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Lao Tzu

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Albert Pine

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Social Media And Homelessness Does it work For the Homeless ?

I can tell you this Much It does and It does Not! Now I would Guess That People would Like me to explain that statement, Ok It does Or it Has for people Like Myself Who through social Media was able to make friends that effectually helped to change My life in the terms of a place to live and A small part time Job with which I now have the ability to create change in My life even further. I am And have always said I am blessed. But enough about Me. Lets talk about other homeless.
I contend That the claims Made by some delusional individuals recently That 100 percent of Homeless people are on facebook or twitter is ignorant and the vast Majority of Homeless people Are not Or do not have the means To be active on social Media. And In the Last year of Me being Homeless I can tell you Most thought Me to Be Mad Simply because I was active on the Internet They felt As If, Like most People in Houses I would Have better spent My money on anything rather than a Notepad.  And I have spent time with Homeless people all over this country so the claim that 100 percent of homeless people are active on social Media such as facebook is not only false but It is at best a deception to meet one’s own ends. There are also those that would have you believe that The homeless people that they do interact with are The A typical Homeless Men and women that are on your street corners begging and flying signs and simply trying to survive, Fact Is most people on the internet that are homeless are seeking resources trying to break through a wall of separation between them and the people lending a continuum of care. IE. Homeless service Organizations.
As These Organizations and Not the Homeless themselves are the One’s reaping the Benefits Of Social Media, Because By there own statements and there outreaching of support for each other they Claim they are now able to reach a vastly diverse population rather than the Normal annual Mailing crowd that they were confined to before the brave new world of social Media.   
But what benefit does this Lend to the Homeless well it makes it much easier for these Homeless Services Organizations To continue the great work that many of them Have been doing for decades. It Is a New arena In which To be able to Fund their Failure. It Is for the Homeless a Guarantee That They will be able to Go to these Organization’s and be referred to some other Organization, Or Referred To a Shelter that Is supported by a recent community development grant.
So I am telling you that, Social Media Helps the Homeless but very Few and If You are one of the ones Like myself Who see’s the same Organizations doing the same things only in a different venue, and You try to raise people awareness to the fact that they are merely pulling the wool over peoples eye’s and all of there programs have been sold before and are just being repackaged and sold again,and that they will soon start another Organization and start selling again, A year latter when they have changed Their name and started reselling this package, You will be Just a homeless man with a Chip on His shoulder, who just cant get along with the “do-gooder's.”
But I ask you This Why else would a Homeless advocate, Advocate that You not Give to the Homeless But Give to them Instead Because they are more aware of what the Homeless need than the Homeless themselves, A true Homeless advocate will tell you we don’t care what cause you give to or what homeless person you give to Just do something and they are out there these true homeless advocates the unsung heroes of the Homeless they are the ones who’s praises are not sung they are the one’s who meet the daily immediate need of the Homeless, pleading only that you also share the effort. And Share the Love. A true Homeless advocate you will find Feeding people in there Back yard when It flies in the face off their neighbors. They will be found Traveling around the country with There friends and Loved one’s giving of all that has been given Them, They will be found proclaiming gratitude for being able to help those in need, They will be doing what they do with no questions ask because They are answering a calling to Love there fellow man, and Not a calling to increase their Funding.  
The sad part for Me is there are enough Homeless people on social Media That we could effectually Change the world If We stepped away from the Organizations who would Use us as there next cry for their Help, and Help ourselves to Help others Like Us. We are Our Own Voice and we Help Ourselves Most By not lending it to others But By giving it freely to each Other.  

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