Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Sunday, March 27, 2011

To Truly Be A Great Man.

Every man Must Himself choose What path in this life He is going to travel, I have chosen mine and I am on that path with no regrets. I as Other men who have come before me have a deep sense of satisfaction with knowing that  am being true to myself and true to those principles and Ideals That I myself have come to hold as dear to me if only to me.
I am no different than any other man, I believe that the truth’s of this life that have been revealed to me are too be shared with others, I believe that they are truth and are common to others if only in the sense that It is by these truths I view the world around me. I make no pretext as to what others should or should not hold dear, yet as A man I share what I know and It is theirs to accept or in their own life reject as being true for Me their accepting or not is of no effect as to my beliefs.
There are truth’s that are universal to Men, some would argue even that. And with me they have to no avail The simplest being we are all born and on that day we begin our journey towards death which we shall all meet in the end. So be it, If in this fact alone we be bound together we are no longer independent fully one from another. This alone should draw Men together that It may draw them too Help and to nurture those in with whom they are found to be sharing this brief moment in time called life along the path, to the place where we as Human beings are all too once more become Equal. My greatest fear Is God as To my faith, as to the things of this life, it is that Men may only again find this commonality only in death. and not along this path. I often Pray it not be so.
I have with others often became embattled with the struggles we face when in opposition to my beliefs, when I find them imposing themselves on others or by dictate or mandate of those weaker than themselves, the abundance of this life that is to be available for all, they withhold or they by design use them to control Men.
This Is the very spirit of exploitation which I have taken upon myself to fight against. when Men By usury of others needs hold hostage their human rights, they are damnable indeed I have seen Men Withhold food from others,  That they must hear what they place before them as the word of God, This is not the plan of the God I know, The abundance of food on this planet was for all in my Gods plan, And is not something to be used to bend Men to your will. I have seen Men forced to sleep in the rain Because they Had A drink, this Is not Gods will. I have seen Men women And Children cast out from society and forced to surrender everything they Hold dear for the comfort of a place to call their own, I have seen governments Give Charge over peoples lives to a select Number of individuals So that they may gain control of the less fortunate of their societies. I have seen Good Men and Women bend to the will of tyranny, that They themselves my become it’s instrument. Never realizing or never caring that what they have become is the hand of their oppressors. Because they can not see past what was given to them, and open their eye’s to what is being denied others. Full well knowing that these very same Human rights that afford Man His dignity was once also withheld from them to bend their will.
So it is My prayer, That we in our lives see things for what they truly are and no longer stand in the way with those who choose to control the lives of others and that we break these Chains of oppression, And we do it first by not letting others to hold themselves in Lordship over others and Praise there own glory but rather let us Humble ourselves letting ourselves become less that others might become the more. There is no greater Human indignity thrust upon Men than the actions of those supposing themselves to be of a Higher estate, believing themselves and their actions to be greater than others. To truly be a great Man you must see The greatness of others and Not yours.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

People Are offended Often

And yes It is by me I no longer make apologies for it, If I were to It would consume Most of My time, But that Is of no concern to me at this stage in my life. My only concern is to show the people who are profiting from the homeless for what they are, and Men or women who profit from others misfortune should hang their heads in shame at the very thought people finding out the truth. 
The people at the ground level I have said before are not the ones that are profiting they are simply a means to an end, many have went into the homeless help field with the purist of motives, while others themselves have come to gain, the problem lies therein where do you distinguish between the two. I say by their actions if you are working for an organization that is at present or in the times past made an industry from the homeless help field, than you are part of the problem if you have chose not to look at who you are working for, and if confronted with the fact that those who's  praise you sing are not worthy, but you yourself are willing to defend them out of either blindness or unfounded loyalty than the offense which I direct at them than by all means, be their proxy and accept that offense as your own.
I do not wish to make enemies of men or women in this field, but as it is I no longer wish to stand by in silence and let them continue on in their practices, I will give a great for instance Today while Confronting the founder of Wearevisable Mark Horvath with the truth of His err, He said of Me I am no were near reality, which is not the truth,  merely the truth He would like to have portrayed, much as He would like all to believe He and He alone has Given voice to the Homeless. I would argue It Is God alone that Has given Me voice and I will Not stand with those who think themselves to be A God amongst Men one who has done mighty works If a Man stands before you and tells you Look at what I have done and I do these things By my efforts These things where done, They believe themselves to be of a higher estate than their fellow Man. Mark is one of these people and I know that there are those that don’t want to hear That but so be it.
There are only two courses that one must adhere to on this subject and those are as such.  He knows That Path Achieve has profited from the homeless for sometime and has chosen to be a part of this exploitation,  Or He does not care and believes Himself to be doing great things and believes Himself to be the soul voice of the homeless, which in either case is detrimental to the cause of the homeless plight. I will in no way No matter which retract what I have said Common ground of which path achieve is an extended arm has for years profited from the homeless that is a plain and simple truth. For the reason I do not understand they have never been called into account for it they may however be facing that possibility because they are faced with the break up of their good old boy and girl network because the director of Housing And Urban Development  Has been replaced by one more interested in the accountability aspect,  and also has the question where is the money going ? It is a valid  question, one I have been asking for years and every time I have confronted Men with it I have been faced with the same criticism, That being I must have been Hurt by Homeless organizations for me to be this way.
And that merely because I am A Homeless man, If I were a senator or a congressman, These people would be trying to buy my silence or they would be liquidating their assets and finding a plane out, But being a homeless man, It is there Hope that I will be dismissed as just another homeless man who is mad at the world. This also couldn’t be farther from the truth, while I am critical of the help Orgs and the Church That is The extent of my concern as far as others, Anyone else but Homeless bashers I have always tried to Befriend and I have been in most cases as any can attest to tried to have respect for and have tried to the best of my ability temper my speech with and for Me no Easy thing. I am A Man and I fall short like any man and If I am critical of someone whom you believe to be Doing Good works, I always ask Show me were I have erred and I will repent but do not because of being uninformed on the matter kill the messenger as is custom.
If Of any I have been critical of It has been because Of what it is they do and Not of any personal Complaint, I have yes been critical of many and Have not done it for any personal gain I do not even wish anymore to be in a house, so for me there is but one vested interest and that is I live out here with the very people effected by their actions and It is I and not them who have watched in horror as men and women out here have perished for reasons like not fitting the income requirement for one of there low income units or was refused a home because they had spent a little time in prison, I do not want to read how friends I have known died from exposure or were beaten to death. When the county they lived in received a 29 million dollar block grant to get them off the street someone needs answer for the misallocation of funds and if you get your feelings Hurt or if I happen to say something about the one whom you have come to admire or speak truths offensive to you than bury your head back in the sand It will all be over soon.
My Hope is people will One day stand up and ask the people they work for is what this man saying true and not just continue in what they are doing until it is to late for them to say I did not know because yes you did and Men and women will remember you as the ones who all had a hand in the cookie jar and were found to be exploiters of the impoverished and downtrodden people whom you claimed to serve.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I wish Above All Things I was wrong!

