Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Praise God In All Things.

It Is an easy thing but Not for all, for me yes I am at all times blessed And that of nothing I can Do. I see daily That the Lord Is watching over me He sustains me when nothing else can. He is in my life forever merciful.
If I were to Give you a daily accounting of what God does for me you would say to yourselves He is A blessed man, I am always presented in my daily Life with people that I know God has placed before me. Some people to hear a word from God some to bring a word to me.
and I am always in awe of what is possible, In Christ Jesus and how He makes The truth To be known to those In whom he brings into my life.
God is Mighty and merciful,I have told Many that it is Gods calling in my life the soul reason for me being where and who I am and in this is truth, Do not think that I serve a God that can not at anytime He chooses to provide for me all that others have, but He has me were I am for a reason and I am way past questioning that.
I just continue on the path and Look for His leading in my life, I do know that for Him to lead me I must first make myself available and not struggle with Him to set my path myself, If at any moment we are to be in His service we must first avail ourselves to the fact that we can not lead and follow at the same time, and we must also have a very Low priority of the things which we deem necessary. because what we think is necessary to us, may indeed not be necessary to God the father.
If you first Go into your day praising Him for the very breath of life which he gave too you in your waking and trust in Him for all things and Give Him all the credit for what you have You will soon come to learn that you are also blessed.
I am at times dumbfounded by the salesmen of the gospel and I have come to learn that they believe in a God of a different kind of blessing and they believe that God has given them worldly goods as his measure of faithfulness to them.
I have at often times been confronted with men who believe God would not shelter men in their house built to Him, believing that one of these poor cold souls might steal from them.
And what they have is not theirs but Gods do I serve a God that is so small He can not be keeper of what He has given unto His church, The only reason it would happen is because God was not their with them as they perceived .
If there are Cold Hungry Weary men in the streets of your city and you Go to a church that has not opened its doors to them that in Him they might take refuge if You haven't heard it from God I will tell you He is not dwelling in this House with you and your people, If your ministers are in a city that says men can't sleep in your church than you need to start having prayer meeting every hour of every day of every year.Imagine a Church Were the doors are open for people, always everyday You would have more of a congregation than you would know.
My point to this whole rant is this Church,do you attend a church that is truly reaching out to Gods people because I am looking always for just such a church,I am looking for a church that has not just taken the name of my Savior But taken the very principles which he taught.
If you are not in one Than Come worship with Me.I am out here in Church everyday all day long. This church has no building has no pews meets at all only has one leader.Christ Jesus.
we have no treasurer no board of directors it has no pulpit but this church has A love for God and his word, and will share anything it might have at the time of your visitation.
may God bless you and may you be found in His church when He comes for You.

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