Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Friday, December 30, 2011

This Not So Homeless Life.

For the first Time in a while I am posting, Not as Many of my previous Post on the abuses of The system by Homeless help Organizations which I know to be taking place in this country or about Homelessness It self But rather about the now lack thereof in one mans Life, Mine.
I have been blessed these last few month’s To no Longer be Living a Homeless Life, And I now fell as If I am deceptive if in that Blessing I continue To Blog and share and try to convey any kind of a fruitful message In the struggle to overcome Homelessness, if I continue to do It, on A blog that states this Homeless Life, as It’s claim and Title.
There are many Men and women that Live a homeless Life, and It is one of true struggle, The Life I now live is not one of struggle Outside of the struggle I now face within myself, trying to find what Is my Identity because The man I once Identified with is Rapidly fading Into my past. While I view this as a Good thing, it is a Challenge to say the least. As If a Dear friend is dying and I am perplexed always By a flood of emotion. Because There is a part of me that wants  Him laid to rest and a Part of Me that wants To resuscitate Him. Do I buy Flowers or a get well soon card? Can I be Honest In saying I am No longer Homeless? When The Man Inside of Me has Not yet adapted To his New Life. I can tell you this after all the Homeless years I spent on the streets Never has My struggle for survival Been as Great as it is Now!
All the ranting and all of the Fact Checking and all of the records evaluations and program development literature that I have read in the past do not in anyway reveal the true problem of what organizations have become geared towards Helping those most at risk are faced with supportive housing over the past 2 decades since it was conceived has had A failure rate Of approximately 80 percent Since I can not get people to listen in telling them that these models do not work and are not helping in getting people off of the streets except in very rare cases, let me try and convey this to every Homeless advocate Help organization and person trying to help end this Plague we are faced with Supportive housing does not end when You get a person In a house It is There that It begins.
I have been blessed where others have Not I have friends Who are helping and I have others who still are or have been homeless to talk to and I have Faith, That God Has placed Me where I am today, if we aren't going to Change the way Homeless people are Housed at least lets make it work. Remember Approximately  80 Percent of Homeless People Housed Return To homelessness at Some point most within the First Year! This WE Can Change. Peoples Lives Depend On it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An answer

Tcman AKA whatever he calls himself today
I guess I wouldn’t be such an idiot if I adopted your , I am owed something attitude. But I do not believe that I or any other homeless person is owed anything by entitlement.
I could give you many examples of homeless People who have impacted others but you obviously don’t believe, Homeless people are capable of anything. As you stated you can’t do anything without a house. with the stupidity of your statement you discount many who have been homeless and accomplished Much , Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, George Orwell, Bhudha ,Jim Carrey Kurt Cobain, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. Steven Pressfield, Col. Harlan Sanders I could Go On. While your Blog post Today I might have a job offer, so why am i not happy?
 Show's What I know to be true You believe that Because It (homelessness) happened to someone like you It should Only happen to people more deserving than yourself, Because you should have all or nothing!
I however Praise God For My homelessness and that of others Because we are better for it so feel sorry for yourself or embrace who you are because like it or not it happened to you. quit sitting around whining about I don't deserve this because Brother Nobody Deserves it.  

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Greater Love, I am Working On it!

JOHN 13:31-35  Now is the Son of man glorified, and God is glorified in him.
  If God be glorified in him, God shall also glorify him in himself, and shall straightway glorify him.
  Little children, yet a little while I am with you. Ye shall seek me: and as I said unto the Jews, Whither I go, ye cannot come; so now I say to you.
  A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.
  By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

 It Is Being Who I am what I hope To achieve In this Life, Being able to be recognized as A Disciple Of Christ Jesus ( A learner,A Pupil) I believe Myself To Be this While Knowing I am Not One at the Head of the class, More often Than Not I am The One in the Corner with the Dunce Cap! But I am Working On it.
And this is the Beauty of Being Who I am I Have that Grace! I Do live in the Hope However That I will allow Myself to be led By God That In Him I will be Perfected The promise Given Me.
Jer 29:11  For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
This to Me Is the Wonder Of His Love, Thinking of Me and Thinking Good things.What I have yet To achieve I have often said I love someone yet at times My thoughts of them are not always so, Hmm Boy trials. But I am working on it!
I question Myself always on these worldly matters That I am Often faced with, Can a Christian Love a Muslim and pray for victory For the Men battling them? for me the answer Is I Know A simple No, Because We are instructed to Love our enemies! Yet why Lord do those with whom I find myself at odds or pitted against in My daily walk less deserving of this View or respect? My leaders Who Are failing so Proficiently Lord why do I despise so Much there actions? The Evil With which we are faced Daily In our Lives Lord The Abusers Of Children and the Oppressors of Mankind Why Can I not have those Thoughts of peace towards Them? These are a few of the things I do Not Know, But I am Working On it!
What I do Know is this Most the things When I step back And look at them That perplex me are indeed things of this world, And Things which I do Not want to be a Part of My Life, Because They matter very little to who we really are! If indeed We try to live as Per the instruction Of God. I am Working on it!
Rom 12:2  And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
So It is In this Hope I live and That I pray For those My Brothers and Sisters Who are alien To this world, That In the End We Might Achieve a Like Mind for each other! And A greater Love!
John_15:13  Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day My Brothers In arms.

Dedicated To those Who Served In times Of War And times Of Peace. In the belief That They Were Serving there Fellow Man. Many of you who are on the streets are Us Veterans an estimated 48% of The Homeless are Veterans. To You My Homeless Homie’s God Bless you For your service. Wish I was There with you today. As I am Not I have Been Blessed. Today I stop And think Of you All and The friendship you share with Others out there and Have shared with Me. I Pray For A world were those who Have served There Fellow Man would Not suffer the Indignities Of being On the streets as You Have.

And May The rest Of you Understand:
“We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”  George Orwell 
And While We do sleep safely In Our Beds Many Of these Men Do Not Have One Those Who So Proudly Served, Do Something Today For One Of them If You Can!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Things are what they Are!

We Live In a World where things are what they are, we don’t have to agree with them and By degree we differ as to are opinion of the way things are, Many people in these uncertain times we live in would tell you they are doing better than they have been in years, While the majority would not agree with that.
The problem as I see it is that Many people have bought into the justification of why things are the way they are, and In there own minds lent themselves too that justification thus allowing things to Never Change. saying always that is Just the way things are, and that simply because Mankind as a whole has been trained by a failed education system and Leadership in just being willing to accept it. To speak out against it or to brings upon one every criticism known too Man people begin to look at you as if you are strange or different They will slander you and belittle you with Lies and threats and  all Of this Because they have Learned To settle and you have Not.
These are the people who never Grasp Mankind as a whole What it is, Is that they by there very Nature have become a part of a People who believe that Entitlement belongs only to them and they are driven By greed. It‘s all about them and what they have done. They will tell you in matters of Human rights That is fine to believe people deserve a house, Who is going to pay for it? fine people need food Who is going to pay for it?  Not truly seeing the real picture that Few have taken the worlds resources hostage and exploit every people of every nation with there, who is going to pay for it? attitude. They will all continue to climb to the top over the backs of Many Because things are what they are !
Here Is a small known fact to all of mankind there are  36,794,240,000 acres of habitable land on the face of this planet and they do not belong to anyone they do however belong to each and every 6,852,472,823. of us Man woman and Child and to try to confine Men to live as others would see fit because Corporations and governments have tried to lay claim to over 83% of our lands forcing mankind to watch in horror as the fellow Human beings suffer at the hands of those trying to control it. this is, Not the way things are this is the Illusion of the way things are but there are daily more and more people seeing the reality of Mankind and its failed system of over-lordship. We as a whole are waking too the fact that as a Basic Human right have the ability to live lives as we see fit for us and those we love, not as it is dictated too us.
By controlling governments armies and police states keeping mankind enslaved to there way of life by brute force, We are Blessed In the Americas To have been given a constitution that proclaims peoples rights on these matters the problem is it will never see fruition as we believe it stops at our borders and have been taught so, and as long as it does we too are enslaved. Until the day we see our constitution as universal in Nature and for all people regardless of Culture, religion or creed or nation. We will remain enslaved. things are what they are !
I know that food and Houses really hold no value, if indeed there are those that go to bed Hungry or or so less fortunate than others they have even No bed to go too. I know In this world we live am not the only Man who feels the guilt of actually having a bed, or a roof over my Head. And I hate My life, Because I now have what others may never Have I am I know not an anomaly because I believe that as long as one suffers from hunger or homelessness or poverty we should in no way be comfortable in our lives. because I In my heart believe as A Christian, at one time the Church Had all things in common as well should we all, But we live in a world where, things are what they are!
Beware of those of Us who recognize it for the Apathy That it is. In the End Our Love for One another will Win!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Odd Hobby! The truth of 501(c ) 3 Not some half baked Opinion!

