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Albert Pine

Monday, August 22, 2011

Homeless are exploited Or Don't You Get It.

I Honestly wrote that Last Post Both believing and Hoping that Maybe as I often Do that someone would actually hear what I was Saying while you read and you listened you did not hear. people became embroiled in back and forth battle of what are you doing and a what they are doing argument and This is the problem at it’s very root.
Let Me first say In this Post, Many have said In their writings homelessness is a cause it is an industry and a career. This view itself is the root cause of why nothing is being done, in the opinion of the people who for years have been entrenched in this system, they believe that this is what it is a cause, and not a Human right.
They also believe That it is for them and their organizations to decide what is the best way to help the homeless population of this country at Large never taking into account the needs or desire of the individual experiencing it.
With temporary shelters that are subsidized by community development block grants and private sector donations one must truly understand, they are run at great expense and at a cost overrun that reaches millions of dollars annually. they are by there very nature both  inefficient and ineffective they are a temporary fix to a ongoing problem and have absorbed Most of the public money given too fix the problem.
Then there are Help organizations themselves Common Grounds, Pathways to Housing, Path, Path Achieve, NAEH. Project Restart, 100k homes, Salvation Army, Union Gospel Missions To Name a few In 1994 it was Thought and put into practice the 10 yr. plan to end homelessness and It was conceived that communities, could end homelessness in the 10yr period following, it was However a failure it was touted as A great success in the new york and it was said to get the people off of the streets in Manhattan at the reconstruction and renovation of the prince Rupert Motel. and the cost of 200million dollars Approx.. The trouble and the reality is both that it is claimed and I Quote
“  Our ground-breaking Street to Home program reduced street homelessness by 87% in the 20-block Times Square neighborhood, and by 43% in the surrounding 230 blocks of West Midtown. Spearheading a citywide strategy, Common Ground is now responsible for securing homes for people living on the streets in all of Brooklyn, Queens, and midtown Manhattan.”
When the reality was  after the building of this fine Housing complex, “The Prince George provides permanent, affordable housing for 416 low-income and formerly homeless adults and persons living with HIV/AIDS. Built in 1904, the residence was once one of New York City’s premier hotels; after many years of decline, it was rehabilitated by Common Ground and reopened in 1999. The Prince George is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.” And this for the over 4000 homeless individuals living in lower Manhattan. I ask where did the other 3500 + plus individuals go. They where push out of times Square and the surrounding area’s to other Borough's  and then Common Grounds Was Placed in Charge of Fixing the problems there also.
Now The problem I have always had with this is the politics of provision, the providers and the development committee’s and the construction companies themselves have all since the inception of this what we call supportive housing plan, have in one way or another been tied to The common grounds Board of directors, Housing and Urban development, and have both given and received No bid contracts for the renovation or construction of every project that has been conceived since this time, allowing for cost inafective  projects to continue to this day We the american people are being Raped, and you want me to remain silent Because all these programs that are helping Us the homeless have stemmed from Common grounds, which then founded Pathways To housing, Which then founded Path Which then founded Pathways Which then Founded Path to achieve Which then Founded 100k homes Does anyone see a cycle Here. Because I am An uneducated homeless Man and I just one Day after looking at all these board members with their Florida key Island Getaways And there homes in the Hamptons And Beverly hill’s and I just got it. So don’t say to Me I am doing damage to these peoples Cause Because I don’t give a damn about these people or their cause it’s the homeless I care about.and If your homeless and you think I am doing damage to the cause then they have in someway brain washed your ass because you are in the less than 19% that By their own admission fit the vulnerability index and you should be the first to wake Up, Because you are Either  an Idiot or so devoid of hope in helping yourself, Or unable too  you really think they Care. And while Yes Many people who work for them never look at the top down politics as they should and continue to allow it by their ignorance and I do not lay the blame at their feet other than once they become aware to continue on just for a paycheck is reprehensible. on that point I do Digress.   However  Becky Kannis Like Rosanne Hagerty, and there mouth piece Mark Horvath, and all his Little Kool-aid drinkers, Can All Kiss My Ass I will Not Be Silenced.

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