Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Things are what they Are!

We Live In a World where things are what they are, we don’t have to agree with them and By degree we differ as to are opinion of the way things are, Many people in these uncertain times we live in would tell you they are doing better than they have been in years, While the majority would not agree with that.
The problem as I see it is that Many people have bought into the justification of why things are the way they are, and In there own minds lent themselves too that justification thus allowing things to Never Change. saying always that is Just the way things are, and that simply because Mankind as a whole has been trained by a failed education system and Leadership in just being willing to accept it. To speak out against it or to brings upon one every criticism known too Man people begin to look at you as if you are strange or different They will slander you and belittle you with Lies and threats and  all Of this Because they have Learned To settle and you have Not.
These are the people who never Grasp Mankind as a whole What it is, Is that they by there very Nature have become a part of a People who believe that Entitlement belongs only to them and they are driven By greed. It‘s all about them and what they have done. They will tell you in matters of Human rights That is fine to believe people deserve a house, Who is going to pay for it? fine people need food Who is going to pay for it?  Not truly seeing the real picture that Few have taken the worlds resources hostage and exploit every people of every nation with there, who is going to pay for it? attitude. They will all continue to climb to the top over the backs of Many Because things are what they are !
Here Is a small known fact to all of mankind there are  36,794,240,000 acres of habitable land on the face of this planet and they do not belong to anyone they do however belong to each and every 6,852,472,823. of us Man woman and Child and to try to confine Men to live as others would see fit because Corporations and governments have tried to lay claim to over 83% of our lands forcing mankind to watch in horror as the fellow Human beings suffer at the hands of those trying to control it. this is, Not the way things are this is the Illusion of the way things are but there are daily more and more people seeing the reality of Mankind and its failed system of over-lordship. We as a whole are waking too the fact that as a Basic Human right have the ability to live lives as we see fit for us and those we love, not as it is dictated too us.
By controlling governments armies and police states keeping mankind enslaved to there way of life by brute force, We are Blessed In the Americas To have been given a constitution that proclaims peoples rights on these matters the problem is it will never see fruition as we believe it stops at our borders and have been taught so, and as long as it does we too are enslaved. Until the day we see our constitution as universal in Nature and for all people regardless of Culture, religion or creed or nation. We will remain enslaved. things are what they are !
I know that food and Houses really hold no value, if indeed there are those that go to bed Hungry or or so less fortunate than others they have even No bed to go too. I know In this world we live am not the only Man who feels the guilt of actually having a bed, or a roof over my Head. And I hate My life, Because I now have what others may never Have I am I know not an anomaly because I believe that as long as one suffers from hunger or homelessness or poverty we should in no way be comfortable in our lives. because I In my heart believe as A Christian, at one time the Church Had all things in common as well should we all, But we live in a world where, things are what they are!
Beware of those of Us who recognize it for the Apathy That it is. In the End Our Love for One another will Win!

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