Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

For the Cause!

As For the Cause as People would call it the fight of Homelessness, I will explain In detail as to what I see And what It is that Is My hope, My hope Is that The cause Be crushed under foot! (Gasp!) I know many of you now are asking yourself How can This Man say that? It is True as Far as I am Concerned Because I believe what many people are calling the cause Is a system That has been built upon the backs of the impoverished. And I believe When This cause Is crushed that what will be left will simply be people who are impoverished , Homeless, Less fortunate, And in Need. and it will only be then that we are going to be able to shift our focus to these individuals and Take it off of the Poverty Industry that Now makes it impossible to see These people because They(the industry) represent themselves as the front line in this fight.
Men fall and come to the place where They often cry out to God that They may find rest from their struggle in life.And in steps the industry often claiming that we(meaning they) need to be the answer to men’s Prayers. Truth is That Only God Can be the answer To man’s prayers.  Not You, not Me and Not some Organization. But Jesus Himself Is He who Is able to intervene in a mans Life. I have always written and spoke and failed In conveying that we are looking in the wrong direction when it comes to Serving Gods Purpose Because I have for so Long Focused On the Problem And Not the solution when the solution Has always Been and will always Be right where God Has Placed It.

The solution Is Men and women acting on their faith and compassion, The solution is a woman Who at great peril to Herself Feeds Men In her back yard and allows Them to use Her yard as a Hangout a place of rest. It is in a young woman who travels The country with her Husband Her Dog and Their friend in a convoy of Love going as far as todays Gas will take them so that they Might serve By passing on truckloads of blessing to others, It is In a Woman With a warehouse who gathers blessings that she might pass them on to others shipping them anywhere that a need Might be met. It is in A Man who works 14hrs a day selling furniture yet when He is weary distributes blessing to those who have need. It is in young Kids who are willing to be arrested to feed people in a Public Park. It is In A Husband and wife In rural America Who Open their Home to A homeless Man  and then another so That they Might Have an Opportunity To restructure their lives always Giving credit to The Lord On High And The God Of Love that They serve.
I Know that The God Of Love, Is at work in All Of their Lives and That these are the solutions that we have and always have had. and That it is Only people Like the Ones I spoke of Who are willing to Open their Lives Up and Their willingness to serve another that will ever Change the Lives of others, Do I discount the Organizations,that Have enveloped All of the Public Funding and Most of the Private sector donations in all of this. Indeed I do.
The reason Being Is because, Are You ready! Unlike The people That are building relationships With what God Has given Them, The organizations are building client list, with anything they can get.
So while I often Confront and Criticize, The worldly Organizations Who believe They are the answer to men’s Prayers, It Is because I wish Mankind To see that The solution is in those that Have Turned from this worldly system, and believe God Is the answer to men’s prayers. Because I am Not An I did This Kind Of person, I am A God Did This Kind Of person. So While, I am Often Distracted By those who Sing their Own Praise.   I am Always Open To those That Sing Gods Praise. They are His sheep Amongst the wolves!
Much Love And Many Blessings Joseph! Ye’shua Loves You One And All.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Feeding The Homeless Banned To What End?

