Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Thursday, December 30, 2010

people would have you believe

The following is an excerpt from a conversation I have had with a upcoming public policy advocate God Help us all,Pray for one another saints.

"The Lord 


spoken, the poor will always be with us. Even if we set up a socialist system where the government assures every man woman and child a home, food, etc, and this is a primary singular goal of the government; or do you believe that the USSR or China, or even Cuba has no homeless? You cannot defeat the lord's will, you can only respond to it.

Understand you speak to a man who gave up his worldly belongings as an act towards Christ, I see the best way as a system that rewards people to invite the homeless into there homes, strangers or not. 

however, our system and culture cannot, and will not, accept such a change at this point. Which means we are left with rarely people, often organizations, and government doing what they can to satisfy the need for shelter, and hopefully to teach men to fish-to be self sufficient.

the question that we have remaining is twofold: in what manner to address those goals "how" and everyone's favorite, how to fund it?

some people are stuck on "why", but no-one who advocates on behalf of the homeless is stuck on that question.

I will let you reply before I post more."

and this after I have posted the funding and know 300billion dollars are all ready allocated and absorbed by the profiteers

I have to no avail responded to the above post which took place on my facebook page and I am under the impression that this is part of the problem with the homeless problem we face in this country, I with held the gentleman's name in this post out of respect but it is something that I have as of yet received from him.
I am under the impression from our much back and forth, that The man believes he is the voice of God and that he is in His right an authoritative voice and God speaks and only speaks thru Him.

In the simplest terms God speaks to and thru us all at times when we have availed ourselves to His voice and to be His vessel, We are as men not soul and exclusionary of others the only voice of God to believe this is to believe yourself to be God.
I praise my Lord Ye'shua for my simple understanding of Him and His Word, I do know that in the text of His message you will have the poor with you always spoke not to the problem of homelessness that we now have, You first have to avail yourself to the word of God and the culture unto Which he was speaking and you have to have a certain degree of understanding as to what term He was using to believe that the Lord would have been saying that you have to always to have homeless is in err.
in the culture of that day to say poor and to say homeless were not synonymous  and inclusive of one another as in many cultures to this day only in America are they truly deemed to be.
in most cultures even still the native Americans, it is culturally a part of society that families that are poor are poor together.
they may have had multi-generational dwellings but they had dwellings and the poverty was far reaching.In this country the Native Americans are our best example They have many homeless in their culture but will tell you the do not outcast the down trodden they are always welcome in their community. To make it in your mind or the mind of others that it is the will of God to have the problem we are faced with today, is both high minded and against all that God has taught us in his word.

to also believe that you can Be a Christian and follow Christ without thinking that you can do it without socialistic principles is to Go against the very premise of the Lords message.
when it was spoke of by the early Church The followers Who walked when our Lord walked it was said of them, That we were in one place and of one accord,  We had gathered ourselves and our lot was in one accord. We had by our own, been gathered so that none were with want. 
In the day of Pentecost when the Spirit of God descended on His followers It was said we were in one Place and of one accord.
and all that believed were together and had all things in common,and they sold there possessions and parted them to all men as every man had need.
socialist in their very nature. 
But to use the term as socialist is somehow become someone who is out to redistribute the wealth of a nation and is often viewed in this country as  anti-American and so be it I no longer care the only thing that is driving against this truth is those who would go against the teachings of Father and to me they are no longer of any consequence.

We are as Christians socialistic in nature and must address the worlds problems as such if we do not include our fellow man in our plans for our future we are doomed not to have a future.

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