It appears to me to be painfully clear that The Homeless problem In America and To my best guess almost any other country on the face of the planet that has the problem, Is Not Please Hear Me Is Not Ever Going To be solved!
Some of you may be saying your so negative you are so cynical, and I will be Honest with you on this very subject yes I am, I have Been blessed with a up close and a personal view of this very thing.
I hold No great delusions on the subject nor am I burdened any longer by Things I do not Know on the subject. Some of you may Be saying What do you possibly know of the subject. I have said It before and will say it again I am If by any standard of knowledge of the subject I can say with great confidence one of the few of the worlds foremost experts on the subjects. If it was a stand alone subject in the social field I would have a doctorate, I have studied both the homeless and societies interaction with Us for More years than almost anyone voicing an opinion on the subject.
Why is there nothing being done about the homeless subject ? I have the answer! what Is it we could do in the field to get something done ? I have the answer ! What Is the best way to help the Homeless ? I have the Answer ! What is it you want to know about the homeless situation in America ? I have the answer! Or I can Get It For you! What Is it that Keeps anything from being done I will tell you the answer, No one In the Homeless Help field Respects the opinion of the homeless,  They truly believe that they can help the homeless and never listen to them and give there opinions values and beliefs any heed. and that is Not possible. I Know there are people and I said People out there who are doing Good things and acts of kindness for the homeless and to those of you who are doing this and acting out of the kindness of your heart, I say To you May God bless You and May He Enrich your Life and All that you Do. Know that I  Lift you and all you do up in prayer.
There are those that are simply deceived by help organizations by the eloquence of their presentation of what they are doing and by their ability to spend so much on their public relation campaigns, when people in their lives come into the homeless help field and have said to themselves there must be something we can do! they are most generally drawn to those that have the newest best help campaign and they trust that these people are doing something, I must help them. yet they never go beyond that they say look at what they are doing and what they have done and that is the extent of their research, I on the other hand Have gone to great lengths to find out just exactly what it is they are doing, I have looked at their past achievements and at their future plans and what they have accomplished and what it is they hope to yet accomplish. after all It is my very life we are talking about, am I hardened by my past dealings with homeless help organizations, I say too you, yes I am And it is because I have been in this struggle for over 2 decades. and there is nothing they are doing now, that they weren't doing 20yrs ago the only difference is they have a new PR campaign in place they have a different face they are presenting to those that donate their time and money to further their cause. they however are doing nothing new They are doing what it was 15 or 20 yrs. ago, nothing more and nothing less. I hear with my ears and see with my eyes and all things I do judge and I do test the spirit of their actions. I look at what they are doing, and I look at who it is that is doing it. You do not hear me come before you and say look at this good thing they are doing, because those that are doing good things have no need of a person to sing their praise, There results alone will champion their cause. They will be in no need of a man to sing their goodness! I was asked, what Homeless organization would I donate to if I were to recommend one ? and I can tell you now of the 1000’s that have been in existence, and the ones that seem to spring up over night, there is in over 2 decades been only one that I would if I had the means to support that I would and it is no organization it is a Young woman a Young man A dog and a truck and can be found on twitter @Project5050 and in Her vision ,  Over the past month’s since I discovered her Project I have watched, as she while not giving people houses, has done more than any homeless help organization in this country in the past 2 decades has, She through her efforts given more hope and friendship and love to others than any other I have seen who have come before her.
Yet She has only Herself and her efforts to Champion Her cause she has no Million dollar PR campaign she has Only Her Love and her desire to make a change in peoples lives while creating friendships and spreading love along the way. And It is My hope and it is my prayer that My mentioning Her Grass roots Project, Is not because Of My criticism of other help organizations the Kiss of death as It has Killed many a debate and shut down many a discussion on the web because of my unyielding passion to make people understand the people you Help To Help People like me must Be Chosen with great Care and with great diligence because those that are most likely to receive your efforts are at great expense to those in need profiteers from the homeless.
I at this point in time am facing great discouragement because everyday, I am faced with the campaign of the 10 year plan to end homelessness, and with the project of 100k homes which has received so much support from people it is sickening me to the very depths of my spirit because all things are not as they appear, the organization has been existence since this woman got out of college and has as of this point in time done nothing for the homeless other than use them for always there next big project the first project of this organization was began under the flag of common ground and then went on to path achieve and pathways to housing and has since its inception profited from men like me. Their first effort was sad to be a ground breaking, and was going to change the lives of the homeless in America, And it did because prior to their efforts we had a Chance, And It cost the American Tax payer  39million dollars and housed a total of 413 people in a section 8 project that is netting them thru rental properties included in the project over 800,Thousand dollars a year in rents paid to common ground . In this fashion they have continued their projects and there next big PR campaign. and I am As I said sick to my very core because men and women who claim to care about me have sucked all of you in to their next big thing. and you are fooled by those PR representatives who are their voice claiming to be mine who will not tell you the truth and will never unless faced with the facts reveal to you who it is they work for. But I can tell you in all truth that a true homeless advocate is going to be found doing it independent of any organization. and will first proclaim the homeless persons need and not the homeless helpers need of your support so ask them and ask yourself, just who and what are you advocating for because I tell you it is not Me or anyone like me they are seeking to serve.
If you are calling yourself a homeless advocate or others are calling you that I challenge you please take up your mantle and prove me wrong, If you think me wrong about path achieve about common ground pathways to housing and other organizations ask yourself this why have they taken no action to silence what I have accused them of for years? I will tell you Why, no one cares what a homeless person says about the homeless situation, If that homeless person refuses to sing the helpers praise they are dismissed as having no validity. and are not given a moment of thought.
I only again ask you all If Indeed You want to Help the Homeless that They might actually have victory in this struggle please do not blindly give your time your effort or your money or your voice or your hearts of kindness to someone who you have only heard good things about from those that tell you only what they have heard or read don’t give blindly and say your helping.
The truth of homeless people is this we are people I would rather you say hello to me and give me a peanut butter sandwich, than to know that you gave money to someone who for that same peanut butter sandwich absorbs 83% of every dollar to give me the sandwich, you can do more for the homeless with a smile and a hello than the million dollar PR campaigns have done in 20 years so please  beware this brood of vipers who say they are helping Us we Need the Help yes I do not discourage in anyway your giving hearts, ask yourself this why do you think there is such a great push for people not to give to someone on the street ? because for every dollar you give to a panhandler is 80 cents out of the pocket of your local charity organization, It is Not because we are all drunks or that we Are all drug addicts, it is because we are their life's blood. While yes there are addicts on these streets there are many more that are just trying to survive and overcome the stereo type society holds of us because it is this stereotype that keeps people in the position to readily exploiting us.  

