Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Saturday, March 26, 2011

People Are offended Often

And yes It is by me I no longer make apologies for it, If I were to It would consume Most of My time, But that Is of no concern to me at this stage in my life. My only concern is to show the people who are profiting from the homeless for what they are, and Men or women who profit from others misfortune should hang their heads in shame at the very thought people finding out the truth. 
The people at the ground level I have said before are not the ones that are profiting they are simply a means to an end, many have went into the homeless help field with the purist of motives, while others themselves have come to gain, the problem lies therein where do you distinguish between the two. I say by their actions if you are working for an organization that is at present or in the times past made an industry from the homeless help field, than you are part of the problem if you have chose not to look at who you are working for, and if confronted with the fact that those who's  praise you sing are not worthy, but you yourself are willing to defend them out of either blindness or unfounded loyalty than the offense which I direct at them than by all means, be their proxy and accept that offense as your own.
I do not wish to make enemies of men or women in this field, but as it is I no longer wish to stand by in silence and let them continue on in their practices, I will give a great for instance Today while Confronting the founder of Wearevisable Mark Horvath with the truth of His err, He said of Me I am no were near reality, which is not the truth,  merely the truth He would like to have portrayed, much as He would like all to believe He and He alone has Given voice to the Homeless. I would argue It Is God alone that Has given Me voice and I will Not stand with those who think themselves to be A God amongst Men one who has done mighty works If a Man stands before you and tells you Look at what I have done and I do these things By my efforts These things where done, They believe themselves to be of a higher estate than their fellow Man. Mark is one of these people and I know that there are those that don’t want to hear That but so be it.
There are only two courses that one must adhere to on this subject and those are as such.  He knows That Path Achieve has profited from the homeless for sometime and has chosen to be a part of this exploitation,  Or He does not care and believes Himself to be doing great things and believes Himself to be the soul voice of the homeless, which in either case is detrimental to the cause of the homeless plight. I will in no way No matter which retract what I have said Common ground of which path achieve is an extended arm has for years profited from the homeless that is a plain and simple truth. For the reason I do not understand they have never been called into account for it they may however be facing that possibility because they are faced with the break up of their good old boy and girl network because the director of Housing And Urban Development  Has been replaced by one more interested in the accountability aspect,  and also has the question where is the money going ? It is a valid  question, one I have been asking for years and every time I have confronted Men with it I have been faced with the same criticism, That being I must have been Hurt by Homeless organizations for me to be this way.
And that merely because I am A Homeless man, If I were a senator or a congressman, These people would be trying to buy my silence or they would be liquidating their assets and finding a plane out, But being a homeless man, It is there Hope that I will be dismissed as just another homeless man who is mad at the world. This also couldn’t be farther from the truth, while I am critical of the help Orgs and the Church That is The extent of my concern as far as others, Anyone else but Homeless bashers I have always tried to Befriend and I have been in most cases as any can attest to tried to have respect for and have tried to the best of my ability temper my speech with and for Me no Easy thing. I am A Man and I fall short like any man and If I am critical of someone whom you believe to be Doing Good works, I always ask Show me were I have erred and I will repent but do not because of being uninformed on the matter kill the messenger as is custom.
If Of any I have been critical of It has been because Of what it is they do and Not of any personal Complaint, I have yes been critical of many and Have not done it for any personal gain I do not even wish anymore to be in a house, so for me there is but one vested interest and that is I live out here with the very people effected by their actions and It is I and not them who have watched in horror as men and women out here have perished for reasons like not fitting the income requirement for one of there low income units or was refused a home because they had spent a little time in prison, I do not want to read how friends I have known died from exposure or were beaten to death. When the county they lived in received a 29 million dollar block grant to get them off the street someone needs answer for the misallocation of funds and if you get your feelings Hurt or if I happen to say something about the one whom you have come to admire or speak truths offensive to you than bury your head back in the sand It will all be over soon.
My Hope is people will One day stand up and ask the people they work for is what this man saying true and not just continue in what they are doing until it is to late for them to say I did not know because yes you did and Men and women will remember you as the ones who all had a hand in the cookie jar and were found to be exploiters of the impoverished and downtrodden people whom you claimed to serve.

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