing so 50% of the homes in America went into default mode making people who could have to refinance and those who couldn't into foreclosure.
You may not want to hear what I say next, But I am homeless with a 10th Grade education and I am either smarter than most people or one of the few paying attention.
But i digress what ever you want to do than do that's what this country is all about but when they can't take anymore human right from people like me they will and already have started on you, so next time you see a homeless or person of less privileged than you say hello sport them a smile you may be sitting around their cook fire before you know it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

To Erika And Anthony

I never thought that a day like today would happen In reality I had almost given up hope on ever seeing this day,It has been an eventful day for me,I am almost at a loss for words,and that is unlike me.I am emotionally drained had I not quit drinking some years ago I would at this moment be drinking but I am under the influence of something much more intoxicating than anything else I've ever used I am found somewhere in between life and that dream state where you jerk yourself into the waking realm.
I have often dreamed of this day and am asking myself are you in a dream because what has happened to you can't be real.
but I now it to be real because of the deep sense of sorrow not for myself but for those who have been effected by the poor decisions I've made in my life. people who's lives where forever changed and where set upon the path's they are now on because of having known me or in this case for having not known me.
I also have a very deep sense of satisfaction in knowing that my lack of involvement in their lives has in a way they will never know blessed them while I know for them they can never see what I have seen or feel what I have felt but when a person knows deep down that they where the worst possible excuse for a human being that there could have been,than He has to derive from that the uttermost clarity in seeing things for what they truly are and seeing that people whom would most be effected by you are better off to have had no effect to make them all that they where intended with no Ill consequence from having the burden of your companionship we are who we are because of the circumstance of our lives,and what we do effects others,so is it better to have effected those you love in no way at all,or to have had them suffer the ineffectually of who you really where ?
while it is possible for everyone to change are we to selfishly make others suffer while we in our lives are unwilling to make that change.what I know this day Is that because of my past many have suffered and I can only lay claim to it having been because of me.
I don't want to excuse who I was and only hope to be what I have become I am now who I am. And it is from this person that I must speak,I have come along way from where I began and Hope that any know me or hope too know me can from here continue on this journey with me as they see fit.

and To Erika and Anthony 
I do not wish to be the father you should have always had I do not ask that you try to understand,I only can offer you this and that is that I was a failure as your father and I am still in the eye's of many found to be a failure, I am hated by many Loved by few I no longer make pretext to my life I have said for years now I am what I am you are the only Good things I did with my life and That I left to your mother.
I am proud of Her for you, She has been the man I never was,I do not pretend to be owed anything, anything That I could ever receive from you would be a gift and not something you owe me.
and what I owe the two of you could never be paid. I hope that I am afforded a life long enough to know you.and nothing more it is all I've ever wanted.I have waited for years to say so many things that I don't know where to begin,and it is in this that I hope for, some kind of a beginning.  

The Best Day Of My Homeless Life

I recently shared a post the worst day of my homeless life and was at that point in my life feeling that I had somehow come to the end of what I felt was my life I battled depression however short I was grief stricken and truly felt It was for me the worst day of my Homeless life and it truly was.
I am here posting this because of personal reasons This day been blessed, I didn't as some would suppose being the best thing that could happen to me a homeless person Find a house as others might wish me to have been run over by a truck, being in Las Vegas I didn't Hit the big jackpot,Hell I don't even Go into a casino unless it's for a cheep buffet,I was however blessed this day too have been found on facebook by my daughter who I have never had a relationship with in her young life,I am just as well as a man in my position can possible be I will never have to be bumbed out on the 25th of may or the 7th of june again,the day Erika and anthony where Born. so In that I have suffered the worst day of being Homeless I was Gifted in return with the best day of my homeless life. So all of those of you whom prayed for me. Know I have many times claimed God answers prayer.

Forgive Me My Passion

I want to first and foremost thank you all for your interest in the advocation of the homeless being housed,I would like to ask each and everyone of you however too ask yourself a question, what is it we are advocating for?
If we are truly advocating for the homeless are we doing so in a manner that is benefiting them?
Do we want our efforts to be wasted on public policy,that has to date passed laws that have abridged their personal freedoms?
Is it their right as Individuals to have the freedoms that we take for granted?
should a man less fortunate than ourselves be able to sleep when he is tired weather it be on a local park bench or under a shade tree or under a bridge out of the rain?
If we are donating clothing to help organizations shouldn't he or she have access to this clothing when they need it?
If we are giving money food and volunteering our time to feed them shouldn't they be given food that is both nutritious and readily prepared?
If they have no way to cook shouldn't the food banks to which we donate take this into account?
should our donations be allocated to the sum of over 80% in most cases to the administration fee's of these services?
what is being done to eliminate the problem?
What More is there that we could be doing?
Is the church doing it's duty in this arena?
Is it the church's responsibility to do something about the homeless problem?
If the church or any other organization not doing what it is they profess to be doing should they be able to retain a 501c3 status of a tax exempt entity?
should there be guidelines for accountability and annual,auditing of the system ?
why is the federal department of housing and urban renewal who is in trusted with the allocation of a federal budget of so many billions of dollars failing by their own guidelines to monitor these agencies when they have an operating budget of 27 million dollars for just such personnel?
why does any agency that pads it's numbers with statistics by taking only a select few clients deemed the most likely to achieve their goals in the rehousing program allowed to still operate and receive federal funding?
these are only o few all encompassing questions I have for years being asking and would appreciate any feedback,that I might receive on this subject as I have a list of more agency specific questions that I believe should also be asked.
I have been accused of just wanting to complain in an open forum because I question and feel this is an unjust accusation
as I feel that we should be all asking these questions after a period of funding this problem. I have for years heard how it is me a homeless man who is a drain on the system I haven't stayed at a shelter in years and haven't went to a doctor in this country sense I was diagnosed with acute miologinis lymphoma of the lung,and had to take this homeless self to Mexico for treatment because of an ongoing fight with social security.I was blessed to have meet a person who helped me to finance my Mexico treatment but in noway feel obligated because of the views of a few people operating within and taking advantage of the system failing me and many like me for so many years,to keep my mouth shut and not ask questions,that I as an American citizen deserve answers to.
I am sorry that anyone is in any way ever offended by my words when I set out to find these answers recently I told myself that it was going to be a struggle and it has been,I have in know way set out to offend any and if me questioning a failed system offends any maybe you are in the wrong field and should be advocating for homeless pets who truly have no voice of their own because I and others like me do deserve to be heard on this matter it is our very lives that are at stake and not yours!!
So you will just have to forgive me my passion on the subject or do as so many has in the past 2+ decades and dismiss my voice
But I can't keep silent on the subject and because i have passion on the subject I can not be dismissed I owe it to the men and the women whom I have lived with out here on these streets and and the ones because of their untimely demise caused by the personal struggle they endured are no longer able to fight alongside me
but have passed on.
So think Me not a fool and do not dismiss me as others have for I shall finish the race and i will complete the task I have set out to do before many of you ever even considered the homeless and our plight.