Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Failing to take a stand

It Is what plagues the Human Race I have never because of The fight I was In merely to survive really seen The problem for what It was, I would go on thinking as most there is nothing I can do about the situation, Never realizing that with any gift given too a man comes with great responsibility, Not to himself, but rather too those that also benefit from that gift. Life itself is a gift but if it is lived in fear or apathy towards what goes on in our world, it is unable to be nurtured, and Others in no way benefit from it.
It is now apparent to me that I spent years wasting my gift, simply because I have been given the Gift of discernment for one, that Is the ability to see things for what they truly are, However if I fail in any way to bring others awareness to it I have failed both the gift and the Giver of it, If I fail to take action against the injustices I see and lend my voice to the eradication of these injustices, I have failed.  I do also realize that it was no way an easy thing to Take a stand and refuse to Rock the Boat or make waves from the shore I have also failed. So I do what I do For a reason, Because I have the ability and Have been given the Gift to do it.
Some believe That I actually find great Joy in it, and nothing could be farther from the truth in reality, I do keep up a good front for others But the fact remains that I do not enjoy the attacks I receive because of it,The threats the Love and friendships I lose because of it and the watching as others whom I know to know the truth shrink from me because of their fear to take a stand, or to become involved in ways that could effect change, I Until recently was homeless for more years than I care to remember, when You are fifty years old and your greatest claim to life is that you managed to survive for 48% of your life such as it was on the streets you in no way find great solace in it.
The Only peace about My Life I have Is the peace that comes from being a Child of God, And In no way am I tied to the woe’s and worries of this world they to shall pass into nothingness and effect in no way The eternity that I have as a Child Of Promise.
I pray for those who are less fortunate than Me in every way. I know first hand the struggles the depression and the loss of hope that comes from living on the streets it is something I know Oh to well. And those that face it daily are my greatest concern. I truly love many that who do not live as they do the people who live lives that are full of blessings missed. My biggest critics.
I understand why it is this way, It is because people do not wish too think or talk about things that might make them Have to take Great risk, having a desire to help those effected by injustice they are only willing to take an acceptable amount of Risk. One that appears to be risk but truly risk only that which does in no way effect the level of comfort which the have in their lives and when made uncomfortable by the things I say in truth they feel it necessary to attack My faith or My motivation, or My mental state or any other Number of things. When The truth is I know all there is to Know about Me I know that I can not be called a Model citizen or a productive member of society, I am however a man Of Unyielding faith in God and Not my fellow Man, I Have the Moral integrity to cry our against injustice and in so doing am accused of being jealous of others, or Being a terrorist. or a coward, and know this every injustice or person living in the shadow of the harbingers Of injustice that I have ever said anything about I have said openly and shirk not from the responsibility of that which I say and do. If I have something to say about injustice and tyranny and oppression I Simply say it.
I don’t ask people to like it I do not ask for others to agree with it, But for it to be discounted as Lies and propaganda is only, Because others say it is so does not make it so the truth is truth weather people wish to give it heed or Not.
So I can tell you I am inside and I am working now, that I can further this my very own voice not one that some man or organization has given Me. simply to have a greater effect, In stopping the injustices the thievery and exploitation of a people who live lives that are full already with. I had prayed After almost a year of telling everyone out there in this fight against homelessness, the truth that The reason nothing is being done is because Your tax dollars and private sector donations are going into the pockets of a system of Help which has fleeced the American populace at large for entirely too long.
Anyone failing to take a stand only contributes to the death’s of Men women and children who suffer at their hand, while they Appear to have the Homeless people’s best interest at Heart with their little catchy slogans and broken programs of promise, They do not care about anything but continued funding or they could have done something with the last 15-20 years of Public funding they received.  other than coming up with a new slogan every couple of years and this simply is the truth.
As Heard from me The voice which is Mine a gift from God, and not Man, I tell you all don’t fail to take a stand. 

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