Food not bombs was first persecuted in  San Francisco for feeding The homeless In golden gate park in the early 1980’s Yet the college kids That sacrificed of themselves to do it at risk of arrest where some of the most awesome Kids I have ever Met in My life.
From there the persecution of food not bombs spread to almost every college Town in America where Kids were willing to extend a Hand of compassion To there fellow Man. In and throughout the late 1980’s Reno Nevada adopted a policy where not only those handing out food would be faced with arrest but those willing to receive the blessing were faced with the same.
Now Like then, You have Cities around America Banning The Act of Human compassion. and Handing out food in a public Park Is a crime the only support this legislation has found was with Homeless services organizations, they have always been and will always be the first to jump on the Band wagon And they Will now and have always proclaimed, We are doing what is best for the Homeless.We are their protectors and we Know what is best for them, When In reality They are doing what is best for themselves. As they truly want themselves to be the Only hope the Homeless have.
If there are no other resources for the homeless to tap into than they are still going to be needed and funded, as someone who lived on the streets for 20+ years I have experienced Hunger On a Saturday and Sunday in cities that have no other place to go and eat but these small group’s of outlaw’s  who were willing to face arrest to see a brother Fed. Where were these Protectors Of mine when I was so Hungry I had to sacrifice My human dignity and climb into a dumpster for food the first time Because I was in a city where it was illegal to feed me? My question to these organizations would be Do I cease to exist.  Between Friday at 5 O’clock until Monday At noon. But I know in reality I too Them cease to exist the moment I walked out the Door. Because the Only way one of these Places feed a man is if He is first counted Because the simple act of counting Him Gives them the ability to claim Him on their annual funding report as another person served. And Their true fear is not am I going to be poisoned By the Church Ladies with the sandwich's Or the College Kids with the Hot soup or the Homeless Guy’s who thru their food stamp's  together Or the Beautiful Lady who opened Her Back yard Up to all who Might come and Sup with her,, But rather am I going to show Up to Be counted and Allow them To be funded?
Houston Tx, New York New York, Philadelphia Penn(city of Brotherly Love My *^&) Pensacola Florida, Santa Monica California,Arcata California, Las Vegas NV,Salt Lake City ,Utah, Reno Nv, Phoenix Az, Seattle Wa, Cheyenne Wyo, Bakersfield Ca, Medford Or, Portland Or, Sacramento Ca, Miami, Fl, Dallas Tx, St Lous Mo.Kansas City Ks.  Just To name a few are cities Who should Hang their Head in shame As they have all at one time or another Either passed Or tried to pass Ordinance Preventing the feeding Of Hungry People By those With Compassion.
Know that in them claiming they do this for Me and Men Like Me because people have fed Us tainted food al over this country, and They should Only do so if Regulated and If you don’t believe that you are no friend of the Homeless, what They won’t tell you is the vast Number of times where soup kitchens and dinning halls across this country have fed Homeless tainted food, and many of their clients have ended up in the emergency room with food poisoning or How the cases Of E coli and salmonella are far greater at Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, And other Fast food restaurants. than they are at a homeless feed in the Park. I have never seen After 20yrs on the street a person Sick from an Unregulated Feed. The Homeless service agencies have thus far been unable to solve the Problem of Homelessness So the Next Logical Step is To legislate Us Out of existence. Don’t eat, Don’t sleep, Don’t Camp, Don’t live!!! Another 2 decades of this and Homeless Euthanasia will be a Reality, we can just call it a cultural cleansing      

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Look Before You Leap!

Standing For something as Compared to standing for nothing, Is Not something as easy as one Might think when You in your person have decided to take a stand as anyone Who has Might tell you, You will face opposition and you will often be torn between others criticisms and what you truly believe!
I do not in anyway believe That I am Now nor can ever be overcome by the condemnation of Others, I have often Offended Many people With My views and My convictions, I some time Ago swore that I would No Longer apologize for what I believe In. I will only apologize For being so repetitive and feeling as if I have to say the same things over and over.
I do know after speaking often of the Failings of the Church in addressing the problem of the suffrage of their fellow man, Many people have realized that a lot of what I have said Is true the church is not somewhere you go on Sundays and fellowship But rather the church Is each and everyone of us, It is inside of Us and that the true servant of God is easily discernable By the Love that Is manifested in their lives. We can truly impact, this fight against homelessness where others have failed, because of the love we have and our ability to share it freely.
Now because I often speak so freely about the Industry of Homeless Help, and The abuse of this system to Exploit The Homeless, and To do as Little as Humanly Possible To Have impact On homelessness,   and Their ability to Insure themselves the vast Majority of Private sector Donations and Government and Privately Funded Grants , All the while perpetrating A fraud on the generous donors and the American Tax payer at Large.
The saddest Part is that as far as Private sector donations the Greatest Percentage of these donations come from our very own brothers and sisters In Christ,    Know that In all My criticisms of Homeless Organizations I am In no way Implying I find Fault In Good People Who simply Follow The leading of their Human compassion, and Give freely of their Time In the way of volunteering, The Money In terms Of Financial support, Or their Hope In the Belief That Giving to anyone who says Their helping Is For a Greater Good In furthering the eradication of Homelessness. Because They do so out of the goodness of their Heart.

I have Many times Asked and Often Adamantly, That People research Before They Give, By doing that You are able to stand also By what You believe, and You can Be aware Of how Your donations are being spent, If You want to truly help fight  Homelessness this is The Most important tool we have combating it. If You are going to financially support someone Helping the Homeless Do you really want to Help someone who has for years Failed with every homeless program they have tried, Or too the organizations that exist only to refer people to these failing programs.  
When People are presented with the fact that there are Organizations who are profiting from Homelessness there are Generally 2 reactions.   One Being that Of That is Just too appalling to be true, then there is that of,  Tell me something I didn’t know.The later generally coming from people who will no longer extend their Hand To a Brother or sister in need because of past experience or lack of compassion.  
When The most Important reaction is All to often ignored, and That being I am going to find out for myself if this is true, Before I lend to them continued support. If someone has The desire and compassion to Give of themselves To Homelessness or any other cause Please do so But do it with an informed Opinion!
Fy2010 $3.222 billion to combating homelessness veterans services alone yet there are still homeless veterans believed to be 43% of the homeless population.
$46.3 billion for FY 2010 allocated to combating homelessness.. at large. these numbers are government allocations, and do not reflect private sector donations, private sector donations were estimated to have been 300% higher. by HUD.
know before you give that disclosure of how their money is spent is required to be given for any one who cares enough to ask!
God Bless You,  Please look before you leap!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Where do Lamb Chop’s Come From?

