Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Feeding The Homeless Banned To What End?

Food not bombs was first persecuted in  San Francisco for feeding The homeless In golden gate park in the early 1980’s Yet the college kids That sacrificed of themselves to do it at risk of arrest where some of the most awesome Kids I have ever Met in My life.
From there the persecution of food not bombs spread to almost every college Town in America where Kids were willing to extend a Hand of compassion To there fellow Man. In and throughout the late 1980’s Reno Nevada adopted a policy where not only those handing out food would be faced with arrest but those willing to receive the blessing were faced with the same.
Now Like then, You have Cities around America Banning The Act of Human compassion. and Handing out food in a public Park Is a crime the only support this legislation has found was with Homeless services organizations, they have always been and will always be the first to jump on the Band wagon And they Will now and have always proclaimed, We are doing what is best for the Homeless.We are their protectors and we Know what is best for them, When In reality They are doing what is best for themselves. As they truly want themselves to be the Only hope the Homeless have.
If there are no other resources for the homeless to tap into than they are still going to be needed and funded, as someone who lived on the streets for 20+ years I have experienced Hunger On a Saturday and Sunday in cities that have no other place to go and eat but these small group’s of outlaw’s  who were willing to face arrest to see a brother Fed. Where were these Protectors Of mine when I was so Hungry I had to sacrifice My human dignity and climb into a dumpster for food the first time Because I was in a city where it was illegal to feed me? My question to these organizations would be Do I cease to exist.  Between Friday at 5 O’clock until Monday At noon. But I know in reality I too Them cease to exist the moment I walked out the Door. Because the Only way one of these Places feed a man is if He is first counted Because the simple act of counting Him Gives them the ability to claim Him on their annual funding report as another person served. And Their true fear is not am I going to be poisoned By the Church Ladies with the sandwich's Or the College Kids with the Hot soup or the Homeless Guy’s who thru their food stamp's  together Or the Beautiful Lady who opened Her Back yard Up to all who Might come and Sup with her,, But rather am I going to show Up to Be counted and Allow them To be funded?
Houston Tx, New York New York, Philadelphia Penn(city of Brotherly Love My *^&) Pensacola Florida, Santa Monica California,Arcata California, Las Vegas NV,Salt Lake City ,Utah, Reno Nv, Phoenix Az, Seattle Wa, Cheyenne Wyo, Bakersfield Ca, Medford Or, Portland Or, Sacramento Ca, Miami, Fl, Dallas Tx, St Lous Mo.Kansas City Ks.  Just To name a few are cities Who should Hang their Head in shame As they have all at one time or another Either passed Or tried to pass Ordinance Preventing the feeding Of Hungry People By those With Compassion.
Know that in them claiming they do this for Me and Men Like Me because people have fed Us tainted food al over this country, and They should Only do so if Regulated and If you don’t believe that you are no friend of the Homeless, what They won’t tell you is the vast Number of times where soup kitchens and dinning halls across this country have fed Homeless tainted food, and many of their clients have ended up in the emergency room with food poisoning or How the cases Of E coli and salmonella are far greater at Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, And other Fast food restaurants. than they are at a homeless feed in the Park. I have never seen After 20yrs on the street a person Sick from an Unregulated Feed. The Homeless service agencies have thus far been unable to solve the Problem of Homelessness So the Next Logical Step is To legislate Us Out of existence. Don’t eat, Don’t sleep, Don’t Camp, Don’t live!!! Another 2 decades of this and Homeless Euthanasia will be a Reality, we can just call it a cultural cleansing      

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