Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Living Like I am At the Ritz!

Now I understand what comes of me always having to pay off the camping tickets, That other homeless people think I am crazy for paying, But the thing is If you don’t pay the tickets you then become a reason to perpetrate the stories about the homeless same reason, as to pick up trash wherever I go because Of the stigma of living like a pig in river bottom. If you keep it clean they to great extent will begin to leave you alone. Both Cops and Citizens. But the tickets if I reflected back have come from times like these when a Man wants to set up a tent and camp illegally because after five or six days in the rain you Just want to move into a tent a take up residents, Because it beats into your brain, It’s like an never ending telling of the Long rain A story from Ray Bradbury The Illustrated Man. Where the guy who’s been bitching about the rain for two days has become no bother because the noise of the rain, on your head  has deafened you anyways!
I am Just blessed It is Not Noah’s Day and we Are assured we will not have to again worry about a deluge, so it has to stop sooner or later no matter what the rest of these Tramps think! I Am Longing for Oregon for a River swollen to the breadth of her banks and teaming with fish waiting to be caught and thrown on some fire with a steamer full of rice and roots and tubers and all forms of wild manna. were the simple things like the right to have A fire are not ignored or Oppressed by Laws of man but embraced as part of a higher Law. So maybe its not the fish or the river or the tent that I desire in my heart I just want to be able to sit by a fire without being arrested. It is a simple thing really in my mind, that If you get Cold and wet from being in the rain for a week then you can just build a fire and warm up but that truly isn’t the way it works. People in many yards still have burn barrels in there yards and can burn their brush and trash in it which is great. But I tell you now if you stand a few homeless people around that burn barrel you will soon not have a burn barrel but an ordinance preventing it. I do not understand one thing though how is it that every homeless person I talk too is receiving food stamps and never cook a hot meal for themselves?  I have decided to not take the food stamps and that for myself because I know that if given the opportunity to buy food I would say forget the ticket I am cooking.
The one thing that plagues me about the whole thing is that people are so ready to lay down someone else’s rights at no thought for people at all, I mean when these places passed laws prohibiting, acts of survival Was everyone asleep did we just become accustomed to the way things are thought to be. and Have we ignored the way that things really are and for what. How not only in America, but anywhere in the world continue to stand by as city counsels and county commissioners, and Those who have established themselves as the law in this country have continued to pass these laws I would and do stand and say that any law that has been passed to the further oppression and the denigration of any people is an unjust law and should be overturned but most people do not know the reality of these laws and have never experienced any oppression from them so they continue everyday with their lives unaffected by them they can turn a blind eye and tell themselves it is of no effect. And they are right it is not, too them. The freedom for a man to sleep and for a man to warm Himself by a fire or shelter Himself from the storms of life are not freedoms that can be dictated to men by others and they are God given. only when we allow men to dictate to others what is the natural Human right of man . Are men deemed less than others and viewed as something rather than someone. And are then set upon with these laws. Unjust as They may be Only men Who are effected by them will ever say something about them as they effect a small percentage of us, it is as it has become and from here there is no turning back at least in my mind I will continue to build fires and I will cook for myself when I want It makes me feel like one of the global elites how could you not be when you because you are cold wet and hungry build a fire and cook some Chicken and dumplings down by the railroad which hasn’t been used in 25yrs and with the ticket a $4 Chicken and a $4 box of bisguick, and a dozen eggs, becomes a  $280 meal. Now that is living large!  We could have got out of the ticket, however If one of us had not claimed the fire we were going to lose the pot of dumplings. So my suggestion to most would be if you are homeless and want homemade chicken and dumplings, They are probably not as good as mine but they are for sure cheaper at the Ritz. My point anyway is Pay your tickets Because if I were not too I would not be given a ticket when caught in these compromising positions of lawlessness, I would be a criminal to not pay them, and I would be faced with arrest next time I got caught cooking and I will again get caught cooking, in some tramp camp somewhere. I by my own admission this day am an outlaw and plan on continuing my outlaw like ways. I will cook when and where I want. Just too let you all Know! and I might even build a fire when I have no intention of cooking just to sit by and think warm thoughts.

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  1. Joseph~ I love the Shit out of ya! Go get em tiger! Little Angel in vegas, Miss you so much.


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