Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Sunday, March 27, 2011

To Truly Be A Great Man.

Every man Must Himself choose What path in this life He is going to travel, I have chosen mine and I am on that path with no regrets. I as Other men who have come before me have a deep sense of satisfaction with knowing that  am being true to myself and true to those principles and Ideals That I myself have come to hold as dear to me if only to me.
I am no different than any other man, I believe that the truth’s of this life that have been revealed to me are too be shared with others, I believe that they are truth and are common to others if only in the sense that It is by these truths I view the world around me. I make no pretext as to what others should or should not hold dear, yet as A man I share what I know and It is theirs to accept or in their own life reject as being true for Me their accepting or not is of no effect as to my beliefs.
There are truth’s that are universal to Men, some would argue even that. And with me they have to no avail The simplest being we are all born and on that day we begin our journey towards death which we shall all meet in the end. So be it, If in this fact alone we be bound together we are no longer independent fully one from another. This alone should draw Men together that It may draw them too Help and to nurture those in with whom they are found to be sharing this brief moment in time called life along the path, to the place where we as Human beings are all too once more become Equal. My greatest fear Is God as To my faith, as to the things of this life, it is that Men may only again find this commonality only in death. and not along this path. I often Pray it not be so.
I have with others often became embattled with the struggles we face when in opposition to my beliefs, when I find them imposing themselves on others or by dictate or mandate of those weaker than themselves, the abundance of this life that is to be available for all, they withhold or they by design use them to control Men.
This Is the very spirit of exploitation which I have taken upon myself to fight against. when Men By usury of others needs hold hostage their human rights, they are damnable indeed I have seen Men Withhold food from others,  That they must hear what they place before them as the word of God, This is not the plan of the God I know, The abundance of food on this planet was for all in my Gods plan, And is not something to be used to bend Men to your will. I have seen Men forced to sleep in the rain Because they Had A drink, this Is not Gods will. I have seen Men women And Children cast out from society and forced to surrender everything they Hold dear for the comfort of a place to call their own, I have seen governments Give Charge over peoples lives to a select Number of individuals So that they may gain control of the less fortunate of their societies. I have seen Good Men and Women bend to the will of tyranny, that They themselves my become it’s instrument. Never realizing or never caring that what they have become is the hand of their oppressors. Because they can not see past what was given to them, and open their eye’s to what is being denied others. Full well knowing that these very same Human rights that afford Man His dignity was once also withheld from them to bend their will.
So it is My prayer, That we in our lives see things for what they truly are and no longer stand in the way with those who choose to control the lives of others and that we break these Chains of oppression, And we do it first by not letting others to hold themselves in Lordship over others and Praise there own glory but rather let us Humble ourselves letting ourselves become less that others might become the more. There is no greater Human indignity thrust upon Men than the actions of those supposing themselves to be of a Higher estate, believing themselves and their actions to be greater than others. To truly be a great Man you must see The greatness of others and Not yours.

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