Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Revolution Of Humanity That Is to say Us ALL

The Next Great Revolution AS I See It, Will be one of necessity for all one where people are forced By a Failing economy, and a realization that we are born too care for each other or perish. I See this not out of some great desire too be taken care of but too see those who are not taken care of the elderly the helpless children the infirmed disabled and the Mentally unstable which some might think Me too Be But I have set Myself In a Different Framework And refuse too be removed which greatly contributes too that belief held by so many.
Because, I see A world we could live in one where men are not judged by what they have or have accomplished but rather are judged by what Impact there lives have made on others, in how they with their infinite ability have helped others. Did they do the right thing many would say I never Did also and I can not say decisions in my past have always been well made Or well Planned out. So the Impact I have made on others lives has oft sucked Having said that I will make My point of Faith, God has Lead Me too where I am An the Limited Knowledge I have today.
So, As I see It with Us all as Americans Have long suffered in silence The inability of our leaders too see the Big picture where there Might be a future of sustainability in the lives of us as a whole. Not Just as Americans But as Humans on this planet as it is with the rest of the world and their leaders, because I do not care If you are American, South American, Central American, African, Asian, European, Christian Muslim Buddhist, existentialist, Aboriginal to any continent or descendants, of those outcast from some continent, you have in a great percentage of your people or ours experienced oppression, tyranny and the forever looming threat of war, in your lives. and people are tired all over the world chasing the money is not working and there are far greater riches, That in the chase we still struggle for daily. we have run a great race but we have pushed ourselves as a whole to the point of collapse and the race is lost to all .
I living as I have on the fringe of society have the blessing of nothing but the Love I get from others and that I am able to share, and with that the freedom of knowing, it is plenty, And one day people really will realize they need to quit working towards Goals independent of others, and demand better for those less fortunate, by restructuring there priorities, and living lives where giving is far more grand than receiving.
Then and only then will men have peace until then we must, fight tooth and nail those who hold hostage freedom and bind prosperity too the few rather than the all of mankind. But too fight them you must start Following your heart and not the Hearts darkened by greed  We are going too have one or the other soon enough a one world Governance, or a one world Humanity it is for us to chose by How we live our lives and what we deem as important is it you and your stuff, or you and your fellow man if it indeed is you and your stuff, in a perfect world you will be the outcast and the one on the fringe, not I. 
And On a Personal note to Those Inmates Running this asylum, You have been warned revolution is coming, WE PEOPLE ALL AROUND THIS THE THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN THOSE MORE HUMAN THAN THOSE OF YOU!!! are soon going to stop chasing this illusive dream you present say Screw you and just start Loving each other.  

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