Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Will you be of the World Like This Church?

No matter who you are; No matter where you are on your path of spiritual development; you are welcome here!
The above Passage Was Taken from the web page of Holy Cross United Methodist Church In Stockton, CA Please Visit there Web Page
While it sounds Good and Is in it’s very primes What it means to be a Christian Church And Followers Of the Most High God And Servants Of Jesus Christ Our Lord It Is I tell you A Lie As purposed by those who have used it It for what Ever reason one might Imagine simply Something That They Are saying and not something they practice. I Say this as A man Whom Yesterday evening on the eve of the Sabbath Of My Lord Jesus Christ, Was After sunset sitting On the porch taking My evening meal As I in my walk At times often Draw close to the Lord in this manner I sit In Church Yards and On Church Porches And take My evening Meal Just me and the Lord.
I was Approached by an older Couple from the church I had seen the Gentleman Coming up the walk checking the doors and I hailed Him and said to Him don’t let me Scare you I am Eating my dinner Over Here, to which He replied You aren’t supposed to be here, Ok I said Is it alright if I finish my dinner Before I leave. To this He replied Yes But when Your done I suggest you get Out of Here.
I was Offended By His Last statement to me but said Nothing I stopped eating and Prayed again Lord Give Me Strength.Then I went Back to my meal, A few minutes Later, Matter of seconds really Him and The Lady He was with Came back out the walk and She calls To me Your not supposed to be here This Is A Church And a school. I was Aware of this as I was On the Porch of the School Part of the Church, But it was Late in the evening on towards 9pm and I was where I was Because they were Having a meeting of some kind in the Church sanctuary and I didn’t want to disturb them having to step over me and all when they came out so I chose what I thought to be a out of the way place.
In any Case I replied Yes Mam that’s why I am here it is My fathers house And where I am most comfortable eating my dinner, To which she replied Huh.while walking away her and the man, Now I had Lost my appetite and Decided to Just Go before I was Led to Gift them with the truth’s pertaining to the spirit Of God and The Gifts Of His mercy and Grace And the true Purpose of the Church and the Devine right of the children of God To draw Neigh unto Him On the Sabbath Evening any where and at all cost to their very person that is to say this vessel which Holds What is dear Unto Him. But Things had Not at that time lead Me in that Direction.
I Just Left and I through The rest of My dinner in The trash and That is the only thing I am sorry for because I could have given it to the guy panhandling that I ran into at Walgreens drug less than a block from the Building which in the spirit of Lies and usury has Taken it upon themselves to Hold hostage my Lord and My Saviors Name and present themselves as the representatives of His Here on this Earth The building calling itself a Church, Which Is so far From a Church Of the God I serve, The God of The Holy Bible And Creator Of all mankind. 
And It Is This deceptive Spirit Which I have Fought For years In My walk As a Son Of God. For me it is only a simple thing to look and often I am told by People Go to Church You need to And My question Is to All Including The people Of this Pretend Church Of God, I Ask Why That I might also Become Like them Or that I might Become like those That you worship with I say you are deceived and because You have never Had to test the spirit Of those with whom you worship, because in almost all cases As I have been run off of more church porches While eating or sleeping or sitting out of the rain, Than ever you can imagine As Long as men and women continue to cast their lot in with Church’s like this one there will Never be A True Church Outside of the temple of man.That is this Flesh. Because It is in this Spirit That Satan Has Molded the Church calling Itself the body Of Christ into His greatest tool.
But in that being said I will for this Church In particular Be in prayer For I know the Power Of God And I know the Power Of His Mercy And The Power Of His Grace For unto Me did He Freely Give This Mercy And This Grace When I was In so Much More Darkness Than They. I only Hope That It Is Given unto them the Spirit Of Truth and That They Might repent Of their Sins Against God For Today The Kingdom Of heaven Is At Hand and we as men and women Need To see the truth Of the world and our actions in it While We are in the world Our Only Sin would Be to Act in this same Manner and Be worldly as the rest . For while In the World It is only what we do That makes us Of the World.

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