Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Friday, March 11, 2011

Do Men suffer From Your efforts? Or do you Know?

I have meet a lot of people On both twitter and Facebook and thru this blog Whom I have walked on eggshells trying not to give offence to I have explained How Their claims of wanting to help the homeless are simply that claims of wanting to help the homeless I have Posted Monies wasted in this effort and I have posted Those who are exploiting others I have at times used the names of these organizations and Now believe that I should Have just Put it in book form and myself profited from it as At least with a book. As I know That the blog post have accomplished nothing I have removed a few For that purpose I Guess what I am saying is I had Hoped that some of the things I said would have had more of an impact on the people who claim to be on the side of the homeless in the hopes of ending homelessness, yet people whom I have come too count as friends and people who I have been befriended by Who have asked of me at times where the problem lies in my opinion have continued on praising some of the very institutions that continue to profit from homelessness, So in that I am led to believe that those people who continued on are also of the desire to be the oppressors of the homeless for what reason I do not know but how one can comment too me my God thank you for asking where the money went We need to know And in the same day say independent of what they may have said to me in another forum or post , Praise this Person or this Organization For what they are doing. I am by most organizational web site administrators  Banned from posting on their sites and have been for sometimes many now don’t even ask people opinion of what they are doing and any response to them must be made in secret so I come here and tell people really look at what these people are doing and to no avail it is falling on death ears.
So things being as they are I will No longer at face value believe people to be a friend of the homeless, If you want to say you are a friend of the homeless than be one but be one in your actions and not just your words and if they are going to be your words let them be your words because you standing behind someone who is exploiting me makes you no friend of mine. and it makes you no friend of the homeless. I am sorry if any are offended but please And I have asked this before look into the people who you think are helping and do not be fooled that they have housed a few people see what the criteria Is for helping see if they are selective in who they chose to help are they only helping those most likely to succeed, Those with the best chance of Making it with a little help Look at there numbers for The Sake Of God and quit Looking at their Tweets and there claims Look at what it is they are actually doing and I will tell you if you do you will find these people are not doing what they claim.
I could claim to be housing people and if I chose to help only one of 1000 that come to me for help because they had the best chance what am I doing. If you say we are going to help these people but you truly Help,  only a subgroup of them are you helping them or yourselves and The big Question that People are refusing To ask any of these Groups is Will you open your books to us Because I can tell you now only 3 out of 3746 help organizations in this country that were asked to do that very thing has in the last 6 months refused. So tell me are you all in your refusal to look into these organizations for yourself or are you so entrenched in your belief  that they are helping because they say they are that you just believe that what you do plays no part in what they do, Look I know you are good people You are helping because you have Good hearts because you are who you are and for that God bless you I pray also He opens your eyes You can look at almost any board of any help organization in this country and tell should we be helping this person if they are a eugenicist, or a Social Engineer, or a person who has made billions of dollars from low income housing or made millions from public grants and brags that this is how money is distributed. If you do not take it upon yourselves To look into who’s praises you are going to sing Than you deserve to be accounted to the oppression of a people the impoverished will suffer also at your hand.
I pray it be not so with those of you I know are doing it for the reason of where your heart is but for you do not continue to serve those who are doing it because of where their pockets are. Because of many of their dealings people suffer every night in this country.
But I as Posting this very discussion over again have come to believe it is not ever going to happen that those of you on the front lines of the war on homelessness. will suffer the greatest loss because as I have seen it happen over and over again for over 2 decades the people that are homeless are at times the worse Because they will sing the praises of anyone who gets them out of this life, They would often sing praises of the devil Himself if he came bearing a home and a fresh start. The only reason He would be able to come bearing these gifts by the way is because Gods Children are not. 

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