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"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The new way to hate, Or so it seems

You can think what you Like Of Me And I am warned By others that I should Not engage with Others That are In denial of the truth. I have And will probably again Lose friends because of My tenacity for the truth and for Justice. I have always Been Honest with People. I have told everyone I was At one time in My life the Lowest of the Low. I Had If you read My Bio Fallen as far as a Man Could Fall, It is the truth Not Just something I say. I still have issue’s with Which I deal with on a daily Basis.  But I can assure all of you this Even at the risk Of Hurting someone’s feelings I do Not Holdback when It comes to that which I believe To Be true. 
I have said before Read and Find Out for yourself recently I posted a Post which elicited a Very Hateful Response from @hardlynormal and some of His followers Mark In kind responded To the Post with what I believe To be His same Old rhetoric He spouts to everyone who will listen In the avoidance of the truth! His response to me is Here and you yourselves can read it. I did not publish the Post for reasons of My Own.
I want to be clear, I went out on a limb and exposed myself on my last post I like so many could just sit back and say nothing, about someone who relies on peoples apathy to continue his charade which is portraying to the world he does more for the homeless than any other person on the planet, and the truth is he will help the homeless no matter what he has to do, too them, to do it!

I did However promise Mark I would Publish and address This response and this is that address to His response to my blog post last. Mark Horvath Makes a lot of damaging claims in His response. I would like to address them all and if I miss any please let me know as I will address them Also.
First In marks response He starts With a Blatant Lie misleading people to believe that I am without Honor stating I emailed Him that I would never do anything like this again referring to an exchange that went on from Aug 19 to Sept 27 from  many  post I wrote during that time on this blog, Nowhere in these post did I tell mark I was not going to engage in exposing Him for the fraud He was, and never did I e-mail Him to that effect either I at the end of that time apologized to everyone who had been subjected to our ranting's  And this is the E-mail Mark received claiming to be included in the Post he listed as it had responders to it they will tell you it was an apology  to all not to mark I did e-mailed Him this however
He was sent this message at the time of the open apology I posted on the internet to all who I had offended.
Please read it and Know This was From My heart as I was Vexed at that time because I had lost a long time supporter of This Homeless life; and Have only now began to get over that loss. It was For Her. I hope she Is well. And I Still Do not regret in any way speaking the truth in those Post and still stand behind everything I had written.
At the time I wrote this Post Greg Staffa Had not yet Compiled and Posted His Video Outing Mark As a exploiter of The Homeless.  Mind you at that time I was the Object of His ranting’s and It was Me who had mental Issue’s some of you may remember this Because many of you who came back sometime latter and Told Me I wish I had listened to you before. Will remember .
My post that Made me The Madman Whom Mark Horvath said was Mentally Ill. Because I wanted People to follow the Money I had somewhere along this Time Lost My Heart to pursue This When I felt no one would Listen
Somewhere Along this time I encouraged Greg Staffa To No Longer Be silent and he made a video, thank you Greg now it’s you who is mentally Ill.
lets address that, in Marks response, mark has claimed Greg Staffa Has attacked and Hurt Children, His Sponsors, and people who work for His sponsors, youth Organizations, Medical Workers And Homeless People themselves wow that is some claim.

Wait question Here Why would if you claim someone to be mentally Ill would you encourage Your kool-aid Drinkers to attack them?  My thoughts are it's an act Of desperation. 
These Claims one must first understand are unfounded and simply rhetoric, to distract people from the truth of Greg’s video’s,  the claims themselves have been discounted by sponsors organizations and yes the kid in question himself. Saying themselves to Greg things like we don’t feel like you Attacked us, everyone has a right to an opinion, I don’t feel like you attacked me, I’ve met Mark He’s a nice guy and I am sure you are to. But that does not Stop Mark From Attacking And lying and calling people terrorist and Hijackers, I do sympathize however because as I have said I fell as far as a man could fall and I recognize the actions of a desperate man, he is in great turmoil and beginning to reap that which he has sown as His world threatens to expose Him for the Bad decisions he Has made in the past with His filming of mentally ill women and sneaking pictures of children and giving people a woman’s name after she had asked him not to and now the fear of not being able to force her by threat to be silent, He doesn’t know what else to do but lash out and try to portray Himself as a victim, And as it is Greg staffa who speaks out or myself or anyone else we will be faced with His anger to keep His own unethical behavior all of this mans lies and ranting's he has never addressed one fact except to say my record speaks for itself, and others are saying we don’t care if you are helping people if your ethics leaves other’s in your wake.
Mark stated in His response that I have been screen capturing everything he has said for three years and it’s creepy, what’s creepy to me is, mark and I first encountered each other on the internet It was about a year and a half ago. because A homeless helper tweeted about handing out socks in the city he lived in, I told Him Bless you Brother you make A tramps “A”   List Giving Him Socks!!  and mark interjected himself into the conversation saying “anyone can hand out socks your doing nothing if your not trying to get people into homes”  I will never forget it it was my first tweet to the great Mark Horvath, whom I a chronically homeless man had not heard of I looked at his bio and replied “for a man that claims to be the voice for us you don.t know shit, Socks are like Gold out here”   He Now says That All the time referring to socks as Homeless Gold. And I say Praise God they are. I would Like to Point Out However That By Definition Interjecting your thoughts into a conversation In a public Domain to illicit an emotional response which is what He was doing, when we Met. Is the textbook definition of trolling which He now seems to have a problem With, and claims it to be vile and unethical, Yet we all Belong to a website built around trolling Welcome to twitter.  Me I have Met over 50 Percent of My followers On twitter By interjecting Myself Into conversations about Homelessness. If that Makes Me a Troll so Be it I love My followers On twitter, and if we met by you trolling your way into my conversation I love you too.
And last but not least You can not Hijack a Hashtag they go out there into twitter and people use them If you are a Homeless Organization and want to create hashtags about Homeless Issues and not expect Homeless Or formally Homeless people to use that hashtag but reserve it for your function or Organization then You are part of the Problem as to why Homeless services are failing we don’t need people to give us a voice we have one Of Our own  if you would Shut Up and listen to It !
You want to praise and claim social media helps the homeless yet you don’t want people who disagree with you to have that same advantage of social media, to use it if we hold a dissenting view or ask question’s unlike the homeless people whom you provided a voice for, rather than the voice  we found on our own, you would like us to just go away, I for one will not if the people who have for decades failed the homeless can sing their own praises, I can sing their criticisms, the only one attacking anyone is you because I want people to see the truth and make informed decisions like I said in my last post.
If I missed anything about @hardlynormals response that you feel needs addressed let me know and I’ll Try and cover it.


  1. Hey Bro !

    How have you been ?..Plaza Guard here =) great stuff you are saying would you mind if I can put some of these blogs on my blog I have almost 5k in views more coverage for you I am well no longer at the plaza .they changed guards ..I work for another company peace

    1. I would be Honored My friend fell free to use anything you want from this site, I love Life Is Life.and I thank you for the exposure. Peace too you too my friend Change I have found is always good,while you are not at the same place I am sure you are right where you need to be I have been well and I hope you are the same!


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