I first would like to make clear me researching 501(c) 3 Tax differed non profit organization records, Is to Me more than a hobby! It Is something I have chosen to do as A matter Of Conscience I do It because There are many Less fortunate than Myself who Do not have the opportunity or ability to do so, And they suffer at the hands of Many of these Non-Profit organizations. So know that it is to me more than a hobby. Because I feel it is something that has needed to be done for sometime and, People who think themselves to be doing the right thing by donating time, effort and resources to these organizations refuse to do. 
And I feel people should know the truth of these Org’s before giving them their all, they should have too them available the facts too be able to make a conscious decision, as to weather there efforts will be wasted.
I was accused recently in a Ill informed Post By A Mr David Noel AKA @jediladder on twitter as Being a person who does this research Only on Organizations that I hate. when Nothing could be further from the truth, I have also Done it to non-profits that have offered me Help in regaining my life and have Many times refused this help as a matter of principle, There are those critics of mine who would, That I believe Principles would only hold a man Like me back and make it more difficult to get out of homelessness, and they are correct,
It is far more difficult, however My principles unlike some People’s are not something I was willing to sacrifice for the sake of a place to Lay my weary head. And while finding some non-profit actions deplorable and against the very people they lay claim to help, I hate no one!  
Here are some fact’s to clarify the impertinent ranting's made in the post By This man.
The accrual accounting method is something difficult to read if you don’t know how it works Is one claim that was made, and I will tell you this it is,  Something simple actually because the accrual method is a business method used for outstanding accounts payable simply put and in layman's terms. It gives businesses the ability to function without cash flow or capital. It was devised for businesses doing business on credit purchases.
actual definition: An accounting method that measures the performance and position of a company by recognizing economic events regardless of when cash transactions occur. The general idea is that economic events are recognized by matching revenues to expenses (the matching principle) at the time in which the transaction occurs rather than when payment is made (or received). This method allows the current cash inflows/outflows to be combined with future expected cash inflows/outflows to give a more accurate picture of a company's current financial condition.  
It is used by most businesses and non-profits alike and has nothing to do with me claiming non-profits Profit from the homeless in most cases I say most as there are many who are not seeking profit.And May God bless them those who give expecting nothing in return He will repay!
the truth off non-Profits: this is the I.R.S. Rules of Non-profit agencies and the where of their failure,
A section 501(c)(3) organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests, such as the creator or the creator's family, shareholders of the organization, other designated individuals, or persons controlled directly or indirectly by such private interests. No part of the net earnings of a section 501(c)(3) organization may inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. A private shareholder or individual is a person having a personal and private interest in the activities of the organization.  This is also where accountability needs be laid upon the doorsteps of these organizations as they at the top of these organizations profiting are doing so on this end, through no bid building contracts expense account’s for founders and board members and wages and benefit’s for those upper level management employee’s and that is not said to reflect on the volunteer’s or entry level associate of the org’s the people who actually do the work that gets done. the following is the IRS code by which we do not Hold them accountable and By them I mean the ones that do profit from Homelessness.
To be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, an organization must be organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3), and none of its earnings may inure to any private shareholder or individual. In addition, it may not be an action organization, i.e., it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.
Organizations described in section 501(c)(3) are commonly referred to as charitable organizations. Organizations described in section 501(c)(3), other than testing for public safety organizations, are eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with Code section 170.
The organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests, and no part of a section 501(c)(3) organization's net earnings may inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. If the organization engages in an excess benefit transaction with a person having substantial influence over the organization, an excise tax may be imposed on the person and any organization managers agreeing to the transaction.
Section 501(c)(3) organizations are restricted in how much political and legislative (lobbying) activities they may conduct. For a detailed discussion, see Political and Lobbying Activities. For more information about lobbying activities by charities, see the article Lobbying Issues; for more information about political activities of charities, see the FY-2002 CPE topic Election Year Issues.
I have over and over Again as of late along with many others been accused of being a Cyberbully, a Hater, and a terrorist. And this by People who are yes in fear! but Not of Me or others Their fear comes from people finding out the truth so I guess Truth is the true Source of their terror But we No longer live in an Era where they kill the messenger, a Good thing for those who point out the abuse The above mentioned Numbskull went as far as to say people are in violation of the Rico amendment RICO as defined by the department of Justice is applicable only to those conspiring to continue a criminal enterprise for profit by fraud threat or deception, hmmm, sounds Like The RICO amendment applies more to the Poverty Pimps Than those That out them!
I was Made aware of this Link By someone who does that,  Out’s people, I encourage everyone to Read this as it was Thought out and explains a lot of why the people who are in fear of truth do what they do to silence others.
Thank you for the Link You know who you are.
In the Article written so poorly By David I would be remiss if I did not also Link to It, and Not say I do agree with the beginning of the article He should not use the internet!  

Social media pitfalls and 501 (c) (3)’s

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Raising Awareness For The Homeless,Is It Needed?

I will now contend as I have for sometime that no it is not needed, There is not a person in America Who is not aware of the Homeless, From any conscionable age As A longtime Homeless person Myself I have Had Children as young as 5 years Old ask their Moms can they Help the Homeless Guy, and then proceed to give me the Chicken Nuggets and fries They could not eat and It has warmed Me both Body and spirit.
It is that time of year before the Holidays when Church’s, College’s Schools and every social gathering in the country begin to ask themselves the age old question what can we do for the Homeless? It Is after all the Holiday’s coming Up and no one deserves to suffer the indignities of being Homeless during the Holidays, right!
I am here to tell you They do Not deserve to suffer these indignities at anytime of the year as it is the Holidays people feel more inclined to move outside of their comfort zone and take action, as Pointed out in a recent article where the church and it’s Children arranged a Cardboard Campout for the Homeless, This article was pointed out to me on twitter By My sister In Christ Shay Kelly @Project5050  the Link to the article Camping in a Box. after I had read the article I thought back on last year around the holidays and the many people who flooded the internet raising awareness for the Homeless there Was The Nazarene Pastor who slept outside for 30days to raise awareness Ryan Riddell, There was The son who was homeless for 60daysand60nights who is the one person who I understand His effort as he stayed on the streets in Florida where his father was Homeless, then there was I Live In my Car  Will who hasn’t replied to me for some time on twitter or facebook and I often wonder where is Will as the question is still there on His website that has been free of post since January last as well as his inactive twitter and facebook accounts. These are only too name a few if I named all of the people who over the Last 2.3 decades of my homeless Life have came to raise awareness and then Faded into the sunset, I would be here for an eternity and the Homeless do not have that kind of time.
I will only say this If you this Holiday season want to raise awareness to the Homeless problem do as I suggested to all of these Men last year, Bring one Home with you encourage those in your Church to do the same sit them down with you at your family feast, do it without the care of are they going to walk out with the fine dinnerware or the silver candle sticks make them a part of your family and the Love you share during these upcoming Holidays Make them feel Human again. If you are worried about them sleeping in the cold Give them the spare Room in your House. Because I guarantee You this everyone you Know will then truly be aware and you will have done something. So as Shay says SpreadTheLove.     

