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"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Do We Continue ?

At what Point is the Line In the Sand Drawn? Do we continue On in failure Simply because some Good is Being Done? Do We not question anyone simply because It is Unseemly to any given Cause? Do we Not ask That people be held accountable because No one is? Do we continue to Fund Unproductive programs that Are consuming all available resources? Do we work together with people who are doing more harm than Good?
In My opinion all valid questions That we need to ask both ourselves and others, In our failure to do so we simply allow for the broken system of Help for the homeless to continue! so I have often ask these very questions of Both Homeless Help Organizations, and Homeless advocates, Of which I am Neither. I am Just a Man who experienced Homelessness for over two decades. That experience Has alienated me from My Children My Siblings From My parents Before their passing,and from all of my Family.
Until the Last year I have only had friends who themselves were Homeless, and Of the Hundreds That I personally Know there are but a few that Have been able to pull themselves out of this life into one that was better, becoming housed. Most that have left this homeless life have left this Life altogether!
I speak Often of the Injustices of those who are known far and wide as Poverty pimps, they are organizations who By there own choosing and design profit from the Homeless in America and now reach around the globe to other continents , they are overly funded and have figured out the 501c3 non profit tax status affords them great opportunity to receive Both Government Grant and private sector donations to achieve very little, they are allowed to continue to receive funding and to do as little as possible to solve the homeless problem, people are aware of the problem with these organizations, and there continued failures and atrocities Against my fellowman, But often say what else can we do they are the only ones trying to help.
Therein is the hope in which they really exist, they exist in the Hope that we have no other choice, it is in this attitude with which they serve the Homeless they know because they are the homeless only option.
We are forced as homeless people to seek them out and agree to their terms of service or perish on the streets, this is the reason for their very existence because it has come to a point where the homeless would rather perish on the street than take what it is they have to offer. and only when they become so sick or so drained of hope are they then offered one of the programs which is structured from it inception to help those who are at the greatest risk of perishing on the streets and this is why they have in the last 10 or so years structured all of there programs around this, because the crossover rate from those thriving as homeless and those dying from it has started to swing to the latter. so it is designed to help the most at risk because of the health problems they now face secures them an income from social security or the long over due veterans pensions. the thing people fail to realize is what they are doing is not a homeless housing program but rather a disability housing program because homeless or not without an income you will not be placed into housing by any of these may be granted an extended shelter stay however the day your disability is denied and there is no hope of you finding work failing economy infirmity or disability you will find yourself seeking shelter elsewhere.
And I would like people to know that this does not bother me half as much as homeless people who by help and shelter received, Or by being in the afore mentioned subsection of the homeless population receiving housing, are latched on to by these agencies and are praised as making it and in turn sing the praises of the system, not realizing that at it’s best it has never achieved a better than 19% success rate,and by there misguided praise of this system are condemning 81% of their homeless brothers and sisters to a life devoid of any assistance. and I in know way begrudge them the Help they Got I praise God For it it means It is one more person that will not perish on the streets.
I however am also of the belief that because God is able to use evil for Good, in know way justifies us Bowing down to this evil, and anyone who would profit from the misery and misfortune of others are truly evil.
Know we do have a choice people all over the world a now standing up and calling for Justice, and accountability to the profiteers of misery. so anyone advocating for the homeless should be doing the same. and not blindly following and praising them. If everyone involved would stand back for one week and watch and listen they would find that they sing each others praises enough. Today can be your chance however  to overcome darkness with your light
Much Love and Many blessings, God give you strength to do what is right!

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