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Question?

If I could only One Question Because People ask this all the time, “if you could only have one wish ?, If You only Had One Prayer ?, If you could only ask for one Thing ?” And all this asking of these same like questions results in almost all people , If asked a response somehow through almost all language and culture a Desire for comfort and lack of want for those we love and surround ourselves with , We always wish for things of joy and fulfillment in our wishing. After first having replied as to wealth because this being where most are in the belief that this is where there comfort comes from not knowing anything else.
And The truth is we live in the hope that these things will happen for us and count not the cost of others, and we fail in tending our own crops while trying to harvest the worlds wealth and resource at a rapid rate. Providing for our loved ones when we should be carrying it past our kitchens and backyards and out into our world thru our communities, If everyone in your town city village country has not been cared for as someone's loved one we are all amiss as a people, because our Love in order to Be real it has to extend and be unbound by Dogma’s and Belief’s and Religions, Love We wish for is in truth bigger a responsibility than we hope for we put the limits too it. And therefor it does not abound beyond. It find itself confined to those closest, and our whole lives we are never victorious being able to spread the love we have thru others. because we always love only those who show us love while those In need of love the most are those unable to even show love to themselves and has been given no love from others so they might have some to give. So Love you see is tricky it can only grow as far as we let it if we love everyone and everything it spreads but, as long as there is one that finds no love and is treated less we are all failing. So in the question of what would you wish for I think it stems only as a gauge of our hopes of finding those with the same wishes not thinking in terms that all men  having our selfsame desire for that which is already common to all. Our reason for not recognizing others as wanting the same thing from this life as Us, is our ability to see only others deference's and not those things which make us all the same.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Living Like I am At the Ritz!

Now I understand what comes of me always having to pay off the camping tickets, That other homeless people think I am crazy for paying, But the thing is If you don’t pay the tickets you then become a reason to perpetrate the stories about the homeless same reason, as to pick up trash wherever I go because Of the stigma of living like a pig in river bottom. If you keep it clean they to great extent will begin to leave you alone. Both Cops and Citizens. But the tickets if I reflected back have come from times like these when a Man wants to set up a tent and camp illegally because after five or six days in the rain you Just want to move into a tent a take up residents, Because it beats into your brain, It’s like an never ending telling of the Long rain A story from Ray Bradbury The Illustrated Man. Where the guy who’s been bitching about the rain for two days has become no bother because the noise of the rain, on your head  has deafened you anyways!
I am Just blessed It is Not Noah’s Day and we Are assured we will not have to again worry about a deluge, so it has to stop sooner or later no matter what the rest of these Tramps think! I Am Longing for Oregon for a River swollen to the breadth of her banks and teaming with fish waiting to be caught and thrown on some fire with a steamer full of rice and roots and tubers and all forms of wild manna. were the simple things like the right to have A fire are not ignored or Oppressed by Laws of man but embraced as part of a higher Law. So maybe its not the fish or the river or the tent that I desire in my heart I just want to be able to sit by a fire without being arrested. It is a simple thing really in my mind, that If you get Cold and wet from being in the rain for a week then you can just build a fire and warm up but that truly isn’t the way it works. People in many yards still have burn barrels in there yards and can burn their brush and trash in it which is great. But I tell you now if you stand a few homeless people around that burn barrel you will soon not have a burn barrel but an ordinance preventing it. I do not understand one thing though how is it that every homeless person I talk too is receiving food stamps and never cook a hot meal for themselves?  I have decided to not take the food stamps and that for myself because I know that if given the opportunity to buy food I would say forget the ticket I am cooking.
The one thing that plagues me about the whole thing is that people are so ready to lay down someone else’s rights at no thought for people at all, I mean when these places passed laws prohibiting, acts of survival Was everyone asleep did we just become accustomed to the way things are thought to be. and Have we ignored the way that things really are and for what. How not only in America, but anywhere in the world continue to stand by as city counsels and county commissioners, and Those who have established themselves as the law in this country have continued to pass these laws I would and do stand and say that any law that has been passed to the further oppression and the denigration of any people is an unjust law and should be overturned but most people do not know the reality of these laws and have never experienced any oppression from them so they continue everyday with their lives unaffected by them they can turn a blind eye and tell themselves it is of no effect. And they are right it is not, too them. The freedom for a man to sleep and for a man to warm Himself by a fire or shelter Himself from the storms of life are not freedoms that can be dictated to men by others and they are God given. only when we allow men to dictate to others what is the natural Human right of man . Are men deemed less than others and viewed as something rather than someone. And are then set upon with these laws. Unjust as They may be Only men Who are effected by them will ever say something about them as they effect a small percentage of us, it is as it has become and from here there is no turning back at least in my mind I will continue to build fires and I will cook for myself when I want It makes me feel like one of the global elites how could you not be when you because you are cold wet and hungry build a fire and cook some Chicken and dumplings down by the railroad which hasn’t been used in 25yrs and with the ticket a $4 Chicken and a $4 box of bisguick, and a dozen eggs, becomes a  $280 meal. Now that is living large!  We could have got out of the ticket, however If one of us had not claimed the fire we were going to lose the pot of dumplings. So my suggestion to most would be if you are homeless and want homemade chicken and dumplings, They are probably not as good as mine but they are for sure cheaper at the Ritz. My point anyway is Pay your tickets Because if I were not too I would not be given a ticket when caught in these compromising positions of lawlessness, I would be a criminal to not pay them, and I would be faced with arrest next time I got caught cooking and I will again get caught cooking, in some tramp camp somewhere. I by my own admission this day am an outlaw and plan on continuing my outlaw like ways. I will cook when and where I want. Just too let you all Know! and I might even build a fire when I have no intention of cooking just to sit by and think warm thoughts.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I wonder sometimes ?