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Do We Continue ?

At what Point is the Line In the Sand Drawn? Do we continue On in failure Simply because some Good is Being Done? Do We not question anyone simply because It is Unseemly to any given Cause? Do we Not ask That people be held accountable because No one is? Do we continue to Fund Unproductive programs that Are consuming all available resources? Do we work together with people who are doing more harm than Good?
In My opinion all valid questions That we need to ask both ourselves and others, In our failure to do so we simply allow for the broken system of Help for the homeless to continue! so I have often ask these very questions of Both Homeless Help Organizations, and Homeless advocates, Of which I am Neither. I am Just a Man who experienced Homelessness for over two decades. That experience Has alienated me from My Children My Siblings From My parents Before their passing,and from all of my Family.
Until the Last year I have only had friends who themselves were Homeless, and Of the Hundreds That I personally Know there are but a few that Have been able to pull themselves out of this life into one that was better, becoming housed. Most that have left this homeless life have left this Life altogether!
I speak Often of the Injustices of those who are known far and wide as Poverty pimps, they are organizations who By there own choosing and design profit from the Homeless in America and now reach around the globe to other continents , they are overly funded and have figured out the 501c3 non profit tax status affords them great opportunity to receive Both Government Grant and private sector donations to achieve very little, they are allowed to continue to receive funding and to do as little as possible to solve the homeless problem, people are aware of the problem with these organizations, and there continued failures and atrocities Against my fellowman, But often say what else can we do they are the only ones trying to help.
Therein is the hope in which they really exist, they exist in the Hope that we have no other choice, it is in this attitude with which they serve the Homeless they know because they are the homeless only option.
We are forced as homeless people to seek them out and agree to their terms of service or perish on the streets, this is the reason for their very existence because it has come to a point where the homeless would rather perish on the street than take what it is they have to offer. and only when they become so sick or so drained of hope are they then offered one of the programs which is structured from it inception to help those who are at the greatest risk of perishing on the streets and this is why they have in the last 10 or so years structured all of there programs around this, because the crossover rate from those thriving as homeless and those dying from it has started to swing to the latter. so it is designed to help the most at risk because of the health problems they now face secures them an income from social security or the long over due veterans pensions. the thing people fail to realize is what they are doing is not a homeless housing program but rather a disability housing program because homeless or not without an income you will not be placed into housing by any of these may be granted an extended shelter stay however the day your disability is denied and there is no hope of you finding work failing economy infirmity or disability you will find yourself seeking shelter elsewhere.
And I would like people to know that this does not bother me half as much as homeless people who by help and shelter received, Or by being in the afore mentioned subsection of the homeless population receiving housing, are latched on to by these agencies and are praised as making it and in turn sing the praises of the system, not realizing that at it’s best it has never achieved a better than 19% success rate,and by there misguided praise of this system are condemning 81% of their homeless brothers and sisters to a life devoid of any assistance. and I in know way begrudge them the Help they Got I praise God For it it means It is one more person that will not perish on the streets.
I however am also of the belief that because God is able to use evil for Good, in know way justifies us Bowing down to this evil, and anyone who would profit from the misery and misfortune of others are truly evil.
Know we do have a choice people all over the world a now standing up and calling for Justice, and accountability to the profiteers of misery. so anyone advocating for the homeless should be doing the same. and not blindly following and praising them. If everyone involved would stand back for one week and watch and listen they would find that they sing each others praises enough. Today can be your chance however  to overcome darkness with your light
Much Love and Many blessings, God give you strength to do what is right!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Living on the edge of Darkness

I can not tell you how blessed I have been In the past year,but I am going to try! after living on the streets of this country for over 2 decades, within the last year many of you who have come to know me and befriend me on the newest form of internet interaction the wonder of social media know that my life in the last year has drastically changed. I have going from what others call chronically homeless what I have called for years terminally homeless.To having a place to safely dwell a small job which provides me a place to live and a space of my own.
Most people looking at my life would say I now have everything I need to start my life over and this to a great degree is very much the truth,I have by the very definition of the word supportive housing and that given By people who have acted in faith and there desire to help people. if I live to be a hundred years old I can in no way repay them for the, Love trust and compassion they have shared with Me. This may well fly in the face of some but to me it is proof that God uses social Media Also.
But my being blessed beyond measure is not what I wish to convey, it is that there is that which I never imagined would come with the blessings, or maybe I did and just pushed it into the back of my mind and it has become a part of my persona and what has kept me homeless for so long, It is the guilt which now comes with being housed,the guilt of those I left behind, and the fear for those That I know won’t make it and find the blessings I have found because it isn’t just homeless people I left behind It was family and friends and loved ones the people who for years have been the only Love in my life and the ones who have always been there for me, people who I have met in the Highways and byways Under your bridges and In your alleyways, and with who I have shared the common bond of the oppression and human indignity we faced together these Men and women who I left behind are my brothers and sisters.
I feel as if I am one of the holocaust survivors who was only fortunate in the sense that I escaped the death camp, but know that tomorrow the gassings of my loved ones will continue on in my absence I sleep less than I ever have in my life, having suffered from insomnia for years that is of no great concern,what bothers me is now the fear of sleep. and the fear of waking and fearing that I might screw this up at any time, and that this may truly be my last shot at life and if I fail at this I am destined to die on the streets. the fear I have that is greatest is that I will no longer see or talk to these friends of mine that sleep outside this night.or will they as my life goes forward become only distant memories that soon fade into my past overshadowed by a brighter future. and I ask myself is this the reason why when the fight against homelessness become the subject matter of conversation, I get angry, I have to choke back tears and I labor to breath. because The bigger question I now often ask is why me Lord? why am I spared? there are so many more deserving and in need than I so why me?
Some would say it is even now an obsession with me because I daily search for Homeless people who have died Fearing the day when It is one that I know,I also ask myself what is wrong with me that I desire at times to return to My homeless life? where people viewed me as hopeless as if it where a bad thing because I had moved beyond hope to a place of contentment, and was happy having nothing because the people I most loved were my equals. and I wonder will they now look at me as if I am different? Or will they Know that I only sit here writing this because I am afraid to cry myself to sleep wondering if they are safe and fed and not suffering,were their needs met today as mine were I Just pray that it is so with them.
I simply wish to share with everyone that it is most difficult to get out of the homeless life because we as a society believe it should be simple not realizing that in order to leave the homeless life behind, You must also leave behind Everything that is dear to you. because for most people that are fighting the problem do not understand that while the homeless are not a part of our community and our society they have one of there own but in order to have the basic Human right to housing all that must be sacrificed. because of societies failure to recognize Housing and a safe place to dwell, as a Basic human right is why the problem persist to begin with. we would rather say they only exist because they are broken. and this is the Focus of every poverty Pimp in this country see if they convince people that they need to be fixed first, than you will continue to pay them to fix us when what needs fixed is we pay people to help others when we should if funding anything fund people to help themselves.
I have always said I was A blessed Man and that is Because I am, My greatest Blessing is That God has A plan For Me and I do not know what it is. But I have faith That if I keep My eye On him He will see Me through all of this.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Please Forgive Me!

I am sorry above all else and Hope that You all each and everyone can Forgive Me for allowing myself to be drawn into The last 2 0r 3 weeks Of interaction I have had On the internet, with something that is so meaningless to the overall picture, Of this battle to end Homelessness, and For the sake of the bigger picture I am finished, and I ask each and everyone of you to forgive me please for the distraction and Hurt I have done too you all. I know so many of you have given unto me your support and friendship You did in no way deserve this from Me.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A voice Of My Own!

