Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Sunday, December 12, 2010

when You don't believe In Santa

Life was a much simpler time when I was just your average Joe on the streets of this country,only worries where what was I going to eat, Where was I going to sleep,And was I going to wake up to do it all over again,or was some marauding gang of young thugs gonna happen on me while i slept,life was simple then.
Now I have a laptop and a blog and am trying to be involved in this whole thing people are calling social media. It is to me strangeness, People are actually talking about things me and my homeless friends are talking about and have been for years.
I have found very few people on the streets that do not believe that housing is a right for every individual not only in this country but on the planet, thing is most people I meet are not saying anything outside of conversations with individuals in there own little circle of life,they discuss the issue's of the day in their coffee shops or their park benches but never carry on the discourse with others they might meet throughout the day.
It is a bit easier for me that i do know because homelessness is the only thing I know and is truly the Only subject in which I am an expert, yes I said it I am an expert I have forgotten more about homelessness than your average man woman or child will ever know, and I am glad because I don't believe that other people should be or deserve to be burdened with this life or the knowledge that comes with it.
The thing that most worries me however is people say to me almost daily why aren't you in a house what do you feel like you have to prove because I tell people who meet me face to face I don't even know if I could be what you call a regular person what I mean by that is someone who lives in a house.and everyone wants to turn me into a productive member of society.
and I am unsure what that means.
I am challenged daily by the obstacles I face,I spend most of my days picking up other peoples trash, I clean streets where I am homeless and do it well and am proud of it.most people don't even notice that all of the cigarette butts have disappeared and all the trash around the bus stop is picked up often people who work around these streets do notice I get free coffee at some coffee shops I have people out of the blue buy me lunch and I am thanked monetarily often without ever having to panhandle but that is not why I do it I figured out some years ago men where right in some church pulpits we are as Gods children responsible for this earth and those around us.
we are at all times to be good stewards of what we have been given,and that is all things we are given it makes know difference what it is, if It is a fine house on a hill over looking the city, or a tent under the railroad bridge it is given use to care for and utilize as best we can.
I can assure you that a man who lives under that railroad bridge will find more blessings in life by inviting in others to share his meager goods and scraps of food than a man in a fine house who never acknowledges another human being as having needs he might meet,  and the reward is greater. I have the full blessing of a Mighty God in that I have little and I am at know time envious of other men's goods I do however grieve for others that have Gifts that are wasted and find their selves in a miserable existence
It is not what God intended for men That is the lesson learned for men in Gods words to Nicodemus when the Lord Told Nicodemus, Give away all that you have and follow me and At that moment Nicodemus turned . So my blessing's are evident to me if only to me,I am not burdened,by the desire to have all the things of the world, I want not anything for Christmas,I Want only other men and women to find the Joy that I have found.

I am saying I am blessed daily and it is only because I believe That I am.I have only the desire To See that other Men and women who I sojourn thru this life with are truly happy I don't want them to be like me to have nothing that is for me For those that want a house I want for them a house for those that want a well paying job I want for them a well paying Job.
For them that want only enough to get through another day I want for them that.For those that read this and for those That don't I want only what makes you happy.
If I was to have any one wish, It would be for men and women to find themselves standing in the blessings of life and to have all their desires met,  then they to would only want the same for others.
Is that to much to ask for Christmas when you don't believe in Santa Claus?
I don't really care it is not a Christmas wish alone it is in every sense of the word a prayer.

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