Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Friday, March 9, 2012


The biggest misunderstanding I am faced with now is the belief of some people that I am a homeless advocate, or an activist. of which I want to be clear I am neither!
I am simply a  man who lived Homeless on the streets for over 2 decades and Got seriously sick of others perception that in order to help a homeless person you must come up with a plan to fix them, and that if they don’t want to be fixed they must not want help. I am only now beginning to realize that is never going to change. It is the approach that is used by almost every homeless service agency in this country. and it is the number one reason why they are failing.
after living so long on the streets and a life of interacting with hardly anyone but homeless people, I know that when people talk about a homeless person they believe doesn’t want help they are simply talking about someone who they have misunderstood, and when they say they don’t want help they are only saying they refuse to let anyone fix them.  When the reality is the highest percentage of homeless people neither want or need to be fixed. What they do need and want is some compassion Love and understanding from their  fellow Human Beings.
This should though It never maybe, the basis and the start point for anyone who desires to Help the Homeless.
There are people who claim to be Helping the Homeless, that I have seen make statements Like They are beyond repair, they cant be helped, I have and wouldn’t approach Him, I didn’t want to Shake His Hand He may have something, they are Just a Bum, They don’t want to better themselves. This too me is very disturbing and it disgust Me Personally , because it is representative and what most, short term homeless, formally homeless,and those who have never experienced homelessness, hold as a pervasive attitude. an attitude which has deeply entrenched itself in what these people choose to call the homeless help, or homeless services industry.
Do not misunderstand I do not truly fault them It is a bill of goods that they have been sold by an industry that thrives on the misfortune of others. Many people Jump into this fight and have for decades with the purist of intent they just want to help and they are drawn too and deceived by the profiteers of homeless What many call poverty Pimps, simply because they are the only ones who are funded and are capable of putting forth a public relations campaign which highlights their miniscule degree of success, and overshadows their failures.
The Grass root efforts which consist of small groups of people who only wish to meet peoples basic needs feeding them clothing them and building of Basic Human relationships with them do not have the funding or the ability to do the same, what these small Grass roots efforts do have is the drive to continue facing all odds and obstacles always looking for a way to help. 
They continue to serve feeding people in their house in the backyard in parking lots and public parks suffering none to change to , But Just to come and partake of what little they have to help with! they are people from all walks of life who believe a Man is always worthy of a handshake or a Hug, and They know a woman who’s last Change of clothes was something someone threw away, is still lovable. They do not judge people too have a need to change, as a prerequisite to their compassion. They Just do what they Know is right for someone who is a part of, the brotherhood of Man.
I would only say Ask yourself before you call you’re self a Helper what do you believe? and Do you want to Help The Homeless Or the Industry? Are you Looking to Further Your Fellow Man Or The Cause?
If You feel it A need To fix People and Their Lives You also have Misunderstood. Just Love And Let The Spirit Do the Rest.

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