Today in this country the leading homeless advocate, is A man claiming to give a voice to the Homeless community, Nothing could be farther from the truth in that I lay claim to having now and having always Had My very own voice, It is Just that it being the voice of a man who has been on the streets of this country for a combined total of over 2 decades one that is often discounted, and one that can by others easily be discredited or discounted for the sake of convenience, It is however Mine and not something given to me by others.It is only now and by the wonder of social media That I am able to express the voice I have in a broader range, If you talk to anyone That personally knows Me they will tell you expressing My opinion has never been a weakness of mine, that being said I would like to express it now.
I ask that before you read the following that it is detailed in great length, as to what I believe is wrong with the system of help offered unto the homeless. and The example I am using is because of recent personal correspondence that I have Had with the self proclaimed #1 homeless advocate in this country.
I wrote to Mark Horvath explaining my true feelings about his work, and explaining it was not him it was merely his approach which I was concerned with, and it was Him being embedded in an already failed system. it was a lengthy e-mail as I said I have no problem expressing my opinion.
His response was lets say expected but not hoped for, he simply replied thank you “ I agree with you. The system is broken. But real change happens when you work with people instead of against them.   I am 200% about helping our homeless friends get off the streets into housing that has support for all their needs. I work very hard to change the broken system.”
the thing that bothered me most about this reply was not the hint of I am going to continue to work with these organizations but the fact He said 200% which lends itself to the belief that this person believes He does 100% more than others possibly could do, And this is still troubling to me, as I know people who have given there very lives in the service of others and never received praise for it and are far more deserving.
The next response I received from Mark Horvath was in response I had made to a fellow homeless twitterer, @from-nothing Or revolution MacInnis,

 @From_Nothing I thank the God you dont believe in, nobody ever listens to you because of that last tweet
“There's one person everyone on@twitter should follow. He's changing the world for the better @hardlynormal "
we have always had this normal form of banter as we differ on faith but long ago found a common ground and respect for one another.
included in Marks e-mail to me was also the statement, @From_Nothing response to you is spot on. You're a Christian, yet you continue mean spirited attacks. Where is the good witness in that?”
in response to our conversation where Rev said to me,@Joseph2dogs So your god approves of such mean spirited tweets? If so your gods an asshole Joseph, you might want to find a new one!
Mark then went on to falsely accuse me of making things Up and spreading lies about him all over the internet, and went into great detail about his problems as late of others and there doing the same He believes it to be some great conspiracy making it possible to live in the denial of there being an awakening of people who are seeing things for what they are.
when confronted with this accusation of me spreading lies I then e-mailed mark that I had a copy of His tax forms and nothing could be farther from the truth,I also explained that His repeated statement of making nothing from His efforts and living a life of 200% sacrifice was a deception that he indeed made money from His efforts.
His reply to me was this.
Sorry to disappoint you, but I am always honest and I told the truth.
My tax records are public knowledge and I have nothing to hide

$6k was for health insurance and rent. It was not an income, but
listed as such by our accountant.  I had to write the checks to my
landlord and to health insurance from my personal account, which is
why it was listed this way. I have receipts for both rent and health
care payments.

Even if it was income, which it was not, $6k for a years work is
hardly anything you'd call abuse!

The income came from a $50k Pepsi grant. $25k was for the road trip
and $13k ended up being travel expenses.

now I don’t know about you but if you are paying for Rent travel expense and health care and food anywhere you are dipping into company funds or it is part of a salary? Just my thoughts which I think I made clear in my next correspondence with Him.
It is either that or your ass should be sharing a room with Bernie Madoff, I am at a loss as to which. However I digress you make the call on that. His response to me over this the next correspondence again was no surprise.

Love ya Bro
But your arguments makes no sense at all
are you saying I should take up a bed in a homeless shelter? maybe
that I should live in my car? are you saying that I should be homeless
does a cancer doctor have to have cancer to help a cancer patient? a
person helping blind people have to be blind? that no one helping
hurting people should be paid?
Out of all the "homeless advocates" you know, I am the only one that
has had any impact in ending homelessness and getting people off the
street into housing!

I am Both appalled and sickened that someone with this attitude has risen to such a state and praised by so many who themselves are unwilling to look at the facts of what is going on as to the why of nothing being done for the homeless , It is clearly an open abuse of the failed system so yes maybe we should just be willing to look the other way as people to continue to jump into the arena of helping the homeless and get theirs while the homeless people of this country continue to suffer, I however will not look the other way I will look at what is and what is is allowing people to continue to perish.   
the following link are to the copies of the original E-mails In there fullness, can as the post only hint to the heart of the matter I have linked the e-mails in a stand alone page for anyone’s reading along with the tax forms from this non-profit

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cease Fire, Cease Fire

The Hell you say! I will not stop, I revealed to you, when I first started this blog, I was in the hope of changing the Homeless Help enterprise, or as the organizations that profit from it call it the industry.
And I believe that to a small extent I have to date, if only in that  I have seen people have began to question the Morals and ethics of the people who are engrained in this system, and people have began to realize that not everyone who says they are battling for the homeless do not always have the best interest of the homeless at heart.I have since beginning this blog to now posted less and less about my faith as it is just that my faith, something that is personal to me and will not be shaken, only stirred. And forced to rise to greater Heights.
 But this blog is not about my faith it is indeed about homelessness and the revelations that one Man has come to in the plus two decades in which He has lived it.
Being homeless for so long and standing outside of the system I have been at A great advantage and been able to learn much about the problems of which homeless people face, The biggest problem we the homeless people face is that everyone else knows what is best for you and refuse to believe, that what they know is often wrong and It is not working and this is only a small part of the true problem as to the why we have over these last 2 decades had very little effect on the homeless problem.
Nobody wants to look at talk about or seek solution to the real problem, that faces us all with a non-solution, we simply put and in layman's terms  so that all might understand are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
We have to face the root problem to make any advances in the world of the homeless anything else and all we do and say is just waging the Dog, and allowing the real problem and the real reason why nothing is done to continue. we must take a stand and stop the misallocation of funds by the people who are receiving billions of dollars annually to fix the problem. because that is the root of the problem we don’t need more money to be thrown at it we don’t need more grants and private sector donations we don’t need more non profits, we we need is for the ones we have to be responsible in the allocations, and be good stewards of what has already been given.
There is a Gaelic saying  Ni neart go cur le cheile. translated It means “there is no strength without unity”  we are weak and ineffectual because we are not unified we all ran in different directions as soon as we Hit the battlefield.

Friday, September 9, 2011

What Will We Choose

The Industry as it is called, has been in the state of disrepair for some time, The acts of one Man can not be attributed to the exploitation of the homeless population at large, and I have never tried too do that, I rise to my defense only that I always receive from the person in the front lines the same nauseating response I hope you find peace and healing, This I have noticed is a superficial and a stock response given to any homeless person that has the audacity to question the Homeless Help industry. It is a machine Much larger than Many give credit too. They the Homeless Help organizations often stick together they are of the pack mentality, seeking to silence and destroy that which does not lend to their cause, even if it is the slander and discrediting of the Homeless themselves. The very people whom they claim to be helping. one has to then ask also this who’s interest do they truly represent ? this is the biggest question that we as those fighting for the Homeless fail to ask. They do in no way represent the homeless if Indeed they do not care what the homeless have to say in the furtherance of their Lives and transitions from homeless to a productive Member of society, If the Homeless person is presented with the Ultimatum at any time to put their feelings aside and do what is good for the cause It is it’s very essence Exploitation of a persons need By the withholding of Ones ability to fulfill it.
Being a person of Power In any of the Help organizations, in any Country, Hold with that position of Power Great responsibility, the failure Of all of these organizations and those that are in power, Is their clients are while being the very reason for their existence , are discounted and never believed to be a valid voice in their services provided, and any outcry from those they represent is deemed as simply meaningless and detrimental to the cause. This to is a failing as it is not a cause for which we fight, it is for the very uplifting of a people we fight. we can in no way fight for a homeless person and a homeless cause at the same time. we can either promote the eradication of homelessness and poverty, or we can promote a cause, they however can not be synonymous, Because one will suffer and to Date it has been the cause that has been advocated for and the homeless people have suffered it is only Our decision to choose Which Side we are going to advocate for that will determine the outcome.
So will we choose to stand behind Organizations that for decades have exploited the homeless for grant and private sector Money, or will we stand with those who have faced suffrage at their hand? the choice is Ours.
And If your choice leads you to stand for the Organizations than you need to know that it is this their cause to continue receiving donations, and assure themselves a place of prominence and praise, If you truly desire to help the Homeless Listen because when It comes to people trying to help them They are the voice of experience, no one can tell you what homeless people need better then the homeless person themselves. Most importantly don’t say I want to give you a voice and this is what you must use it to say Because Man does not Give man a voice, We have a creator who has done that, what we must do is respect each and every voice weather we agree with it or not.    