1Th 5:1  But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.
1Th 5:2  For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.
1Th 5:3  For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.
1Th 5:4  But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.
1Th 5:5  Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.
1Th 5:6  Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.
1Th 5:7  For they that sleep sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night.
1Th 5:8  But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation.
1Th 5:9  For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,
1Th 5:10  Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him.
1Th 5:11  Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.
1Th 5:12  And we beseech you, brethren, to know them which labour among you, and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you;
1Th 5:13  And to esteem them very highly in love for their work's sake. And be at peace among yourselves.
1Th 5:14  Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men.
1Th 5:15  See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men.
1Th 5:16  Rejoice evermore.
1Th 5:17  Pray without ceasing.
1Th 5:18  In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
1Th 5:19  Quench not the Spirit.
1Th 5:20  Despise not prophesyings.
1Th 5:21  Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
1Th 5:22  Abstain from all appearance of evil.
1Th 5:23  And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ

Did the Church At That Time model Itself In this Manner or was He talking to a Church At some other time because Churches do Not seem to be teaching this. Well or any other doctrine of the Church that is to say the temple of men as spoke to in Thessalonica Because it was spoken to a Church set from those who walked with Him, and Who Had seen the purity Of the message. Of Living Together as One to being a Church and we cant even do that in communities of 200 when there are 3 different denominations and the communities have people falling thru the cracks as poverty creeps into the smallest of communities as Men of doctrines and denominations live, lives Devoid of one another calling themselves the Church, While the Church living a life full of one another, and their all to the abundance of All. Has as of yet Manifest itself while in troubled times smaller communities pull closer together but the rural since of community is long gone, Men do live lives of independence devoid of one another.
So Knowing this when The Church Poses to me a great falling away will come I say from the true Gospel of a Church Life Lived In A Real One mindedness. as a Community, never has there been a greater, falling away.

1Th 5:24  Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.
1Th 5:25  Brethren, pray for us.
1Th 5:26  Greet all the brethren with an holy kiss.
1Th 5:27  I charge you by the Lord that this epistle be read unto all the holy brethren.
1Th 5:28  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

For years I Have Looked For A Church That is Living This Way And Found That Church I was Looking For Was Me, It was for me to be from the very minute I was found believing all He Ye’shua Had given me he had , Given me the power to walk in the oneness of the true Children of God it is Just to Love in every moment in which you have and if you love others, and always all that are around you then His blessings flow so you can bless others.
I know That there is a Church Of People And They Truly Know that It is Their Fathers all that They Have, They begrudge No man no thing Of which He has Need That he Might live also to his fullness, But It is Just starting To Grow I see It Gods People Are beginning To place little value on that which is worldly in nature, and on that which is spiritual, Those Things Not Of the Flesh. They hold as True. And They are Praising God in all things if they are alone or with somebody God has them on there path to loving others and that is all they care for you can look at there fruits and I could give you a list of These Church’s because The people a see as the Church are ones that are in the living of it they have no church name they receive no tithes they receive no offering they give what they have there is no grand pulpit or glass tower or Cathedral built over their sanctuary Some of them Have No home other than their car Or their Truck, but they know that the church of the building is a thing of the past some however Yes Gods people cannot help but hold on to the building as a church and You hold on to that thought if It Is pleasing to you but Temples are being built all around you and you cant see them because they are built in the only place that can be separate from the world they are being built in the hearts and minds of men.
But what It was I said and what I do Wonder Most about is Where is outside the Church Because inside of the world I have looked and If it has Been transformed where might it be found, And In that I found it within me and others of you who are not afraid to speak the truth and to walk in what it is He is doing in us all.
But outside of all of you there is no Church We together and Together only can we be the Kingdom of God, The Kingdom is within, and the Kingdom Is at Hand.It Is with All and In All. So That we Have to Wonder no More. We Can Just Love Like The Living!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Do Men suffer From Your efforts? Or do you Know?