After Being Berated, Belittled, Accused Of almost every vile thing one might possibly Think of I must Tell You I do Not Care what people Have to Say about me I am Not here for the approval Of people who will believe anything they are told. You say You want to help the Homeless Yet You wont get Out from In front Of The Computer Long enough to do anything But have an Opinion. The trouble with That is Most and I am Not saying all of you Hold an opinion That has Been spoon fed to you. Let me be clear I am not talking to those of You who have sought the truth and have began to reach out yourselves, Helping where and when you can, I am talking to you the ones that believe You are Most Tre’sheik and trendy in your advocacy attempts.
I am In this Post Being Blunt Those of You who Know Me May want to stop reading Here!
As For the rest Of you to believe That anything you are told By any homeless advocate Who claims to speak for the Homeless Population at large Are more than Likely never going to understand What I am About to say. You are much too stupid to help the Homeless, You should Now start helping abandoned Puppies. You get Up everyday and interject yourself into conversations that you are utterly  clueless about, You are willing in your stupidity To stand behind Homeless advocates Who are Championed as the Voice of the Homeless and When The Homeless Themselves tell you this person is abusive or simply marketing themselves and their organization you refuse to Look at the Facts.
Simply Because what? you are to Lazy to look at the facts you are presented with Or you are to much of a sheep to bother ?  and must at the cost of walking off of a cliff blindly follow someone who has become your shepherd.
Let Me explain My anger, I have watched for Day’s As A man Claim’s He would never in any way Ever Harm A homeless Person Or a Person With a Mental Illness One minute when Trying to Justify His actions. And In The next breath tell everyone This same person Who has shed Light on His Darkness, Is Mentally Ill and Just Jealous and Must be stopped at all cost because He is detrimental to the cause. Wait what ? I would never Except in this case ? Well Excuse Me I am Pissed. at the shear lunacy of this person. The homeless person Who He has Lied about for over three month’s now has spoken His Mind and raised Valid Questions As to the Morality and ethics of This Homeless advocate.and There are many Regular everyday people out there who have seen the validity of these questions.
Yet Every time this Homeless advocate is confronted with the Facts presented He Spews Much Hatred, laying false claims that it is because this Homeless man Has Mental issues claiming that This Man has tried to Get Me and people I work with Fired. A blatant Lie yes the Homeless Man has presented The employers with the facts of unethical behavior, and has at times reached out and ask organizations praising Him to please look into His unethical and immoral behavior. I for one believe they do need to Look at His actions For one He lies when He says I would not abuse a homeless person, Yet I am going to over and over Lie about this homeless person who would dare to question Me.
I am Just A man Homeless for over 2 decades and I am now Living Inside No thanks to any homeless service agency There But By the Grace Of God Go I. I am Blessed and Many people Believe That I should Because I am Now Inside Keep My Mouth Shut and Not talk about the Abuses of the System The Over funding of Org’s That haver administration fee’s that Are Higher than the Actual Money spent on fixing the problem of Homelessness. Fact is I am the One Man who wants them All fired for The misallocation of funds that has taken Place Over the Last 2 decades.and the Misallocation of funds Is from the Dept of HUD   in excess of 100’s and 100’s of billions of dollars. more than most can wrap their Minds around. enough for me to freely Right here Proclaim To all of you While being accused of Having a Agenda I freely admit To you that I do, If I thought It possible to have these Org’s Directors and executive directors And Board Members themselves bound over for trial in front of the world Court for crimes against Humanity I would Be on It. 
I think at some point we Must if By force Get accountability into the Money that has been allocated for the Homeless Money That Belonged to the Homeless But was used as travel expenses and Living expenses going to Marketing seminar expenses. any thin dime that was misallocated should be accounted for.
Now In A more delicate, Manner Let Me say Only this, Everyone in the Homeless Fight Has An agenda, And when The Dept Of Housing and Urban Development Claims It is costing the American Tax payer over 68,000 Dollars a year Just to Keep Me on the streets and I couldn’t get a tooth pulled By the veterans administration in over 20 yrs spent on the street. and couldn’t get treatment for a broken vertebrae in My neck. never having seen a Dr For years because I was Homeless. Do I not have the right To Question anyone who says We are Helping. Do I not have the right to Question a Man who says I in no way abuse Mentally Ill People and in the same breath says I am attacking this person to let you know He is Mentally Ill.
And That is His Only Defense To Any allegation against Him is I don’t have to answer that The person Is Mentally Ill. Am I biased Yes I talk to this Man daily and can tell you He is Not mentally Ill He Has simply put truth’s out their for the world to see and Judge for themselves and Is now weary of being attacked By someone who Unwilling and Uneducated on the Facts simply follows along Blindly as Sheep.
Me I question almost everything. And I think you should To.If you don’t question authority in this day and age it is really really BaaaaaaaaD!  Ewe Sheep’s May blindly follow But remember, that’s where we get Lamb chops!
       Why Am I writing about this Again? Because I have the Utmost Faith That the Light will Outshine the Darkness! and sooner Or later Men And women Look For truth,and when They Find It it is not always as warm and fuzzy as they thought !!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Remember God Doesn’t Make No Junk!

