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"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

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Albert Pine

Friday, March 16, 2012

Where do Lamb Chop’s Come From?

After Being Berated, Belittled, Accused Of almost every vile thing one might possibly Think of I must Tell You I do Not Care what people Have to Say about me I am Not here for the approval Of people who will believe anything they are told. You say You want to help the Homeless Yet You wont get Out from In front Of The Computer Long enough to do anything But have an Opinion. The trouble with That is Most and I am Not saying all of you Hold an opinion That has Been spoon fed to you. Let me be clear I am not talking to those of You who have sought the truth and have began to reach out yourselves, Helping where and when you can, I am talking to you the ones that believe You are Most Tre’sheik and trendy in your advocacy attempts.
I am In this Post Being Blunt Those of You who Know Me May want to stop reading Here!
As For the rest Of you to believe That anything you are told By any homeless advocate Who claims to speak for the Homeless Population at large Are more than Likely never going to understand What I am About to say. You are much too stupid to help the Homeless, You should Now start helping abandoned Puppies. You get Up everyday and interject yourself into conversations that you are utterly  clueless about, You are willing in your stupidity To stand behind Homeless advocates Who are Championed as the Voice of the Homeless and When The Homeless Themselves tell you this person is abusive or simply marketing themselves and their organization you refuse to Look at the Facts.
Simply Because what? you are to Lazy to look at the facts you are presented with Or you are to much of a sheep to bother ?  and must at the cost of walking off of a cliff blindly follow someone who has become your shepherd.
Let Me explain My anger, I have watched for Day’s As A man Claim’s He would never in any way Ever Harm A homeless Person Or a Person With a Mental Illness One minute when Trying to Justify His actions. And In The next breath tell everyone This same person Who has shed Light on His Darkness, Is Mentally Ill and Just Jealous and Must be stopped at all cost because He is detrimental to the cause. Wait what ? I would never Except in this case ? Well Excuse Me I am Pissed. at the shear lunacy of this person. The homeless person Who He has Lied about for over three month’s now has spoken His Mind and raised Valid Questions As to the Morality and ethics of This Homeless advocate.and There are many Regular everyday people out there who have seen the validity of these questions.
Yet Every time this Homeless advocate is confronted with the Facts presented He Spews Much Hatred, laying false claims that it is because this Homeless man Has Mental issues claiming that This Man has tried to Get Me and people I work with Fired. A blatant Lie yes the Homeless Man has presented The employers with the facts of unethical behavior, and has at times reached out and ask organizations praising Him to please look into His unethical and immoral behavior. I for one believe they do need to Look at His actions For one He lies when He says I would not abuse a homeless person, Yet I am going to over and over Lie about this homeless person who would dare to question Me.
I am Just A man Homeless for over 2 decades and I am now Living Inside No thanks to any homeless service agency There But By the Grace Of God Go I. I am Blessed and Many people Believe That I should Because I am Now Inside Keep My Mouth Shut and Not talk about the Abuses of the System The Over funding of Org’s That haver administration fee’s that Are Higher than the Actual Money spent on fixing the problem of Homelessness. Fact is I am the One Man who wants them All fired for The misallocation of funds that has taken Place Over the Last 2 decades.and the Misallocation of funds Is from the Dept of HUD   in excess of 100’s and 100’s of billions of dollars. more than most can wrap their Minds around. enough for me to freely Right here Proclaim To all of you While being accused of Having a Agenda I freely admit To you that I do, If I thought It possible to have these Org’s Directors and executive directors And Board Members themselves bound over for trial in front of the world Court for crimes against Humanity I would Be on It. 
I think at some point we Must if By force Get accountability into the Money that has been allocated for the Homeless Money That Belonged to the Homeless But was used as travel expenses and Living expenses going to Marketing seminar expenses. any thin dime that was misallocated should be accounted for.
Now In A more delicate, Manner Let Me say Only this, Everyone in the Homeless Fight Has An agenda, And when The Dept Of Housing and Urban Development Claims It is costing the American Tax payer over 68,000 Dollars a year Just to Keep Me on the streets and I couldn’t get a tooth pulled By the veterans administration in over 20 yrs spent on the street. and couldn’t get treatment for a broken vertebrae in My neck. never having seen a Dr For years because I was Homeless. Do I not have the right To Question anyone who says We are Helping. Do I not have the right to Question a Man who says I in no way abuse Mentally Ill People and in the same breath says I am attacking this person to let you know He is Mentally Ill.
And That is His Only Defense To Any allegation against Him is I don’t have to answer that The person Is Mentally Ill. Am I biased Yes I talk to this Man daily and can tell you He is Not mentally Ill He Has simply put truth’s out their for the world to see and Judge for themselves and Is now weary of being attacked By someone who Unwilling and Uneducated on the Facts simply follows along Blindly as Sheep.
Me I question almost everything. And I think you should To.If you don’t question authority in this day and age it is really really BaaaaaaaaD!  Ewe Sheep’s May blindly follow But remember, that’s where we get Lamb chops!
       Why Am I writing about this Again? Because I have the Utmost Faith That the Light will Outshine the Darkness! and sooner Or later Men And women Look For truth,and when They Find It it is not always as warm and fuzzy as they thought !!!

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