Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Understanding "Homeless People"

It Is something Often not thought Of By Many, To Truly Understand “Homeless People” We must first understand that “there is nothing new Under the Sun” and There is Truly No such thing as a Homeless Person There is Simply a view of society as A whole of there Being “Homeless People” There Is, However  In our society, If You will,  Many People who are In real terms Disenfranchised, without A house, by inability Or refusal to be a part of their community or political Upheaval, and economic Or Mental  instability, they Become outcast from our society as a whole!
Never the less they are not homeless No more so than you,  God  forbid, It is possible that anyone may become victim of the same circumstance, from the richest to the least of our society we all have the capability to become The victim of the societies pitfalls, War, the fall of an empire, Human rights violations, The strong conquering the weak, you name it, and in the end Like every other Man woman Or Child Welcome to Earth The only Home you will truly ever Have You can in no way be Homeless The Earth Is Yours It is Mine It is Ours, Yes the earth Is Home To us all.
Now What we choose to call the “Homeless People”  are Just people without a House The Disenfranchised, Impoverished, And Those struggling to survive.
The problem we face in dealing with these people like myself,  Is this as I see it, we Must first view them as People Not as “Homeless people.” In Doing this we Open a wide range of doors when it comes to Helping People, we then, Would Begin to look to their needs rather than Our perception of their needs, Because Our perception is That we need to give every person  a House, So They can become more like us, and there is a real reason This is not working. that being outside of , Food, Water, And Remnants. Our needs as a whole have great diversity. How can we continue to Serve people as a group when they are indeed Individuals, Yes Some people that are un-housed Want a House Indeed some desire to be Housed. Do we continue To discount those who do Not and say they are beyond redemption, they are too far Gone.
Is this the reason why Programs and transitional housing is failing? could it be be that rather than Meeting the needs of Our fellow man we are trying to dictate too them what we see to be their need?  Because all the housing models we have, Themselves have a very Low success rate. We spend Millions upon Millions of Dollars annually to House people the vast majority of which do not stay Housed. Simply because They perceive for themselves a different life than the One we have molded for them. Not every person living on the streets feels as if their greatest need is a house so what is it we must ask ourselves that drives us to perceive it as being their need?
What it is, That drives us is that we have become convinced that everyone should be living the American dream and in that we have stripped from others the ability to dream For themselves. And If that dream somehow differs from that of others it is discounted and they are then viewed as weird or different, Un-helpable, But that is not so. I have by Post in the Past and a great deal of research Shown that The average cost to build an affordable housing unit is without cost overrun approximately 168,000 dollars per. and then to say we are going to move A Person in this Unit that desires A 2 acre tract of land with a septic system and a well and a chain saw to build a home of His own at the cost of  70,000 dollars is in and of itself poor planning on behalf of those who claim to be helping. we can not continue to lay claim to meeting the needs of “Homeless People” without first asking what that need Is.
My Greatest complaint with the Homeless Help industry Is This They Claim to be helping The homeless and Are receiving The vast Majority of  Funding to do Just that. Yet They Are Failing And Have decided To continue doing what they have Been trying for decades, and seeing their failures They change names They change programs and they change their client Pool, Now they don’t claim to be trying to help all the Homeless Just those That are Most at risk,The chronically Homeless. Let Me explain something To All Homeless Help agencies and Those That Support Them There Are Only Chronically Homeless people Because Of decades Of Failure.
Organizations For One You calling it an Industry Excuse Me Sucks We are Not An industry We Are People, We are Individual Lives And We Are Someone’s Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister, Mother , Father,  And Friend. You Can Not continue to Use your few Homeless Success Stories to Further Your Cause And Hide from Us Your failures, Claiming Failures are Only Those who don’t want Help!
Because There is Not a Person Out here among us that Doesn’t want Help, Sometimes it Just Not the Help that Is being Offered. So  If you want to Help “Homeless People” Try Something New And truly innovative Try asking “Homeless People” What do You need And stop assuming It’s The American dream Especially In a Day and age where the American Dream Is Becoming A thing of the Past,  Like Your Approach to solving the Problem Should have Long ago.          


  1. Joseph my brother, never has my heart rejoiced upon hearing such truth like the truth you're telling now. Know, that even though you may feel like your not screaming loud enough, those of us who get it hear you loud and clear and we love you! You are one of the reasons we have the desire to love rather than the arrogance to "fix". Love you much brother, Lori.

  2. I am never met even one homeless person who doesn't want help. What is being offered is not always helpful. IMO, sometimes it may even be harmful.

    In my experience, most chronically homeless people are disabled. As such, they are protected under a number of federal laws which may be being ignored or overlooked by agencies accepting federal HUD funds.

    We need to get more civil rights lawyers involved in this issue.


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