I have meet a lot of people On both twitter and Facebook and thru this blog Whom I have walked on eggshells trying not to give offence to I have explained How Their claims of wanting to help the homeless are simply that claims of wanting to help the homeless I have Posted Monies wasted in this effort and I have posted Those who are exploiting others I have at times used the names of these organizations and Now believe that I should Have just Put it in book form and myself profited from it as At least with a book. As I know That the blog post have accomplished nothing I have removed a few For that purpose I Guess what I am saying is I had Hoped that some of the things I said would have had more of an impact on the people who claim to be on the side of the homeless in the hopes of ending homelessness, yet people whom I have come too count as friends and people who I have been befriended by Who have asked of me at times where the problem lies in my opinion have continued on praising some of the very institutions that continue to profit from homelessness, So in that I am led to believe that those people who continued on are also of the desire to be the oppressors of the homeless for what reason I do not know but how one can comment too me my God thank you for asking where the money went We need to know And in the same day say independent of what they may have said to me in another forum or post , Praise this Person or this Organization For what they are doing. I am by most organizational web site administrators  Banned from posting on their sites and have been for sometimes many now don’t even ask people opinion of what they are doing and any response to them must be made in secret so I come here and tell people really look at what these people are doing and to no avail it is falling on death ears.
So things being as they are I will No longer at face value believe people to be a friend of the homeless, If you want to say you are a friend of the homeless than be one but be one in your actions and not just your words and if they are going to be your words let them be your words because you standing behind someone who is exploiting me makes you no friend of mine. and it makes you no friend of the homeless. I am sorry if any are offended but please And I have asked this before look into the people who you think are helping and do not be fooled that they have housed a few people see what the criteria Is for helping see if they are selective in who they chose to help are they only helping those most likely to succeed, Those with the best chance of Making it with a little help Look at there numbers for The Sake Of God and quit Looking at their Tweets and there claims Look at what it is they are actually doing and I will tell you if you do you will find these people are not doing what they claim.
I could claim to be housing people and if I chose to help only one of 1000 that come to me for help because they had the best chance what am I doing. If you say we are going to help these people but you truly Help,  only a subgroup of them are you helping them or yourselves and The big Question that People are refusing To ask any of these Groups is Will you open your books to us Because I can tell you now only 3 out of 3746 help organizations in this country that were asked to do that very thing has in the last 6 months refused. So tell me are you all in your refusal to look into these organizations for yourself or are you so entrenched in your belief  that they are helping because they say they are that you just believe that what you do plays no part in what they do, Look I know you are good people You are helping because you have Good hearts because you are who you are and for that God bless you I pray also He opens your eyes You can look at almost any board of any help organization in this country and tell should we be helping this person if they are a eugenicist, or a Social Engineer, or a person who has made billions of dollars from low income housing or made millions from public grants and brags that this is how money is distributed. If you do not take it upon yourselves To look into who’s praises you are going to sing Than you deserve to be accounted to the oppression of a people the impoverished will suffer also at your hand.
I pray it be not so with those of you I know are doing it for the reason of where your heart is but for you do not continue to serve those who are doing it because of where their pockets are. Because of many of their dealings people suffer every night in this country.
But I as Posting this very discussion over again have come to believe it is not ever going to happen that those of you on the front lines of the war on homelessness. will suffer the greatest loss because as I have seen it happen over and over again for over 2 decades the people that are homeless are at times the worse Because they will sing the praises of anyone who gets them out of this life, They would often sing praises of the devil Himself if he came bearing a home and a fresh start. The only reason He would be able to come bearing these gifts by the way is because Gods Children are not. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Can Always Hope.

Welcome To San Francisco the city which the homeless have destroyed Over the last 20 yrs. of being homeless I have watched as the homeless population has been given An opportunity to build for themselves a life in a wonderful beautiful city where they by the citizens have for the most part been accepted and cared for this is a city where you can always get something to eat always get clothes and always find transportation.
Having to travel from the north bay to the south bay to see go to a clinic that is at best until I jump thru a hoop not going to in any way see me I had to start my travels fairly early because I wanted to go and check out some of the old haunts I now remember why I am an rural dweller and not a city dweller this city is disrespected by almost every homeless person on its streets they have piled trash from it top to its bottom from High On Mt Tam To the Bay and beyond. It to me shows the hopelessness of their plight.
Where has gone the pride is what I ask it seems that People are both friendly and Cordial to myself and it is obvious that I am also homeless but I think being me I have respect for myself and it become a simple thing to try to respect others, It is not so with many here that has become perfectly clear. I run into an old friend early He was still doing The Same thing he has been doing for years waking up every morning and walking around town picking up trash He is a good man The thing is He grew up here and His Mom is the Only person He has Left in this world Now while He could chose to live with her He doesn’t he lives outside like myself And He has no grand aspirations to be anyone other than who He is. I am glad I run into Him I am going to bring dinner stuff To his camp soon and we will make a day of it He is camped where he has been now for some years and I know that He has simply lived this way and not been bothered for who He is He keeps His little part of the world Immaculate when you walk into His camp you are suddenly upon it because there is not a scrap of paper that blazes the trail and There are not a string of beer bottles along the path nor any signs pointing the way and all of a sudden you are standing in His living room. You can see His obvious respect for his community and I am sure because of where it is citizens that Hike and walk there dogs have happened upon Him and have never seen room for complaint because they too have seen it.
So you see Not every story or person who endures this life out here is the same and in some of those lives I take great pride in knowing that there are those that can live this life with dignity and then there are those that with great shame I am faced and this shame comes not from the way they live but with the very hope that has gone from their lives to have driven them so far into lives of desperation that they just don’t care for anything but merely to survive. Because I know that lives like mine are not driven in desperation while others are and I cry out hoping for them more, That hope in them might be reborn. But that can only come from others who begin to recognize that they are worthy of their acknowledgement. Because that is the reason for their hope that has been lost They where treated in ways that made them give up I and Steve and others I know like my friend Have never given up not because we are stronger or because we are more so filled with any special gift or blessings but because we have come to realize that hope does not come from others hope is something that if even amongst ourselves only, can be nurtured. Thru the faith that all men will one day be recognized as having value. Or maybe it is because we are just more used to this life and have come to respect it and what is has to offer never asking for more but being thankful for what it has given either way. I see again this Day that The Lord God Goes Before Me And blesses me in all that I am And do.
So I guess in the end The best way for anyone to combat homelessness is for everyone to face it as it is and Not to try to change the person who is homeless but to first restore their hope and to restore their dignity and their pride. to treat them as part of the community and to serve them and you will find that they are Human and are willing to serve others and together we can step into the Human race do not look at the homeless as those living hopeless helpless lives look at them as people who need help restoring their hope. It is not something that can be put into a plan of action we can not say Let us combat this homeless problem let us put all these people in houses that will take care of this problem, Instead lets begin to combat homelessness on its very basic level lets start combating homelessness with the homeless person and not the homeless problem.
But I live in a dream because I know That without great awareness Men will never say in this life It is ok for that cold tired hungry person to be free to seek refuge in our cities and our back yards and under our bridges and by our streams so the homeless will continue to be Run from one spot of comfort to another and Nothing will change. Because society will never accept those who are without hope as being anything more than hopeless.
But I can always Hope! Because My Hope is not in Men!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