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Failing to take a stand

It Is what plagues the Human Race I have never because of The fight I was In merely to survive really seen The problem for what It was, I would go on thinking as most there is nothing I can do about the situation, Never realizing that with any gift given too a man comes with great responsibility, Not to himself, but rather too those that also benefit from that gift. Life itself is a gift but if it is lived in fear or apathy towards what goes on in our world, it is unable to be nurtured, and Others in no way benefit from it.
It is now apparent to me that I spent years wasting my gift, simply because I have been given the Gift of discernment for one, that Is the ability to see things for what they truly are, However if I fail in any way to bring others awareness to it I have failed both the gift and the Giver of it, If I fail to take action against the injustices I see and lend my voice to the eradication of these injustices, I have failed.  I do also realize that it was no way an easy thing to Take a stand and refuse to Rock the Boat or make waves from the shore I have also failed. So I do what I do For a reason, Because I have the ability and Have been given the Gift to do it.
Some believe That I actually find great Joy in it, and nothing could be farther from the truth in reality, I do keep up a good front for others But the fact remains that I do not enjoy the attacks I receive because of it,The threats the Love and friendships I lose because of it and the watching as others whom I know to know the truth shrink from me because of their fear to take a stand, or to become involved in ways that could effect change, I Until recently was homeless for more years than I care to remember, when You are fifty years old and your greatest claim to life is that you managed to survive for 48% of your life such as it was on the streets you in no way find great solace in it.
The Only peace about My Life I have Is the peace that comes from being a Child of God, And In no way am I tied to the woe’s and worries of this world they to shall pass into nothingness and effect in no way The eternity that I have as a Child Of Promise.
I pray for those who are less fortunate than Me in every way. I know first hand the struggles the depression and the loss of hope that comes from living on the streets it is something I know Oh to well. And those that face it daily are my greatest concern. I truly love many that who do not live as they do the people who live lives that are full of blessings missed. My biggest critics.
I understand why it is this way, It is because people do not wish too think or talk about things that might make them Have to take Great risk, having a desire to help those effected by injustice they are only willing to take an acceptable amount of Risk. One that appears to be risk but truly risk only that which does in no way effect the level of comfort which the have in their lives and when made uncomfortable by the things I say in truth they feel it necessary to attack My faith or My motivation, or My mental state or any other Number of things. When The truth is I know all there is to Know about Me I know that I can not be called a Model citizen or a productive member of society, I am however a man Of Unyielding faith in God and Not my fellow Man, I Have the Moral integrity to cry our against injustice and in so doing am accused of being jealous of others, or Being a terrorist. or a coward, and know this every injustice or person living in the shadow of the harbingers Of injustice that I have ever said anything about I have said openly and shirk not from the responsibility of that which I say and do. If I have something to say about injustice and tyranny and oppression I Simply say it.
I don’t ask people to like it I do not ask for others to agree with it, But for it to be discounted as Lies and propaganda is only, Because others say it is so does not make it so the truth is truth weather people wish to give it heed or Not.
So I can tell you I am inside and I am working now, that I can further this my very own voice not one that some man or organization has given Me. simply to have a greater effect, In stopping the injustices the thievery and exploitation of a people who live lives that are full already with. I had prayed After almost a year of telling everyone out there in this fight against homelessness, the truth that The reason nothing is being done is because Your tax dollars and private sector donations are going into the pockets of a system of Help which has fleeced the American populace at large for entirely too long.
Anyone failing to take a stand only contributes to the death’s of Men women and children who suffer at their hand, while they Appear to have the Homeless people’s best interest at Heart with their little catchy slogans and broken programs of promise, They do not care about anything but continued funding or they could have done something with the last 15-20 years of Public funding they received.  other than coming up with a new slogan every couple of years and this simply is the truth.
As Heard from me The voice which is Mine a gift from God, and not Man, I tell you all don’t fail to take a stand. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Into obscurity, I refuse To Go

I have often wondered are people overwhelmed in their effort to Help the Homeless is it something that they start out in with the best intentions and upright moral compassing and then life takes on different meaning or direction I meet year after year people whom I believe to Have the interest and the heart for it,, and am year after year left out in the cold as if by some great design.
I do know that It is the God of wonders that watches over Us the outcast and the Homeless of society because On our fellow man We can Place No hope of our meaning and direction being certain. In all But His Memory Do we Find ourselves to have soon faded into the obscurity that was once A life.

I had written this sometime Back and it was in the heartbreak that Overcame Me as I watched time after time on My social network and many pages as I was befriended by people who were out and about doing for the homeless what I had from the inability of circumstance the Power too do, men who were out raising awareness and interacting with the homeless in their communities, Living in their cars or vans or sleeping rough as people like to call it. And doing it For Me not out of circumstance but a desire to make it known I was Here.  Often I publicly questioned these Men as to both Motive and endurance and was often scorned or ridiculed for My abrasive nature in dealing with Men whom I seen as trying to further their cause as in compare to the real problem at hand, which is the real faces and lives that live in this realm of existence. and when writing this I Left messages on the accounts of these Men who brought awareness to Me and the Men, women and children like me, I wonder  now where have you gone? I am posting this to those whom are still hanging in there, those who refuse to give Up and Hope to Make a change.
Know That to me you and that which you do is dear too my heart and I uphold you in Prayer, and I ask you Look back at those who have come and Gone as I have witnessed to you Me watching it for over 2 decades happening, and ask yourself does this Man who indeed said this was and would be the case does not have some far deeper understanding than He has been given credit?  If you look for those I am talking about which Many of you have interacted those Idle accounts proclaiming to be in this Battle the answer too you will become clear and to this lone obscure voice who is not fading away but still crying out you must at some point listen too. Because I In no way will be giving up anytime soon. but will be here on the watchtower proclaiming truth too all who will listen.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Homeless Solution, In A Nutshell!