Until You have Lived under a Bridge, with a Vietnam vet who was A holder of the congressional Medal Of Honor and watch as He died 6 miles from a Veterans Hospital who refused to help Him unless He stopped drinking first, Or camped a mile outside of town because that was as close as you dare get because People didn’t want you in the town, only to come back to your Camp only to find the Man you learned to love as a Brother Has Killed Himself because He could No longer face the indignity of what He had Become. You can Not Nor do I expect anyone to understand, at best You can lend to me The Empathy You have for anyone who suffers or has suffered. And that is Fine and for me a step in the right direction.
I have often been accused of being a Hater, of Having an agenda, and of being full of vitriol.  (and I freely admit I do, sorry If My agenda steps on some toe’s.)   Also I can only assume they Meant that I was bitter and abusive and not full of sulfuric acid. I can tell you this for sure If in these comments It was Intended to insult me for Having great passion towards homelessness than I accept that. I do not accept however That I am what others have said I am simply because I openly and freely speak out against Organizations who are in the business of profiting from homelessness.
I started Blogging a Little Over one year ago, and I was confronted with the fact that another of My homeless friends Had died,alone and on the streets of one of the richest communities on the west coast. His Name Was Robert Bunch and He was found dead On 12/1/2010 To me He will always Be Bobby. He died In my opinion because He did not want to be fixed. There was No grand epitaph nor did droves of people attend his burial. what there was and still is a small band of brothers and sisters who called him friend, I being only One. I received This e-mail shortly after I had began to blog saying I thought You would want to know Bobby Died. The Local Santa Barbara  News Ran a small byline explaining He had died of exposure possible linked  to alcohol. Anyone having Known Bobby would have not seen this as a stretch.
I felt He deserved More. so I posted this Blog.  This not so Homeless Life: For Bobby -
I think I had at that Time Made Up My Mind To never Again Remain Silent As to the truth of The Homeless services industry, ( I cringe Calling it that But it is as the Industry Demands) I call them The profiteers of Homelessness, Because I have gone to great length’s To Look at these Organizations and can tell You there are few Non Profit Org’s That Are truly Non Profit. Because When You have Boards Of directors Executive Directors and Administrators entrenched in these Org’s that for years have brought Home six digit salaries while People they Help or claim to Help struggle to Come up with The 90$ a week program fee and the rest of the industry exist simply to Give referrals to these agencies so that at each point in the persons struggle to go from the streets to a house,there is always another referral to someone else who’ waiting to skim more of the cream from the top. Something is seriously wrong!
And The Song remains the same, And The only Job these agencies are beholden to is that at the next annual fund allocation there is still a need for them. No One in this industry is actively trying to work themselves out of a Job and herein lies the problem.The saddest thing is that it has become both a secular and non-secular Agenda.
Even faith based Initiatives have instituted policies which for the past 2 decades that I am aware of Do Not work. And they go on singing each others praises attacking and doing everything in their power to silence any voice of decent.
My best recommendation is simply this If indeed You want to help a homeless person get together with your friends your church your family, and try to impact the life of one individual, not the homeless society as a whole Ask that one person what they need don’t try to fix them educate them or turn them into a productive Member of society remembering always society itself has become unproductive. We don’t need fixed. We need friendship Love and compassion just like anyone else.
Because I can almost Guarantee you one thing If devoid of your Family and friends If every one Church Body Decided They where going to help one Homeless person Before Long instead of fighting over doctorial differences  they would before you know it be fighting over who’s going to help the next person needing it.
You see Homelessness is not going to be solved By Some Org or some government grant, or private sector donations. it going to be solved By people Who Just want to Help and Have no Need for the person to be changed First.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Homeless Hotspots The 4g Human Routers! And The true reason For successful Marketing!

