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"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Friday, February 10, 2012

Choice !

There are Always In this Life Choices, On this I believe All People across All cultures Weather they Be Racial, Religious, Political, Gender Or any other line That Make up the diversity Of the Human Race. I would Say Myself And from What Little Learning And Education I do Have The Only Bad Choices we really have Are one’s That Are Made With Bad Judgment Or while Being Ill Informed.
This Is what I would Like To Speak too, Ill Informed Decisions, As I have for the Last couple Of days seen Many people Make Ill Informed Decisions Based On Their Heart Or compassion On the subject Of Homelessness And It is something that Over the Last year + I have watched While being Engaged with People On social Media Such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogger,Google+, and Others All to often.
While presented with Facts and blinded by compassion and the feeling of loyalty to a Cause The truth Is often Ignored and The facts Get discarded for what We believe is right.
I have A friend Greg Staffa who Some May Know As @StaffaRoadTrip, @Homelessdefend, Or Just Greg. He has Made A video Presenting People with the Facts and simply The Facts Out of His Desire For Justice, And His will To strike Back At what He perceives as Injustice. And Because He is A friend I stand Behind His Passion Because He is Doing It seeing That There Is Something Going On that Is Just Not right In His eye’s and the eye’s of those that care to look.
Many of you may read this and say He is Defending Greg Because Greg Is a friend Greg Himself would Tell you Joseph Has no Problem Telling you If He disagrees with You.
I first meet Greg While I was Living On the streets In Oregon I was Introduced to Greg By a Friend Who Had told Me He was traveling around the country Doing a 48state Capitol Road trip To bring awareness to Homelessness. My First Response was What people aren’t aware? I Tweeted Back and forth with Greg with Greg and He was Honest with Me I told Him My friend said to talk to him and I could Use some socks I have to admit that My interest Was Peaked I had to meet a man traveling around Handing out socks to bring awareness to homelessness in 48 states.
I met Greg That Evening He showed Up At the Military Recruiting station I was hanging out at In a small strip mall In Oregon, and not only did He have Socks He Had Hot Chocolate and as It was the first Of Many Bitter cold days we were to have it was Most welcome, What truly Impressed Me With @StaffaRoadTrip was before We parted ways He went to His car and He dug Out a sleeping bag and turned to me and said Here You are gonna need this It is Gonna Get cold! I said is this the only sleeping bag you have Because of my concern that He had said he was sleeping in His car but He was adamant on Me taking it simply saying I Have a car I can always just start it and turn on the Heat.  Well Greg and I are Now Close friends We are now both off of the streets Thanks to a couple of beautiful People In Minnesota Who have Give us a Place to Live and A little work and an opportunity to regain a foothold On life. It is Thanks Be first To God And Than To The tool of social Media.
I would Like too encourage all to Go to Gregs Link which He recently Posted On Social Media Using the Hashtag  #Naeh12, and View the Blog Post of I ask you to do so with an open Heart and Mind and actually see the chain Of events that Has led Greg To Call attention to the abuse That is and has been perpetrated By The voice Of the Homeless. I would Also Like For people reading His Blog post to set aside there Feelings Of Loyalty or dedication To A cause And Think Of The Impact Of what Is being said In the Videos  
Mark Horvath Calls Homeless Terrorist , Empower Or Exploit   As you read the Blog and view the video’s Ask yourself Have you or do you care to make informed decisions,  Because either ways You do so By choice, I Made the choice some month’s ago To have A get in your face attitude with Greg Staffa Because I felt He was standing in the shadows waiting for something to happen and what he really needed to do was take a stand And I encouraged Him in doing so. And I now stand behind Him In His decision to no longer allow what He feels to be injustice go without notice And I stand with all of you who decide to By choice Stand Or Not against injustice.
And On a Personal Note as I know that posting these video’s and reaching out to #Naeh12 participants, Was not the Hijacking of a Hashtag It was A homeless man  Giving His Opinion in the platform of social Media on A ending Homelessness event and A homeless Person More so Than Most has a Claim To this Hashtag Because It is The one opinion That needs Be listened To and the Organizations That Participate in these events Need To start listening to the concerns of all homeless people not Just the one’s who they have Furthered along for the betterment of their cause. And the People who blindly follow These people claiming to help the homeless who decide to attack homeless people who have an opinion about the one’s you choose to help us, If we are not allowed that opinion freely you need to go back to your crystal towers, and allow us our opinion we don’t really need your help if our opinions don’t matter. 
And Here’s my opinion
I guess the respect stops with the camera’s as you sent many tweets this week attacking someone for making a video and approximately 6 tweets and showed encouragement to your kool-aid drinkers why they to attacked Him and after 2days worth of degrading tweets none of which at anytime addressed the claims of you exploiting and taking advantage of the Homeless all just trying to discredit the truth he presents then laid to the claim.
  That this person Is Mentally Ill to further Your cause Of blinding people to the truth’s that you in every case of being called on have fought with this rhetoric. It Is you who people are beginning to see through when presented with the truth!
And The Homeless cant afford another Empire Built on their Backs!!!!

The rest of you have to make yours. Much Love Joseph2Dogs!


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    1. Mark as You Didn't address the Post you simply restated all of your rhetoric,I will In its entirety address your Post But I will not allow you to Hijack My blog post,Because The post That you presented was By your own definitions simply a terrorist tactic.


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