God Is Good

Greyhound service because of a woman who for some reason decided to answer the call of the spirit she blessed Me and I am telling you she redeemed  the law in my eye’s for every cop that has harassed me to the ends of the earth for Her I will understand you in what you do she had the most I coarsely jested about it to a friend and owe Her the woman officer Morris apology for the jest because she out of the goodness of her person blessed me. so I am right at this moment between Modesto and Oakland and then on to north and south bay san Francisco posting this from the best greyhound bus ever, One that is Wi-Fi capable its an awesome Bus see in that act she Redeemed Her coworkers, and gray hound because This is service and greyhound is still greyhound All there service is not this good. even a friendly driver.
Officer thank you, I Know going to the bay area for any reason when homeless if you are truly not invisible people most of the time sleeping and laying and sitting becomes a chore in the bay so I will keep her in mind funny thing is Stockton is California's per capita crime capitol in all most I believe all violent crime. at least murder and being in a war zone and having a very difficult job treating Me  with the kind of respect she did.and the bay area a liberal city wasting so much on homeless law enforcement and I understand their problems also because there are also homeless people here it is a big city that are themselves an issue often who deserve the harassment or are at least made in some way to reap what they sow with there stupidity. but they are the bay area police sometimes unable to judge trouble from survival which differentiates it self in many communities, I do Not have reason to Go Back to Stockton So I will keep the officer in my prayers and ask that all you do also because she is protecting, a deserves protection and I to tell you the truth almost can’t tell you but would have said of  my own opinion that she was a believer. And Am curious. I did tell Her God bless you sister, as the Lord instructed to great all as sister or brother.
It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,


I Blog Because!!!

It may be Hard for some of you too understand Especially those of you whom have become readers of this Blog, And I don’t want anyone to misunderstand what I am saying when I say I am In Fear that I may Wake Up one Day and Be like The rest of the world where the only thing that matters to me is material things.
I am afraid that I too may wake up one day and Go out into the world, And Just be another Man That Is afraid To look a less fortunate person than myself in the eye because He may have need of my stuff, Money Food Clothes That kind of stuff and I might just walk by and not even acknowledge Him. I may Forget The blessings I have been Given Out Here, I blog Because this Is Who I have become and I am in no way ashamed of it My shame would come if I where To try to become something I am Not, so I tell the story Of who I am In the hope that I might find one person who hears and understands it is what I am And what I must do and I have no regrets, But I do fear that If I do not continue to do It, I will be less of a person and I will have then become a failure At what God has Given Me. As My life is I am a blessed Man I will share with you yesterday for an example, I had not asked anyone for anything and I was Offered by a man on His way to get a beer at the local quick stop, and as I have not drank in many years I declined. on His return He had me walk with Him to the neighborhood roach coach who by the way has the best Mexican food I have ever ate, And when Eating my lunch I was informed by another that I have A charge account at this Restaurant on wheels, one that is being paid by others Who have went to Him and gave Him money and told Him anytime I want something to eat the Money is there, That Is The Hand of God In a Mans Life.
I will Not pretend that It is because of anything I have done or Could do, it is because He is The one from Whom all blessings flow, He blessed Me In this, About a week ago A man Stopped Me and I just witnessed to someone else that He gave Me money and I said God Bless you sir He responded God has Nothing to do with this I don’t even Believe In God, I told Him that’s Ok He must Believe In you He Just Used you to bless one of His Own. He Just Laughed at me And Now stops To Talk to me and Reads this Blog and I Know That God Used Him Even In His unbelief.
For all the Men I meet Who would Visit upon me cruel words or actions I also meet Men and Women That enrich my life, and Give unto me strength and Hope enough for all. I can tell you one and all as many have inquired as to me moving inside and once again becoming a housed person It will never Happen for me It is Not My Hope and Not part of Gods Plan I only wish to Keep the predators at bay when It comes to the rest of my homeless brothers and sisters out here on the street. I want to be the one out here standing in the Gap for in many of their lives there is no one else to give them the voice and the face of Humanity that they deserve I am At the very core of my being a Houseless man And I want people of every walk of Life to see beyond that And see I am also one of them, A human and someone deserving of every Devine right as any other Man. No Matter what I do from this day forward God will provide all my needs and all of yours no matter who you are If you walk in this Spirit, There is nothing In this earth you might possess it is all Gods Stuff From your big fine house too the air you breath. It is only yours to use And I contend If Men continue to use Gods Stuff In such A greedy Manner He will soon Take all the stuff He has Given Back from man and The only thing That Man will be left with Is the Dust which Comprises His very Vessel, And In the End We will all find we are by Creation Just Little Piles of Dirt Wondering around this Big Pile of Dirt.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

People’s View Of The Homeless VS The Truth!!!

