Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Invisible Again The Terrorist Diaries Volume: 1

I thought when I got on the internet and started writing I was going to find people who believed as I did that the world of which I wrote was indwelled with injustice and that if I only pointed it out and spoke in truth’s all would go well and for the most part It has I met many knew and interesting people many of which have become friends that I know I will have for Life. almost everyone I met through social media were encouraging and would both in private and openly tell me I admire what your doing your courage and you fortitude too say what you believe, at some point that changed because the more I dug into the truth and continued to put into print the injustices and the exploitation that the world which I knew, The more distant some people who I had most tried to reach those who I believed could most effect change because of there popularity and there claim to be giving a voice to men like me became. so I ask myself why?  I had brought to their attention that some of those that they claimed to be helping us homeless people were not what they were cracked up to be, and that they really didn’t have the best interest of the people from my walk of life at heart, that they where the very ones I wrote about the profiteers of the less fortunate.
I also inquired of them out of this confusion as to the claim of me being a person that they were helping, too give unto me a voice so that I would no longer be one of these invisible people, and they said to me then, you have a voice and we need to all work together, I was at that time really confused because I thought that was what I was doing I thought that together we could effect change if we just stood on the truth. Little did I know at that time that I was viewed as a decenter to the cause, what I was truly unaware of  is that the claim to help the homeless have a voice was merely an affront. I truly believed that maybe they didn’t really understand that these people were in everyway taking advantage of the disadvantaged. and In their heart they thought that these people were helping,
I was never one to mince words I always have said what I thought if it was grounded in truth It would all be ok so I continued to cry out about these injustices and continued to expose these people for what they were, until one day well into the rainy season I realized that this person actually wasn’t giving me a voice and in no way could because they were under the employ of the very people I was trying to stop from being the harbingers of injustice, At that time I became depressed and disheartened with the whole situation simply because I felt like if this person doesn’t give me a voice nobody will, boy how wrong was I because I also noticed that others were aware of what was going on and were working outside of this system and were trying to have a real and lasting impact on peoples lives independent of the system, and it is working while doing little things they do great things because they do it out of the necessity of someone must do something. and something is what we must do.
People do hear many remain silent and know that what I say is truth that these people who profit from this the misfortune of others need to be stopped, and they go on serving others in the hope that they will have effect they go on because they are encouraged by those who also know that they can and do have effect, they impact people lives daily in ways more dear to men than all the finest overpriced draining projects that are designed to help only a few and they believe that we can help one and all. They do because they believe in what they are doing they do it without the support or the reliance of Big money as the entrenched organizations they do it with the day to day help of people who truly see that the alternative is what does not now or at times past help it only lends to keeping the only system  we have available outside of them drained and ineffectual. they do because of a true care and compassion. They do It because they don’t just talk about it they Live The Love.
In all of My voice I have done my best to make it known that what we are presented with as a solution is the most cost ineffective failed social experiment in the History of this country, it has In the last almost  2 decades drained the money allocated, to fix this homeless problem from every source from which the money came from wasted federal Housing grants to Community  Developmental block Grants,  and social Development Grants , and The Biggest Private sector Donations of Both Time and Finance. and because of it’s ineffectiveness the Latter has began to dry Up people are no longer willing to support after decades a system that doesn’t work. Praise God Because there are people that have true effect that could use their help More.
At what cost to the People we are trying to Help, did this Social experiment have.
  On average a homeless person’s life is 36% shorter than a housed person’s life.
It is estimated By the National coalition of homelessness between 1990 and 2010 approximately 956  homeless people annually die in America approximately 3 people a day  the highest # being in the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan district reaching 186 people annually or approximately 9 percent of all homeless death’s nationwide.
And because I desire this to stop and I desire people who for the past 2 decades have allowed it by their backroom deals and absorption of public funds allocated to stop it
I am Now invisible Again And deemed a terrorist by the greatest voice they have ever had  and their newest social Media Guru.Thank You Oh workers of iniquity.

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