Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Look Before You Leap!

Standing For something as Compared to standing for nothing, Is Not something as easy as one Might think when You in your person have decided to take a stand as anyone Who has Might tell you, You will face opposition and you will often be torn between others criticisms and what you truly believe!
I do not in anyway believe That I am Now nor can ever be overcome by the condemnation of Others, I have often Offended Many people With My views and My convictions, I some time Ago swore that I would No Longer apologize for what I believe In. I will only apologize For being so repetitive and feeling as if I have to say the same things over and over.
I do know after speaking often of the Failings of the Church in addressing the problem of the suffrage of their fellow man, Many people have realized that a lot of what I have said Is true the church is not somewhere you go on Sundays and fellowship But rather the church Is each and everyone of us, It is inside of Us and that the true servant of God is easily discernable By the Love that Is manifested in their lives. We can truly impact, this fight against homelessness where others have failed, because of the love we have and our ability to share it freely.
Now because I often speak so freely about the Industry of Homeless Help, and The abuse of this system to Exploit The Homeless, and To do as Little as Humanly Possible To Have impact On homelessness,   and Their ability to Insure themselves the vast Majority of Private sector Donations and Government and Privately Funded Grants , All the while perpetrating A fraud on the generous donors and the American Tax payer at Large.
The saddest Part is that as far as Private sector donations the Greatest Percentage of these donations come from our very own brothers and sisters In Christ,    Know that In all My criticisms of Homeless Organizations I am In no way Implying I find Fault In Good People Who simply Follow The leading of their Human compassion, and Give freely of their Time In the way of volunteering, The Money In terms Of Financial support, Or their Hope In the Belief That Giving to anyone who says Their helping Is For a Greater Good In furthering the eradication of Homelessness. Because They do so out of the goodness of their Heart.

I have Many times Asked and Often Adamantly, That People research Before They Give, By doing that You are able to stand also By what You believe, and You can Be aware Of how Your donations are being spent, If You want to truly help fight  Homelessness this is The Most important tool we have combating it. If You are going to financially support someone Helping the Homeless Do you really want to Help someone who has for years Failed with every homeless program they have tried, Or too the organizations that exist only to refer people to these failing programs.  
When People are presented with the fact that there are Organizations who are profiting from Homelessness there are Generally 2 reactions.   One Being that Of That is Just too appalling to be true, then there is that of,  Tell me something I didn’t know.The later generally coming from people who will no longer extend their Hand To a Brother or sister in need because of past experience or lack of compassion.  
When The most Important reaction is All to often ignored, and That being I am going to find out for myself if this is true, Before I lend to them continued support. If someone has The desire and compassion to Give of themselves To Homelessness or any other cause Please do so But do it with an informed Opinion!
Fy2010 $3.222 billion to combating homelessness veterans services alone yet there are still homeless veterans believed to be 43% of the homeless population.
$46.3 billion for FY 2010 allocated to combating homelessness.. at large. these numbers are government allocations, and do not reflect private sector donations, private sector donations were estimated to have been 300% higher. by HUD.
know before you give that disclosure of how their money is spent is required to be given for any one who cares enough to ask!
God Bless You,  Please look before you leap!

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