Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Monday, January 23, 2012

Never At A Loss

I have always Been A person Who is Never at a Loss For words, That is Until recently In My life As I have been often distracted as to where My life Is going and the direction it has now taken. I for years was Defined by myself and others as a homeless man and I am now finding that I am so Much More.
I was Happy with being homeless, My homeless Story was Not one of despair nor was it ever one Of Hopelessness, while for years I struggled with myself in my fight against addiction and alcoholism I some 14yrs ago overcame even that struggle and have not drank Or returned to my Junkie ways since. More importantly I became comfortable with Me and Who I was. As A Human being, and I faced the reality Of no matter My station In life I will always still Be Me. I am Human, I am a Man And I have everything a Person can Have to offer to others I have within Me the ability To Love and To share my friendship and compassion with those who I come into contact with.
First and foremost I found that in any situation I must first be willing to give of myself, I can not live in any instant as if I have nothing to give I found that the greatest gift of all I have been given was My voice. I can at all times stand on the truth and I can make others aware of those things which I find to be true for me. In doing that I have often Found People often wish To confuse fact and Opinion for instance it is My opinion that The homeless services agencies and org’s are failing, That Is My opinion! I arrived at that opinion by researching the Money that is spent on the homeless problem,and Finding that the greatest percentage of this funding is spent on administrative fee’s and advertising, while community development Grants are wasted on programs that only contribute to the endless supply of Homeless individuals themselves by temporarily housing them and there by insuring when the next grant allocation period rolls around the need is still there! This is Fact !  And one that Has been so For 2 decades. So while often as of Late I have been silent on the facts I am still here and not at a loss for words I have simply put been getting my second wind, and will continue to expose Organizations Like Common Grounds, Path Partners, 100Khomes Path achieve , Ascencia,Union Gospel Missions, Salvation Army, and any other Org that Lives their lives for the Furtherance of their organization at the cost of the Homeless themselves. Because this is not opinion this is Fact!
So you see You have not silenced Me you have only strengthened My resolve To expose you for the Frauds and profiteers of Homelessness that you are see because with out you we could address the problem of Homelessness being a problem, of Basic Human Rights and not have you cloud the issue by maintaining a hard line that says A supportive Housing Model that hasn’t worked in decades is still the Best, your failure has oppressed us the Homeless and Formerly Homeless to the point of us Taking action And social Media And peoples vexation of their Spirit because of an ongoing problem.will Only Further Us In our cause, Because everyone is tired of Organizations that are helping us into our Graves.
If You too are not without a loss There is a comment section Below this Post!! Much Love. And Know That there are Organizations and Homeless Helpers I do very Much Support In general They aren’t publicly Funded But rather Are driven By Their Love and Compassion and supported By individuals who are Like Minded! They are people who are the Ones who Just Get It. Do You ?


  1. Yes, I believe I do get it. Because you keep the faith and do what you believe in, Joseph. Your heart knows no bounds.

  2. I wish I could say the same Joseph,

    For myself I lost my mother, my career and I often think I am losing my mind.

    I am sincerely thankful for those organizations and individuals who are there, but I question the morality when a society cannot see housing as a human and civil right.

    I question the hearts of legislators ... how can having a home NOT be a need?


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