Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Homeless Solution, In A Nutshell!

Most people think Me to be absolutely Mad when I tell them I have the answer to Homelessness that is far reaching and will solve the problem not just here in America but globally. An answer that reaches across oceans across cultures and across ethnic and racial and religious lines on every continent.
The simplicity of it and the absurdity of it is too much for some people while others are often staggered by It, yet refuse to believe it could possibly work. Let me begin by saying we live in a world where globally there are akin to 9.5% of the worlds population are homeless, or as often said In a transient state, by definition I do not like the very word transient as it is to mean something temporary and not belonging in permanence. and should never be applied to a Human being. And is only applied to Humans in the view that we wish they would just go away or couldn’t and shouldn’t they be somewhere else. Just Not in my back yard.
People Good people of every race religion and creed on this planet often even indwell there children with these very principles, Don’t look at them Dear if they see you looking at them they are going to want something. Those people are not like us, those people are just dirty and filthy and don’t care about nothing, Those people are drunks and drug addicts. Don’t give them money their Just going to waste It. all’s we can do is feed them and hope for the best. Their governments aren’t doing anything What can we possibly do? discounting the very life led by Us that begins everyday simply put in survival mode where on must spend the day at the mercy of life itself and the Mad fight to simply find food protection from the elements and those in society who pray upon the weak because those sworn to protect them view them as unworthy of their protection and the fight for survival is merely something that others do not understand.unless they themselves are faced with it.
This is the very core of why the problem continues, it is because we don’t view it as our problem, and as part of this grand family of Humans each unique in their own way everyone’s struggle is our struggle and our failure to recognize it is the problem. that we lean towards our governments and our leaders being the only ones having the answers and the ability to fix our problems, and not seeing their inaction and there lack of compassion and moral capacity to act for the furtherance of all of mankind, is not their but our failure.
The Homeless solution therefore in my opinion is simple and not complex at all, it is one that starts with each and everyone of us believing we can have change and effect on the lives of others. we however must start with that which is closest to us before we can reach across the country or around the globe and have any effect, in your own community is where you must start, and start we must. not waiting for someone else to miraculously come up with a solution.
Because I am again going too here and now give you that solution, one Homeless Life Man woman or Child is where we all must start, and damned be the funding or the grant or the program which we need it is not coming and it is already failing somewhere. but that one person you  and you alone can reach out to and you can change and have effect. bring them that one into your life, make them a part of you and who you are be a friend put them in your spare room in a tent in your back yard build a room at your church make them a part of what makes you the caring compassionate person you are, share your blessing with them and Make them feel the love that has kept you grounded and a part of life, make them feel like a part of the Human race again and you will solve this problem. Do not dictate to them the changes they must make but live in love and watch them desire the changes that are possible. In America we have more church’s than homeless people and this is our failure to see the struggles of others as our own, the cost of the remodel on our sanctuary to accommodate the 100 new parishioners we have far outweigh the man sleeping under the bridge down the block. and this is why the problem persist.
It is what I have given the only solution I believe will solve the problem, because it is the one thing that has not been tried, it has no program guidelines and it is something everyone is capable of , because I know everyone is capable of this Kind of Love. which is what every man woman and child effected by any level of poverty need it desire it and will go to great length’s to obtain it. so while people will never be mandated, regulated, or forced off the streets, it is possible to Love them Off Of the streets, I know because it is Happening to Me.  

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