Most people think Me to be absolutely Mad when I tell them I have the answer to Homelessness that is far reaching and will solve the problem not just here in America but globally. An answer that reaches across oceans across cultures and across ethnic and racial and religious lines on every continent.
The simplicity of it and the absurdity of it is too much for some people while others are often staggered by It, yet refuse to believe it could possibly work. Let me begin by saying we live in a world where globally there are akin to 9.5% of the worlds population are homeless, or as often said In a transient state, by definition I do not like the very word transient as it is to mean something temporary and not belonging in permanence. and should never be applied to a Human being. And is only applied to Humans in the view that we wish they would just go away or couldn’t and shouldn’t they be somewhere else. Just Not in my back yard.
People Good people of every race religion and creed on this planet often even indwell there children with these very principles, Don’t look at them Dear if they see you looking at them they are going to want something. Those people are not like us, those people are just dirty and filthy and don’t care about nothing, Those people are drunks and drug addicts. Don’t give them money their Just going to waste It. all’s we can do is feed them and hope for the best. Their governments aren’t doing anything What can we possibly do? discounting the very life led by Us that begins everyday simply put in survival mode where on must spend the day at the mercy of life itself and the Mad fight to simply find food protection from the elements and those in society who pray upon the weak because those sworn to protect them view them as unworthy of their protection and the fight for survival is merely something that others do not understand.unless they themselves are faced with it.
This is the very core of why the problem continues, it is because we don’t view it as our problem, and as part of this grand family of Humans each unique in their own way everyone’s struggle is our struggle and our failure to recognize it is the problem. that we lean towards our governments and our leaders being the only ones having the answers and the ability to fix our problems, and not seeing their inaction and there lack of compassion and moral capacity to act for the furtherance of all of mankind, is not their but our failure.
The Homeless solution therefore in my opinion is simple and not complex at all, it is one that starts with each and everyone of us believing we can have change and effect on the lives of others. we however must start with that which is closest to us before we can reach across the country or around the globe and have any effect, in your own community is where you must start, and start we must. not waiting for someone else to miraculously come up with a solution.
Because I am again going too here and now give you that solution, one Homeless Life Man woman or Child is where we all must start, and damned be the funding or the grant or the program which we need it is not coming and it is already failing somewhere. but that one person you  and you alone can reach out to and you can change and have effect. bring them that one into your life, make them a part of you and who you are be a friend put them in your spare room in a tent in your back yard build a room at your church make them a part of what makes you the caring compassionate person you are, share your blessing with them and Make them feel the love that has kept you grounded and a part of life, make them feel like a part of the Human race again and you will solve this problem. Do not dictate to them the changes they must make but live in love and watch them desire the changes that are possible. In America we have more church’s than homeless people and this is our failure to see the struggles of others as our own, the cost of the remodel on our sanctuary to accommodate the 100 new parishioners we have far outweigh the man sleeping under the bridge down the block. and this is why the problem persist.
It is what I have given the only solution I believe will solve the problem, because it is the one thing that has not been tried, it has no program guidelines and it is something everyone is capable of , because I know everyone is capable of this Kind of Love. which is what every man woman and child effected by any level of poverty need it desire it and will go to great length’s to obtain it. so while people will never be mandated, regulated, or forced off the streets, it is possible to Love them Off Of the streets, I know because it is Happening to Me.  

Thursday, August 25, 2011


a place between lightnings flash and the sound of thunder
Silence a place between chaos and Order
somewhere where you yourself might be found
silence  something not found if sought
illusive ever fleeting
gone in the moment of finding
never there always present
a gift withheld gone before given silence
not having a place yet possessing all places
missed yet always seen silence
desired wanted needed often
touching all things with no trace bound by nothing
silence in love in hate in all things tangible
yet in nothing forever seeking more silence
silence there for the asking
once only heard silence
a song of men and angels silence
what was made for you
have you listened did you hear silence
  the voice of God there hidden and heard.

joseph2dogs 2004
from  born in darkness 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Altruistic Thought,The Terrorist Diaries Vol:2

It is something that I think we must all be indwelled with not only as A thought but as a way of Life in order for our actions to have any effect, on the lives of others something I also believe that is often discarded by those most in need of it. In order too help others, it is most often said we must first help ourselves, this does Not blend well with altruism, the  unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others. It is evident most pervasively in Men who for some reason or another feel it necessary to claim divine ordinance to their sacrifice To lay claim to Look at Oh all these good works I have done, And That does in no way lend itself to the true altruism that I speak of.
We as a human race, have lost our way, and are no longer indwelled with the spirit of it, nothing gets done in this world unless there is something in it for the doer’s. And too continue on in this manner discounts the need of those who for some reason are unable or unwilling to help themselves. I myself have often been guilty of just such thought, what will I gain and how will it better My life, only when I release this thinking am I able to move forward, and have effect. and this is where I have been brought too in my walk, there is nothing in what I am doing that in anyway is going to benefit me. I do not care in anyway if what I say or do brings change to my life because The God I serve does that daily. what I most hope to accomplish in all of my doing, is too help others not to suffer the indignities I have suffered. I also Am aware that with my faith it is become a simple thing, Because It is God alone that has given relief to my suffering and is able too do the same for others. And not I.
We can have effect on the lives of others, A much greater impact can we have on others lives than on our own, but only if we do it together and with no forethought to what gain or betterment we might have for it. our biggest offense is knowing the truth of oppression of others yet continuing in our unyielding silence. too say I see but I can say nothing because Of conflict which is faced when I do, Is failure. To keep our head in the sand is in it’s very essence sacrificing others rather than ourselves. In a Perfect world one would not need to sacrifice himself , but as we are not there yet in this perfect world, it is something that must be done.
Because, others suffer in our silence, I would much rather be ostracized, outcast, and shunned than to have too look at myself in the mirror and see a man whom contributed too the suffering of others by His inaction, and unwillingness to say anything. I do not believe that others are bound by my belief or by my values, I do however believe as the Human race we have obligation too others wellbeing as we suffer at the suffrage of others weather we see it or not.
So too be deemed a terrorist or detrimental to any cause that is by it’s very nature is contributing to the oppression and exploitation of others I freely except it, Because I need to be able to look in the mirror and see a Man who did His very Best to stop it. My only question to anyone would be, when you Look what is it that you see in the mirror ?  It is something every man and woman needs ask themselves.  Not for, Themselves but for the sake of others. This is what I personally believe to be living a life of altruism and effectual for others. because in this thought there is no room for discounting what is best for all.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Invisible Again The Terrorist Diaries Volume: 1

I thought when I got on the internet and started writing I was going to find people who believed as I did that the world of which I wrote was indwelled with injustice and that if I only pointed it out and spoke in truth’s all would go well and for the most part It has I met many knew and interesting people many of which have become friends that I know I will have for Life. almost everyone I met through social media were encouraging and would both in private and openly tell me I admire what your doing your courage and you fortitude too say what you believe, at some point that changed because the more I dug into the truth and continued to put into print the injustices and the exploitation that the world which I knew, The more distant some people who I had most tried to reach those who I believed could most effect change because of there popularity and there claim to be giving a voice to men like me became. so I ask myself why?  I had brought to their attention that some of those that they claimed to be helping us homeless people were not what they were cracked up to be, and that they really didn’t have the best interest of the people from my walk of life at heart, that they where the very ones I wrote about the profiteers of the less fortunate.
I also inquired of them out of this confusion as to the claim of me being a person that they were helping, too give unto me a voice so that I would no longer be one of these invisible people, and they said to me then, you have a voice and we need to all work together, I was at that time really confused because I thought that was what I was doing I thought that together we could effect change if we just stood on the truth. Little did I know at that time that I was viewed as a decenter to the cause, what I was truly unaware of  is that the claim to help the homeless have a voice was merely an affront. I truly believed that maybe they didn’t really understand that these people were in everyway taking advantage of the disadvantaged. and In their heart they thought that these people were helping,
I was never one to mince words I always have said what I thought if it was grounded in truth It would all be ok so I continued to cry out about these injustices and continued to expose these people for what they were, until one day well into the rainy season I realized that this person actually wasn’t giving me a voice and in no way could because they were under the employ of the very people I was trying to stop from being the harbingers of injustice, At that time I became depressed and disheartened with the whole situation simply because I felt like if this person doesn’t give me a voice nobody will, boy how wrong was I because I also noticed that others were aware of what was going on and were working outside of this system and were trying to have a real and lasting impact on peoples lives independent of the system, and it is working while doing little things they do great things because they do it out of the necessity of someone must do something. and something is what we must do.
People do hear many remain silent and know that what I say is truth that these people who profit from this the misfortune of others need to be stopped, and they go on serving others in the hope that they will have effect they go on because they are encouraged by those who also know that they can and do have effect, they impact people lives daily in ways more dear to men than all the finest overpriced draining projects that are designed to help only a few and they believe that we can help one and all. They do because they believe in what they are doing they do it without the support or the reliance of Big money as the entrenched organizations they do it with the day to day help of people who truly see that the alternative is what does not now or at times past help it only lends to keeping the only system  we have available outside of them drained and ineffectual. they do because of a true care and compassion. They do It because they don’t just talk about it they Live The Love.
In all of My voice I have done my best to make it known that what we are presented with as a solution is the most cost ineffective failed social experiment in the History of this country, it has In the last almost  2 decades drained the money allocated, to fix this homeless problem from every source from which the money came from wasted federal Housing grants to Community  Developmental block Grants,  and social Development Grants , and The Biggest Private sector Donations of Both Time and Finance. and because of it’s ineffectiveness the Latter has began to dry Up people are no longer willing to support after decades a system that doesn’t work. Praise God Because there are people that have true effect that could use their help More.
At what cost to the People we are trying to Help, did this Social experiment have.
  On average a homeless person’s life is 36% shorter than a housed person’s life.
It is estimated By the National coalition of homelessness between 1990 and 2010 approximately 956  homeless people annually die in America approximately 3 people a day  the highest # being in the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan district reaching 186 people annually or approximately 9 percent of all homeless death’s nationwide.
And because I desire this to stop and I desire people who for the past 2 decades have allowed it by their backroom deals and absorption of public funds allocated to stop it
I am Now invisible Again And deemed a terrorist by the greatest voice they have ever had  and their newest social Media Guru.Thank You Oh workers of iniquity.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Homeless are exploited Or Don't You Get It.