Why is A marketing agency able to capitalize Off of something so Stupid and meaningless as Homeless Hotspot The 4G Human Routers?
Why because They were so successful in there previous marketing campaign, as pertaining to exploiting the Homeless, we were all afforded the opportunity to walk in the lives of 4 New York homeless men as they shared with us the daily struggle of being in a NYC shelter. they where given a cell phone and a twitter account and away we went. for a month + we were kept apprised of the adventures of these 4 Homeless men. My only question to anyone do you now know where these Men are? or for that matter does anyone from this marketing firm Know?
the answer to that would Be No. as after there initial interaction with the 4 homeless men they didn’t keep you up to date on there progress or Lack thereof', simply because the men went back to just being 4 homeless men in and out of the NYC shelter system. and everyone soon forgot the marketing firm that claimed they were doing a great thing for Homeless people. and here they are again using Homeless people to further their cause. Why Because there is a Market for It and some Homeless advocates are never questioned as to their motives and simply are willing to stand with anyone who lays claim to the Phrase we are helping.When In fact not everyone who says they are helping indeed are.
Now I am Going to let you in on the real secret of their success, They succeed because Community, Society and Most importantly the Church Has failed their fellow Man and they are able to step in and fain Compassion where true Human compassion should Have sprung Forth.
This should Not be so, There is no way They should Have been able to do this in a country where Church’s out number the Homeless by over 4 to 1. Because In a country where there are more Church’s than Homeless people there should Be No homeless people, Just saying

Friday, March 9, 2012


The biggest misunderstanding I am faced with now is the belief of some people that I am a homeless advocate, or an activist. of which I want to be clear I am neither!
I am simply a  man who lived Homeless on the streets for over 2 decades and Got seriously sick of others perception that in order to help a homeless person you must come up with a plan to fix them, and that if they don’t want to be fixed they must not want help. I am only now beginning to realize that is never going to change. It is the approach that is used by almost every homeless service agency in this country. and it is the number one reason why they are failing.
after living so long on the streets and a life of interacting with hardly anyone but homeless people, I know that when people talk about a homeless person they believe doesn’t want help they are simply talking about someone who they have misunderstood, and when they say they don’t want help they are only saying they refuse to let anyone fix them.  When the reality is the highest percentage of homeless people neither want or need to be fixed. What they do need and want is some compassion Love and understanding from their  fellow Human Beings.
This should though It never maybe, the basis and the start point for anyone who desires to Help the Homeless.
There are people who claim to be Helping the Homeless, that I have seen make statements Like They are beyond repair, they cant be helped, I have and wouldn’t approach Him, I didn’t want to Shake His Hand He may have something, they are Just a Bum, They don’t want to better themselves. This too me is very disturbing and it disgust Me Personally , because it is representative and what most, short term homeless, formally homeless,and those who have never experienced homelessness, hold as a pervasive attitude. an attitude which has deeply entrenched itself in what these people choose to call the homeless help, or homeless services industry.
Do not misunderstand I do not truly fault them It is a bill of goods that they have been sold by an industry that thrives on the misfortune of others. Many people Jump into this fight and have for decades with the purist of intent they just want to help and they are drawn too and deceived by the profiteers of homeless What many call poverty Pimps, simply because they are the only ones who are funded and are capable of putting forth a public relations campaign which highlights their miniscule degree of success, and overshadows their failures.
The Grass root efforts which consist of small groups of people who only wish to meet peoples basic needs feeding them clothing them and building of Basic Human relationships with them do not have the funding or the ability to do the same, what these small Grass roots efforts do have is the drive to continue facing all odds and obstacles always looking for a way to help. 
They continue to serve feeding people in their house in the backyard in parking lots and public parks suffering none to change to , But Just to come and partake of what little they have to help with! they are people from all walks of life who believe a Man is always worthy of a handshake or a Hug, and They know a woman who’s last Change of clothes was something someone threw away, is still lovable. They do not judge people too have a need to change, as a prerequisite to their compassion. They Just do what they Know is right for someone who is a part of, the brotherhood of Man.
I would only say Ask yourself before you call you’re self a Helper what do you believe? and Do you want to Help The Homeless Or the Industry? Are you Looking to Further Your Fellow Man Or The Cause?
If You feel it A need To fix People and Their Lives You also have Misunderstood. Just Love And Let The Spirit Do the Rest.