Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

For the Cause!

As For the Cause as People would call it the fight of Homelessness, I will explain In detail as to what I see And what It is that Is My hope, My hope Is that The cause Be crushed under foot! (Gasp!) I know many of you now are asking yourself How can This Man say that? It is True as Far as I am Concerned Because I believe what many people are calling the cause Is a system That has been built upon the backs of the impoverished. And I believe When This cause Is crushed that what will be left will simply be people who are impoverished , Homeless, Less fortunate, And in Need. and it will only be then that we are going to be able to shift our focus to these individuals and Take it off of the Poverty Industry that Now makes it impossible to see These people because They(the industry) represent themselves as the front line in this fight.
Men fall and come to the place where They often cry out to God that They may find rest from their struggle in life.And in steps the industry often claiming that we(meaning they) need to be the answer to men’s Prayers. Truth is That Only God Can be the answer To man’s prayers.  Not You, not Me and Not some Organization. But Jesus Himself Is He who Is able to intervene in a mans Life. I have always written and spoke and failed In conveying that we are looking in the wrong direction when it comes to Serving Gods Purpose Because I have for so Long Focused On the Problem And Not the solution when the solution Has always Been and will always Be right where God Has Placed It.

The solution Is Men and women acting on their faith and compassion, The solution is a woman Who at great peril to Herself Feeds Men In her back yard and allows Them to use Her yard as a Hangout a place of rest. It is in a young woman who travels The country with her Husband Her Dog and Their friend in a convoy of Love going as far as todays Gas will take them so that they Might serve By passing on truckloads of blessing to others, It is In a Woman With a warehouse who gathers blessings that she might pass them on to others shipping them anywhere that a need Might be met. It is in A Man who works 14hrs a day selling furniture yet when He is weary distributes blessing to those who have need. It is in young Kids who are willing to be arrested to feed people in a Public Park. It is In A Husband and wife In rural America Who Open their Home to A homeless Man  and then another so That they Might Have an Opportunity To restructure their lives always Giving credit to The Lord On High And The God Of Love that They serve.
I Know that The God Of Love, Is at work in All Of their Lives and That these are the solutions that we have and always have had. and That it is Only people Like the Ones I spoke of Who are willing to Open their Lives Up and Their willingness to serve another that will ever Change the Lives of others, Do I discount the Organizations,that Have enveloped All of the Public Funding and Most of the Private sector donations in all of this. Indeed I do.
The reason Being Is because, Are You ready! Unlike The people That are building relationships With what God Has given Them, The organizations are building client list, with anything they can get.
So while I often Confront and Criticize, The worldly Organizations Who believe They are the answer to men’s Prayers, It Is because I wish Mankind To see that The solution is in those that Have Turned from this worldly system, and believe God Is the answer to men’s prayers. Because I am Not An I did This Kind Of person, I am A God Did This Kind Of person. So While, I am Often Distracted By those who Sing their Own Praise.   I am Always Open To those That Sing Gods Praise. They are His sheep Amongst the wolves!
Much Love And Many Blessings Joseph! Ye’shua Loves You One And All.

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