I Honestly wrote that Last Post Both believing and Hoping that Maybe as I often Do that someone would actually hear what I was Saying while you read and you listened you did not hear. people became embroiled in back and forth battle of what are you doing and a what they are doing argument and This is the problem at it’s very root.
Let Me first say In this Post, Many have said In their writings homelessness is a cause it is an industry and a career. This view itself is the root cause of why nothing is being done, in the opinion of the people who for years have been entrenched in this system, they believe that this is what it is a cause, and not a Human right.
They also believe That it is for them and their organizations to decide what is the best way to help the homeless population of this country at Large never taking into account the needs or desire of the individual experiencing it.
With temporary shelters that are subsidized by community development block grants and private sector donations one must truly understand, they are run at great expense and at a cost overrun that reaches millions of dollars annually. they are by there very nature both  inefficient and ineffective they are a temporary fix to a ongoing problem and have absorbed Most of the public money given too fix the problem.
Then there are Help organizations themselves Common Grounds, Pathways to Housing, Path, Path Achieve, NAEH. Project Restart, 100k homes, Salvation Army, Union Gospel Missions To Name a few In 1994 it was Thought and put into practice the 10 yr. plan to end homelessness and It was conceived that communities, could end homelessness in the 10yr period following, it was However a failure it was touted as A great success in the new york and it was said to get the people off of the streets in Manhattan at the reconstruction and renovation of the prince Rupert Motel. and the cost of 200million dollars Approx.. The trouble and the reality is both that it is claimed and I Quote
“  Our ground-breaking Street to Home program reduced street homelessness by 87% in the 20-block Times Square neighborhood, and by 43% in the surrounding 230 blocks of West Midtown. Spearheading a citywide strategy, Common Ground is now responsible for securing homes for people living on the streets in all of Brooklyn, Queens, and midtown Manhattan.”
When the reality was  after the building of this fine Housing complex, “The Prince George provides permanent, affordable housing for 416 low-income and formerly homeless adults and persons living with HIV/AIDS. Built in 1904, the residence was once one of New York City’s premier hotels; after many years of decline, it was rehabilitated by Common Ground and reopened in 1999. The Prince George is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.” And this for the over 4000 homeless individuals living in lower Manhattan. I ask where did the other 3500 + plus individuals go. They where push out of times Square and the surrounding area’s to other Borough's  and then Common Grounds Was Placed in Charge of Fixing the problems there also.
Now The problem I have always had with this is the politics of provision, the providers and the development committee’s and the construction companies themselves have all since the inception of this what we call supportive housing plan, have in one way or another been tied to The common grounds Board of directors, Housing and Urban development, and have both given and received No bid contracts for the renovation or construction of every project that has been conceived since this time, allowing for cost inafective  projects to continue to this day We the american people are being Raped, and you want me to remain silent Because all these programs that are helping Us the homeless have stemmed from Common grounds, which then founded Pathways To housing, Which then founded Path Which then founded Pathways Which then Founded Path to achieve Which then Founded 100k homes Does anyone see a cycle Here. Because I am An uneducated homeless Man and I just one Day after looking at all these board members with their Florida key Island Getaways And there homes in the Hamptons And Beverly hill’s and I just got it. So don’t say to Me I am doing damage to these peoples Cause Because I don’t give a damn about these people or their cause it’s the homeless I care about.and If your homeless and you think I am doing damage to the cause then they have in someway brain washed your ass because you are in the less than 19% that By their own admission fit the vulnerability index and you should be the first to wake Up, Because you are Either  an Idiot or so devoid of hope in helping yourself, Or unable too  you really think they Care. And while Yes Many people who work for them never look at the top down politics as they should and continue to allow it by their ignorance and I do not lay the blame at their feet other than once they become aware to continue on just for a paycheck is reprehensible. on that point I do Digress.   However  Becky Kannis Like Rosanne Hagerty, and there mouth piece Mark Horvath, and all his Little Kool-aid drinkers, Can All Kiss My Ass I will Not Be Silenced.

Friday, August 19, 2011

If you weren't Pissed at me before Read This!

