Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Friday, September 9, 2011

What Will We Choose

The Industry as it is called, has been in the state of disrepair for some time, The acts of one Man can not be attributed to the exploitation of the homeless population at large, and I have never tried too do that, I rise to my defense only that I always receive from the person in the front lines the same nauseating response I hope you find peace and healing, This I have noticed is a superficial and a stock response given to any homeless person that has the audacity to question the Homeless Help industry. It is a machine Much larger than Many give credit too. They the Homeless Help organizations often stick together they are of the pack mentality, seeking to silence and destroy that which does not lend to their cause, even if it is the slander and discrediting of the Homeless themselves. The very people whom they claim to be helping. one has to then ask also this who’s interest do they truly represent ? this is the biggest question that we as those fighting for the Homeless fail to ask. They do in no way represent the homeless if Indeed they do not care what the homeless have to say in the furtherance of their Lives and transitions from homeless to a productive Member of society, If the Homeless person is presented with the Ultimatum at any time to put their feelings aside and do what is good for the cause It is it’s very essence Exploitation of a persons need By the withholding of Ones ability to fulfill it.
Being a person of Power In any of the Help organizations, in any Country, Hold with that position of Power Great responsibility, the failure Of all of these organizations and those that are in power, Is their clients are while being the very reason for their existence , are discounted and never believed to be a valid voice in their services provided, and any outcry from those they represent is deemed as simply meaningless and detrimental to the cause. This to is a failing as it is not a cause for which we fight, it is for the very uplifting of a people we fight. we can in no way fight for a homeless person and a homeless cause at the same time. we can either promote the eradication of homelessness and poverty, or we can promote a cause, they however can not be synonymous, Because one will suffer and to Date it has been the cause that has been advocated for and the homeless people have suffered it is only Our decision to choose Which Side we are going to advocate for that will determine the outcome.
So will we choose to stand behind Organizations that for decades have exploited the homeless for grant and private sector Money, or will we stand with those who have faced suffrage at their hand? the choice is Ours.
And If your choice leads you to stand for the Organizations than you need to know that it is this their cause to continue receiving donations, and assure themselves a place of prominence and praise, If you truly desire to help the Homeless Listen because when It comes to people trying to help them They are the voice of experience, no one can tell you what homeless people need better then the homeless person themselves. Most importantly don’t say I want to give you a voice and this is what you must use it to say Because Man does not Give man a voice, We have a creator who has done that, what we must do is respect each and every voice weather we agree with it or not.    

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