Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Sunday, March 6, 2011

People’s View Of The Homeless VS The Truth!!!

I am Fully Aware Of the General Publics View Of homeless people, It is something That I deal With Daily, Many people say to me I Choose this Life and I should deal with it, Many say I don’t feel sorry for you You put yourself in this position, I have been told I am useless I have been told I am lazy and shiftless and I am no good and I Deserve what I get, A loser A no good washed up drunk and drug addict. That after having Not drank In over 14yrs and having been clean for almost as many. There is scarcely any degradation I have not faced at the Hand of others.
I have often faced both verbal and physical abuse from my fellow Human being because like it as not I am often viewed as less than Human By others. I have been spat on by an elderly Man, and beat'n to unconciousness, by a pack of thugs, This is the reality of homelessness and those that live it, I however did not chose this life at no point in my past did I ever say I am going to go out today, and I am going to be homeless and I Am not ever going to look back, I am going to stay that way. The thing most people are offended by, is that as each man has to make peace with Himself, and with the truth’s he find’s pertinent in his life.
I have made peace with my life, I have accepted who I now am and I have found that no matter what others think of me I will continue on in this peace and will be who I am, I in my acceptance of me have been truly set free, of the burdens of this world and It both Frightens and creates envy in those who do not see me as their equal, and this only feeds their fear of me, and that is why I know in my heart that so many men and women. Find it easy too view me in the manner they do it is not because I am what they project on me but because I am what they wish they could be I am happy and at peace with me, I am A homeless King and an Heir to A great Kingdom and Can in Know way be swayed from this truth.
I have no need of what others have Because I know it is God who has created every living breathing and inanimate thing that there is on this earth. and He will supply my every need,  And there is no thing I can do To make me more Loved By Him than already I am. He loves me as much as Bill Gates or any Rothschild or any Sheik Or any King Or any Man of Any Land. I am His Child And It Is To Him All My Praise will Be Given. I will never Praise Any Man for His earthly Efforts, I will not stand with them and say what we are doing, this competition of ours this greed and this battle to have it all, is our purpose in life I will not make excuses that We do this for the betterment of mankind when it is for the furtherance of self. I will not say It is so we might all have riches and glory by our labors. For I have seen the truth Men of Riches only Glory in themselves and what they may accomplish.
Forever Belittling what has already been accomplished in their steed, By Christ Jesus the one and only Savior Of the World. I am where I am because I am no Part of the world, I am Part of the family of Man and I can Be no richer than I am This Day.
I love and want the same for every man woman and Child That is On this Planet the Earth I want for them The same Spirit That Was On the Face Of the Deep when the world was Void and without form I want for them To return to the Garden Of the Most High and Holy Creator of us all. I want man To come to the realization That we Are each and everyone Connected By this Spirit. For as long as there are Men Like Me That Suffer at the Hand of Mans worldly Ways It is My calling By God to stand Apart from the object Of their suffering and To stand With them For Sons of God will Suffer Or prosper Together Why should I not suffer My suffering is nothing When there Are Children in other parts of the earth Are lucky To see Food. And daily Are confronted with those who would visit violence On them, For this race Too riches and Glory. Why should I be comforted when There are those Children of His Who have been burned from their homes and are forced into servitude (slavery) and starvation for the greed that drives men toward The glory of other Men.
I will Be Happy My Lot As no other because I know there is One Who has Bore my burden For Me, and I will not unequally yolk myself To those who Only believe To a point of self sacrifice. I will not Drive who I have Become back towards Who I was Because I Have been Given Peace, I am A Blessed Man, I do not ask Others To Believe I only ask Be not Giving Of yourselves To the system that Is The furtherance of the oppression of others. Separate yourselves from the world in what manner you find fit but separate yourselves. Keep His Commandments The greatest of these being Love. Giving praise always for the Grace and Mercy, That has with all your blessings Been afforded To you
And to This Homeless Life Which Is Who I am Do Not Grieve Or Feel Pity For Me, When You Look at Me Or others Like Me See a Man See Hope And see What Could be any other Man. I have Said Before See A Son A father A Brother A Sister A Mother A Daughter, See A Child Of the Creator Of Us all.   See A Human Being!!

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