Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Friday, March 25, 2011

I wish Above All Things I was wrong!

It appears to me to be painfully clear that The Homeless problem In America and To my best guess almost any other country on the face of the planet that has the problem, Is Not Please Hear Me Is Not Ever Going To be solved!
Some of you may be saying your so negative you are so cynical, and I will be Honest with you on this very subject yes I am, I have Been blessed with a up close and a personal view of this very thing.
I hold No great delusions on the subject nor am I burdened any longer by Things I do not Know on the subject. Some of you may Be saying What do you possibly know of the subject. I have said It before and will say it again I am If by any standard of knowledge of the subject I can say with great confidence one of the few of the worlds foremost experts on the subjects. If it was a stand alone subject in the social field I would have a doctorate, I have studied both the homeless and societies interaction with Us for More years than almost anyone voicing an opinion on the subject.
Why is there nothing being done about the homeless subject ? I have the answer! what Is it we could do in the field to get something done ? I have the answer ! What Is the best way to help the Homeless ? I have the Answer ! What is it you want to know about the homeless situation in America ? I have the answer! Or I can Get It For you! What Is it that Keeps anything from being done I will tell you the answer, No one In the Homeless Help field Respects the opinion of the homeless,  They truly believe that they can help the homeless and never listen to them and give there opinions values and beliefs any heed. and that is Not possible. I Know there are people and I said People out there who are doing Good things and acts of kindness for the homeless and to those of you who are doing this and acting out of the kindness of your heart, I say To you May God bless You and May He Enrich your Life and All that you Do. Know that I  Lift you and all you do up in prayer.
There are those that are simply deceived by help organizations by the eloquence of their presentation of what they are doing and by their ability to spend so much on their public relation campaigns, when people in their lives come into the homeless help field and have said to themselves there must be something we can do! they are most generally drawn to those that have the newest best help campaign and they trust that these people are doing something, I must help them. yet they never go beyond that they say look at what they are doing and what they have done and that is the extent of their research, I on the other hand Have gone to great lengths to find out just exactly what it is they are doing, I have looked at their past achievements and at their future plans and what they have accomplished and what it is they hope to yet accomplish. after all It is my very life we are talking about, am I hardened by my past dealings with homeless help organizations, I say too you, yes I am And it is because I have been in this struggle for over 2 decades. and there is nothing they are doing now, that they weren't doing 20yrs ago the only difference is they have a new PR campaign in place they have a different face they are presenting to those that donate their time and money to further their cause. they however are doing nothing new They are doing what it was 15 or 20 yrs. ago, nothing more and nothing less. I hear with my ears and see with my eyes and all things I do judge and I do test the spirit of their actions. I look at what they are doing, and I look at who it is that is doing it. You do not hear me come before you and say look at this good thing they are doing, because those that are doing good things have no need of a person to sing their praise, There results alone will champion their cause. They will be in no need of a man to sing their goodness! I was asked, what Homeless organization would I donate to if I were to recommend one ? and I can tell you now of the 1000’s that have been in existence, and the ones that seem to spring up over night, there is in over 2 decades been only one that I would if I had the means to support that I would and it is no organization it is a Young woman a Young man A dog and a truck and can be found on twitter @Project5050 and in Her vision ,  Over the past month’s since I discovered her Project I have watched, as she while not giving people houses, has done more than any homeless help organization in this country in the past 2 decades has, She through her efforts given more hope and friendship and love to others than any other I have seen who have come before her.
Yet She has only Herself and her efforts to Champion Her cause she has no Million dollar PR campaign she has Only Her Love and her desire to make a change in peoples lives while creating friendships and spreading love along the way. And It is My hope and it is my prayer that My mentioning Her Grass roots Project, Is not because Of My criticism of other help organizations the Kiss of death as It has Killed many a debate and shut down many a discussion on the web because of my unyielding passion to make people understand the people you Help To Help People like me must Be Chosen with great Care and with great diligence because those that are most likely to receive your efforts are at great expense to those in need profiteers from the homeless.
I at this point in time am facing great discouragement because everyday, I am faced with the campaign of the 10 year plan to end homelessness, and with the project of 100k homes which has received so much support from people it is sickening me to the very depths of my spirit because all things are not as they appear, the organization has been existence since this woman got out of college and has as of this point in time done nothing for the homeless other than use them for always there next big project the first project of this organization was began under the flag of common ground and then went on to path achieve and pathways to housing and has since its inception profited from men like me. Their first effort was sad to be a ground breaking, and was going to change the lives of the homeless in America, And it did because prior to their efforts we had a Chance, And It cost the American Tax payer  39million dollars and housed a total of 413 people in a section 8 project that is netting them thru rental properties included in the project over 800,Thousand dollars a year in rents paid to common ground . In this fashion they have continued their projects and there next big PR campaign. and I am As I said sick to my very core because men and women who claim to care about me have sucked all of you in to their next big thing. and you are fooled by those PR representatives who are their voice claiming to be mine who will not tell you the truth and will never unless faced with the facts reveal to you who it is they work for. But I can tell you in all truth that a true homeless advocate is going to be found doing it independent of any organization. and will first proclaim the homeless persons need and not the homeless helpers need of your support so ask them and ask yourself, just who and what are you advocating for because I tell you it is not Me or anyone like me they are seeking to serve.
If you are calling yourself a homeless advocate or others are calling you that I challenge you please take up your mantle and prove me wrong, If you think me wrong about path achieve about common ground pathways to housing and other organizations ask yourself this why have they taken no action to silence what I have accused them of for years? I will tell you Why, no one cares what a homeless person says about the homeless situation, If that homeless person refuses to sing the helpers praise they are dismissed as having no validity. and are not given a moment of thought.
I only again ask you all If Indeed You want to Help the Homeless that They might actually have victory in this struggle please do not blindly give your time your effort or your money or your voice or your hearts of kindness to someone who you have only heard good things about from those that tell you only what they have heard or read don’t give blindly and say your helping.
The truth of homeless people is this we are people I would rather you say hello to me and give me a peanut butter sandwich, than to know that you gave money to someone who for that same peanut butter sandwich absorbs 83% of every dollar to give me the sandwich, you can do more for the homeless with a smile and a hello than the million dollar PR campaigns have done in 20 years so please  beware this brood of vipers who say they are helping Us we Need the Help yes I do not discourage in anyway your giving hearts, ask yourself this why do you think there is such a great push for people not to give to someone on the street ? because for every dollar you give to a panhandler is 80 cents out of the pocket of your local charity organization, It is Not because we are all drunks or that we Are all drug addicts, it is because we are their life's blood. While yes there are addicts on these streets there are many more that are just trying to survive and overcome the stereo type society holds of us because it is this stereotype that keeps people in the position to readily exploiting us.  

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