I do not understand Because of someone else’s refusal, to see the truth that is before them that Men can be belittled berated or even made fun of and said to have mental problems, especially by some people who are by either their own ignorance or their own selfish desire to be helped, allow themselves to continue to be exploited, I do however not fault someone who’s desire to see justice for themselves lives in their unwilling ignorance by not looking at what is happening all around them.
So Be it, That is truly Not why I began this post I began it because Homeless people are daily exploited by Homeless help agencies and Men and women who claim to be homeless advocate’s  I will say it again And people should almost at some point listen, I am and for sometime been what I would consider to be the worlds foremost expert on homelessness, and the exploitation of this sub sect of society I lived Homelessness for almost 24yrs, until this week! I have for sometime refused service from homeless providers even after they themselves prequalify me on the premise that I am mentally unstable IE A Nut. Why because I refuse their services And I scream from the mountain top stop exploiting these My people. And This is what the Post is about I am Just getting started I suffered in silence long enough no homeless help Organization in this country can say I took advantage of their system and am just Hurt or Bitter because the shelter system didn’t work for Me because I didn’t Lend to it the opportunity too, I laid under your bridges and in your Abandoned warehouses and anywhere I could stay out of the elements as men who believed this system, Laid in it’s arms with hope until they had no more hope left and then where cast out of the system and left to parish in most cases cold tired Hungry and alone. victims by every definition of the word, of the plan to end homelessness. The problem with this plan is it has never worked and was not ever designed to because it was structured then and is structured now, as a plan too help only those most desperately in need of the Help. keeping a never ending supply of those becoming more desperate and in need with every day.
So In truth We can stand and say Lets Don’t talk about the Money It is spreading Vitriol It is Unnecessary, It is meaningless, It has nothing to do with our efforts, what ever ones reason to avoid the truth, we can make excuse, however it is happening the organizations most likely to receive Both funding and praise are the ones who have received them for years, they are the ones who can most afford to buy a PR campaign and employ Marketers Like Mark Horvath, and a Team of Grant writers, and legal minds who make more annually than the organization spends to House any homeless individual.
So a lot of people would say to me I am a harsh critic of this PR campaign, By @hardlynormal Mark Horvath, who would like me and others to believe, His whole life has been sacrificed to help homeless people, and He now lives in His van traveling around the country in sacrifice giving all he has, the ones who believe this are ostrich's you truly have your head in the sand , this man is given a car by a sponsor is given a expense account that stems from a grant to help homeless people. Is on the payroll of a nonprofit Org, gives away socks paid for by a sponsor saying it is a great thing, when without the sponsorship of socks, months ago said of people this handing out of socks is nothing the homeless don’t need socks they need houses. and claims I gave all to help but the people he interviews during the day remain in their tents at night and while he goes to a motel room that the expense of per-night cost more than this homeless man afforded for a month in food. And the 100k homes campaign has in it’s first year spent more on training advertising and employee expense accounts than it has to house the 12-14 thousand people it has housed, and by the way at the rate they are going financially and success in housing it will take over six years to house one hundred thousand people and at a cost of over 100k per person. so tell me why I should keep my mouth shut about it Oh yea For there sake and not the sake of the homeless, so yea I am a harsh critic Because I find it hard to believe a self educated homeless man is the only one able to figure out the American people are once again being duped by people who have made it an industry and thrived off of the misfortune of others. They all go home at night to there homes in the Santa Monica Hills the Hamptons and many Florida beach towns and they stay at the finest hotels and the people they are helping are still left to perish on the street. And if you do not believe this to be true than look into the personnel assets of the board of directors of any homeless help Organization out there. That is If you are now pissed at more than Just Me.
God bless you one and all my friends and on a personal Note to Mr. Mark Horvath, I do Have Peace with My self and My direction, but I will not let those who have oppressed and prayed on men like myself have it any longer.  and to those who have a right and good heart and want to help men like me don’t let them be your voice and direction any longer think outside the box, you only need look at my life Now as compared to the Day this blog started to see you the right and true hearted ones can help without any PR campaign . It Only takes a little Love.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Here Is what I believe it is, It is a spirit of Uncaring. Which We all have in our lives as a whole. What we do care about are the things that effect us about the ongoing comfort of our daily lives. If it does not effect us than it Holds no interest to us and if captures our interest it is fleeting. We see others struggle and injustice as pertaining only too them But this Is far removed from the truth, If any man on the face of this planet in any way faces injustice or oppression he does not face it alone, the reason that war continues is because we allow it. everyone says oh wouldn’t it be great if the had a war and no one showed up, when we should say the next time they start a war we are all showing up and we are going to stop these war mongering, corporate interest, and powers that be from using or young men and women as implements of there misguided policies. yes because we truly live in fear and don’t want their guns turned on us we allow them to be turned on others. To allow men and governments to continue to war in your name is to live in apathy.
When Men for small infractions of the law of the land are allowed to be drug into the middle of the street and beaten to death like the young Mr. Kelly Thomas of Fullerton California, and we only react by saying how horrible is this and not as a people rage to the point of  coming together and demanding a now justice for the men responsible simply because they are police. This is apathy
And It will continue in the direction it is going in this world because of our apathy, before I go any further I would like for the sake of clarity give the Definition of apathy given by our dictionary,  Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference.
Wow Lack of interest or concern, “especially regarding matters of General importance". that means things that apply to everyone, not just you but all of us we deceive ourselves in many ways so that to us things don’t seem to apply to us all in the above mentioned case of point, Men and women all over the world where outraged that a homeless man could be beaten to death on our streets, and that interest waned in us as a whole. we were able to say ok great they are going to investigate this matter. and for us that is enough, this is apathy. when the reality of it is we as A whole should have showed up on the steps of the Fullerton police dept. and said enough of your criminal tactics of oppression. If you do not deliver these oppressors up too us to be imprisoned we will move all of you out of this building by force. we do not because Yes Apathy.
As A Christian I believe in turning the other cheek, I believe we must suffer much in our lives and not resort to any form of violence as pertaining to ourselves. I also believe that even too the point of death we must be willing to sacrifice of ourselves for others. In matters of Humanity this being Oppression, injustice, Tyranny.
Society as a whole has made great advances in technology and having fuller lives yes. But when pertaining to Humanity we have advanced not at all. The availability of this fullness not being for all but for the few. We are failing as Humanity because of Apathy. I Myself see things differently Maybe because Of my status in life I am on the fringe of society one of as many would call the dregs of. I am homeless and live with no desire too be a part of a failing system in which some are valued more than others, where Men are judged merely by their intrinsic value. If you have a 2 car garage and a 100k home you are worth more than A man that has only a tent and a fire to cook on, we place value on men because of there possessions and not there moral integrity or their honor. Idealist are never valued as men or women who should be admired and idolized we rather idolize men and women whom have obtained great wealth with little effort.
Explaining Why a dairy farmer cant afford new boots and a baseball player makes millions a year? Hmmm
It is far easier for a child to get a scholarship for shooting a good jump shot than his academic achievement, technology is funded in the direction it is for comfort and entertainment rather than social stability as a whole.  As long as we can Keep people comfortable to a acceptable degree daily and they have a certain degree of this comfort they will remain Apathetic!  But at what point do we say stop this madness, we don’t because truly most of the madness doesn’t pertain too us and until it does we stand idly by watching, and saying thank God that could never happen to me.
I am sorry for this post, but I it stems from a great sadness, in that I have for Most of my life been apathetic. Please forgive me all of you whom I failed as my fellow man your oppression and tyranny are a direct result of my actions.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I was truly Born

First as many know I recently turned 50 I have been told by many who reached this milestone before me that That is what it was was a milestone, I missed it I guess because for Me it was a day as any other, most uneventful.
For that I am Both Glad and Blessed, That is how I like most of my days to Go uneventful, I live a very simple Life More than most, and am often confronted with others belief that it is because I have failed to grasp the reality of life, It Is in this belief that I differ from most men. Because I truly believe that each man Must live His Life as It is befitting To Him and not others.
You see Most men would look at my life and by the date of my birth believe Me to be 50 yrs. of age and in the physical sense I am. I however see my life as different I see my life beginning in November of 1993, You see I went through the windshield of a ford thunderbird in November of that year and in that I meet my demise I however Cried Out too God that He might spare Me because I was not yet ready, And In His Infinite wisdom Mercy and grace He spared Me. By No action of my own other than the crying out and desiring for More in my life than I had at that moment. It was at That moment I was truly Born, from Darkness into Light, since that time In all honesty I can not say that there has not been struggle, Struggle I face daily But that being Of myself and the ways of this world and not of the spirit of who I am and who I was created too be. I now have being reborn am blessed with the knowledge that anything that I might have in this world is nothing compared to the Grace and mercy Granted me on that day. I am alive Only because of God the creator.
I hearing others plea for my life and feeling the desire they have for me to be so much more am not deterred from the fact that this day as any other I am right where He wants me to be, I am  Ben El’ohim ( A son Of God ) Not Begotten But Never forgotten. So while there are many and trust in that there are many who see my life as meaningless and lacking, I will continue too give praise to Him who gives Me peace and purpose while I can not see Gods plan for Me I do know His promise, in the book of Thessalonica God promised Me “ I know the thoughts I think towards you, Saith the Lord, Thoughts of peace and not of Evil to give unto you an expected end”  KJV.
So you see for Me I do not see the expected end But I do know one who does, and In this I find both peace and Strength. I arise each and everyday as If it is the day of my birth because I know That There is one that goes before me and prepares for me my path. I have nothing in this material world this life we live but I am far richer than many can comprehend. I treasure nothing in this world, yet I have great treasure in the next, In this Life I have but one goal to Love others, and too help others to understand The love of God. Because it is what we are. We are the Image of God and God Is love and truth, and In Him there is No guile.
So while I cry out often It is against the injustice of this world, It is not of my selfish desire for things to be better for me, Because I count it all as dung, for others to be blessed and to be sheltered and fed, and clothed. I know In the End It is only God That can provide these things. So I in my crying out will cry that others find the peace I found only in Him. while your governments and your leaders and all of the world cry out we can do this and make this a better place. And the truth is only Love can make this better and That true Love is only found in God, So I pray That Men In all of their efforts Find the true Love of God, And find that there we can rest together, There we are all the same.
May God Bless and keep you one and all, Until the glory of his coming when then and only then we will find what we might be.