I am Fully Aware Of the General Publics View Of homeless people, It is something That I deal With Daily, Many people say to me I Choose this Life and I should deal with it, Many say I don’t feel sorry for you You put yourself in this position, I have been told I am useless I have been told I am lazy and shiftless and I am no good and I Deserve what I get, A loser A no good washed up drunk and drug addict. That after having Not drank In over 14yrs and having been clean for almost as many. There is scarcely any degradation I have not faced at the Hand of others.
I have often faced both verbal and physical abuse from my fellow Human being because like it as not I am often viewed as less than Human By others. I have been spat on by an elderly Man, and beat'n to unconciousness, by a pack of thugs, This is the reality of homelessness and those that live it, I however did not chose this life at no point in my past did I ever say I am going to go out today, and I am going to be homeless and I Am not ever going to look back, I am going to stay that way. The thing most people are offended by, is that as each man has to make peace with Himself, and with the truth’s he find’s pertinent in his life.
I have made peace with my life, I have accepted who I now am and I have found that no matter what others think of me I will continue on in this peace and will be who I am, I in my acceptance of me have been truly set free, of the burdens of this world and It both Frightens and creates envy in those who do not see me as their equal, and this only feeds their fear of me, and that is why I know in my heart that so many men and women. Find it easy too view me in the manner they do it is not because I am what they project on me but because I am what they wish they could be I am happy and at peace with me, I am A homeless King and an Heir to A great Kingdom and Can in Know way be swayed from this truth.
I have no need of what others have Because I know it is God who has created every living breathing and inanimate thing that there is on this earth. and He will supply my every need,  And there is no thing I can do To make me more Loved By Him than already I am. He loves me as much as Bill Gates or any Rothschild or any Sheik Or any King Or any Man of Any Land. I am His Child And It Is To Him All My Praise will Be Given. I will never Praise Any Man for His earthly Efforts, I will not stand with them and say what we are doing, this competition of ours this greed and this battle to have it all, is our purpose in life I will not make excuses that We do this for the betterment of mankind when it is for the furtherance of self. I will not say It is so we might all have riches and glory by our labors. For I have seen the truth Men of Riches only Glory in themselves and what they may accomplish.
Forever Belittling what has already been accomplished in their steed, By Christ Jesus the one and only Savior Of the World. I am where I am because I am no Part of the world, I am Part of the family of Man and I can Be no richer than I am This Day.
I love and want the same for every man woman and Child That is On this Planet the Earth I want for them The same Spirit That Was On the Face Of the Deep when the world was Void and without form I want for them To return to the Garden Of the Most High and Holy Creator of us all. I want man To come to the realization That we Are each and everyone Connected By this Spirit. For as long as there are Men Like Me That Suffer at the Hand of Mans worldly Ways It is My calling By God to stand Apart from the object Of their suffering and To stand With them For Sons of God will Suffer Or prosper Together Why should I not suffer My suffering is nothing When there Are Children in other parts of the earth Are lucky To see Food. And daily Are confronted with those who would visit violence On them, For this race Too riches and Glory. Why should I be comforted when There are those Children of His Who have been burned from their homes and are forced into servitude (slavery) and starvation for the greed that drives men toward The glory of other Men.
I will Be Happy My Lot As no other because I know there is One Who has Bore my burden For Me, and I will not unequally yolk myself To those who Only believe To a point of self sacrifice. I will not Drive who I have Become back towards Who I was Because I Have been Given Peace, I am A Blessed Man, I do not ask Others To Believe I only ask Be not Giving Of yourselves To the system that Is The furtherance of the oppression of others. Separate yourselves from the world in what manner you find fit but separate yourselves. Keep His Commandments The greatest of these being Love. Giving praise always for the Grace and Mercy, That has with all your blessings Been afforded To you
And to This Homeless Life Which Is Who I am Do Not Grieve Or Feel Pity For Me, When You Look at Me Or others Like Me See a Man See Hope And see What Could be any other Man. I have Said Before See A Son A father A Brother A Sister A Mother A Daughter, See A Child Of the Creator Of Us all.   See A Human Being!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Will you be of the World Like This Church?

No matter who you are; No matter where you are on your path of spiritual development; you are welcome here!
The above Passage Was Taken from the web page of Holy Cross United Methodist Church In Stockton, CA Please Visit there Web Page
While it sounds Good and Is in it’s very primes What it means to be a Christian Church And Followers Of the Most High God And Servants Of Jesus Christ Our Lord It Is I tell you A Lie As purposed by those who have used it It for what Ever reason one might Imagine simply Something That They Are saying and not something they practice. I Say this as A man Whom Yesterday evening on the eve of the Sabbath Of My Lord Jesus Christ, Was After sunset sitting On the porch taking My evening meal As I in my walk At times often Draw close to the Lord in this manner I sit In Church Yards and On Church Porches And take My evening Meal Just me and the Lord.
I was Approached by an older Couple from the church I had seen the Gentleman Coming up the walk checking the doors and I hailed Him and said to Him don’t let me Scare you I am Eating my dinner Over Here, to which He replied You aren’t supposed to be here, Ok I said Is it alright if I finish my dinner Before I leave. To this He replied Yes But when Your done I suggest you get Out of Here.
I was Offended By His Last statement to me but said Nothing I stopped eating and Prayed again Lord Give Me Strength.Then I went Back to my meal, A few minutes Later, Matter of seconds really Him and The Lady He was with Came back out the walk and She calls To me Your not supposed to be here This Is A Church And a school. I was Aware of this as I was On the Porch of the School Part of the Church, But it was Late in the evening on towards 9pm and I was where I was Because they were Having a meeting of some kind in the Church sanctuary and I didn’t want to disturb them having to step over me and all when they came out so I chose what I thought to be a out of the way place.
In any Case I replied Yes Mam that’s why I am here it is My fathers house And where I am most comfortable eating my dinner, To which she replied Huh.while walking away her and the man, Now I had Lost my appetite and Decided to Just Go before I was Led to Gift them with the truth’s pertaining to the spirit Of God and The Gifts Of His mercy and Grace And the true Purpose of the Church and the Devine right of the children of God To draw Neigh unto Him On the Sabbath Evening any where and at all cost to their very person that is to say this vessel which Holds What is dear Unto Him. But Things had Not at that time lead Me in that Direction.
I Just Left and I through The rest of My dinner in The trash and That is the only thing I am sorry for because I could have given it to the guy panhandling that I ran into at Walgreens drug less than a block from the Building which in the spirit of Lies and usury has Taken it upon themselves to Hold hostage my Lord and My Saviors Name and present themselves as the representatives of His Here on this Earth The building calling itself a Church, Which Is so far From a Church Of the God I serve, The God of The Holy Bible And Creator Of all mankind. 
And It Is This deceptive Spirit Which I have Fought For years In My walk As a Son Of God. For me it is only a simple thing to look and often I am told by People Go to Church You need to And My question Is to All Including The people Of this Pretend Church Of God, I Ask Why That I might also Become Like them Or that I might Become like those That you worship with I say you are deceived and because You have never Had to test the spirit Of those with whom you worship, because in almost all cases As I have been run off of more church porches While eating or sleeping or sitting out of the rain, Than ever you can imagine As Long as men and women continue to cast their lot in with Church’s like this one there will Never be A True Church Outside of the temple of man.That is this Flesh. Because It is in this Spirit That Satan Has Molded the Church calling Itself the body Of Christ into His greatest tool.
But in that being said I will for this Church In particular Be in prayer For I know the Power Of God And I know the Power Of His Mercy And The Power Of His Grace For unto Me did He Freely Give This Mercy And This Grace When I was In so Much More Darkness Than They. I only Hope That It Is Given unto them the Spirit Of Truth and That They Might repent Of their Sins Against God For Today The Kingdom Of heaven Is At Hand and we as men and women Need To see the truth Of the world and our actions in it While We are in the world Our Only Sin would Be to Act in this same Manner and Be worldly as the rest . For while In the World It is only what we do That makes us Of the World.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who Cried Unto God, Was It You ? or was It who You thought you might Become?

It is to me a simple thing that We find Ourselves In the Position we are In as a whole In todays Society, We are As Men and women Living Lives Of independence and it has Been given to us from training we received as a child and Throughout our lives from Childhood forth as being freedom we were sold the Idea of freedom as being independence a lie from the father Of all lies in this receiving of this teaching We have By Our very nature became what we were not intended to be, We oft at times claim Christianity in my case and various religions in others to affront our actions. We claim to live our lives for God and we have far removed Him from us.
God Is simply whom we call on in times of need a figure of our failure and object of our desire yet We forego The very principles by which He instructed us to live. I have been to Church a couple times as of late because I am often confronted by those of the faith That say to me You need the fellowship with those of a like mind you need to be around your brothers and sisters in Christ, And I have from many accepted this often to be truth in and of itself, I have been told by others That We are unlike the rest We accept Men openly In our Church. We hold None Higher Than any, And I tell you I have often put this to the test And I have yet to find A church that has not failed.
I being who I am, Often As it is Am faced with the truth that Men Unlike The God they Serve are Respecters of persons and differentiate from one individual too the next as I am Held In less esteem than man of A higher stature in life. I have experienced it often and I have often Prayed for those in whom have made this error. So You know as to why I say In my profile, I am A 50 yr old Christian Who doesn’t go to Church Because Myself and The Christ are not welcome there. This Is the truth No matter What those of you in the church believe. It is as it is, and There is nothing that we can do to change the church what we can do is change the vessel of worship that is man For Christ Himself did through his apostles speak to us of this very thing being where He might be found, and it was not in the church.
Act 17:22  Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars' hill, and said, Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious.
Act 17:23  For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you.
Act 17:24  God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands;
Act 17:25  Neither is worshipped with men's hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things;
Act 17:26  And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;
Act 17:27  That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us:
Act 17:28  For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.
Act 17:29  Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man's device.
Act 17:30  And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent:

So I say To you all, Seek God In His spirit and find Him where You may For the time is short, And It is for all to seek Him while He might be found. I have found that I might daily walk with God If I allow myself to be open to Him and I do Not at anytime have need of a Church I am And You are The Church A temple were God Might Dwell so Forsake Not the assembling Of yourselves together But in this very thing be aware of who It is you assemble yourselves with You may Very well be in the assembly of believers under a bridge by the freeway as a glass cathedral. I was afforded finding God When I was At my lowest and I found that He accepted me as I was and I am not given to the pretext that there is anything about me that he does not accept Because when I called on Him he took the desires of the flesh from me and it is only I that can continue to Chase and try to attain them, For what I have is what He has given me anything else is for the approval of men for you see I serve a God who has already approved of me and Paid in blood So I no longer need prove myself to any.
And You see That Is why I can stand before You all and with the utmost confidence say I am A blessed Man. In Him can no Man By His efforts Improve upon Who he is We are what God paid For in Blood and that a Gift Of God To believe any man Can be a better Man Is to deny that Gift. As Children of the Most High God We are what He Loves There is No reshaping that and There is no Church outside of me that can Be the place in which He choose to dwell. In walking with Him I might be transformed from this Body Of death Unto this Spirit Of God A Son And An Heir To His Promise.
Be blessed Church Right Where you Are Be blessed.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Homeless man dies of Natural Causes? or does He?

I was Blessed to have Meet a Man Who showed a genuine interest in me as a person he was an anomaly amongst men, And I say that to no offense of others or say it not meaning offense. It is not often that Homeless people run into others who will look them in the eye let alone hold a conversation with them.
I recently Read an article About a homeless person who had died This person was a friend, so maybe I am biased but he was said to have died from exposure, some who read this may remember me blogging about it others may not.
I have since that time read many articals on this subject in the past week I have failed to post on this blog and have been somewhat of a recluse and withdrawn from my friends and others whom I interact with on a regular basis, the reason being is because I have become somewhat obsessed with the deaths of the homeless people whom in a lot of cases I have been where they are and may have meet them briefly or as likely may have not. What Obsessed me in most cases it in the matter of a persons death was ruled by local coroners. As being attributed to natural causes.
I am today writing this because I wish to challenge that very primes There is absolutely nothing natural about the death of a homeless person. For A person to Lay down under a bridge to sleep and never wake up, or for a person to drink Himself to a state of slumber and to be called home while he slept, Is no more natural to a man, woman or child Than is falling out of the sky in a plane full of fellow travelers it is not natural and for anyone to accept this from their county coroner and never question it is apathy.
I see homelessness differently than most people as I have been homeless for a long time I do at times judge others because of there views of homeless people, And my judgment often comes from my inability to make others see homeless people as Human beings first and foremost. It has just recently come to me as a realization I can’t make anyone view us in anyway except the way in which they choose. Some people are destined to always view homeless people as less than Human and it is to those people that I plead with my blog and my life,it is to those that simply have never bothered to get to know someone who is homeless. To those that may refuse to look the homeless man on the corner in the eye, to the person That crosses the street to avoid the homeless man by the corner store every morning. To all of you I plead that you change something in you that makes you want to go by that corner and say good morning to this person.Change something that makes you see us as Human Because it is my contention that Men don’t die naturally from homelessness, they die from broken hearts and lack of Human contact. they Die out here my friends because they see it no longer matters to anyone outside themselves if they live.
So In what I contend I shift the responsibility of a person dying on the streets to the lives of everyone who may have driven by them on the corner or seen them in front of the corner store anyone who didn’t have enough courage to step outside themselves and even say hello to them. I shift the responsibility to each and everyone of us. we are the reasons that men die on the streets in this world. it was Our inability to speak up for them and to say to our church’s and our Governments and our families and our friends it is Enough we must do something We are responsible in that we have failed and have given over to apathy and said we must give others money so that it becomes their problem and not ours we continued to go to Church’s that say we give to the local mission. it is now where we send them.
We are at fault, and that is all of us as a whole, I do not exclude myself I am at fault because as a homeless man I have for years refused to stand up and say pay attention to us I have stood by and watched the homeless struggle and Not plead their cause.
But that I can change I can now say enough Hear us see us and don’t let us die out here. and Remember You all this There is No such thing as the natural death of a homeless Human Being.