Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A closed mind is truly the sign of a closed heart

I believe that I have been right all along and that men really don't care to solve the homeless problem it is truly about the money and the exploitation of men and women I have for the past 20+ years watched perish on the streets of this country,I've meet 2 people Mary McLaughlin and Bobbi Perreault,I've yet to meet the Lord and these are the only ones who have actually reached out,I am tired in this fight everyone says what we are doing and I have watched look around what you are doing is not working
with every passing day the homeless problem grows by leaps and bounds yes last 3 months you may have housed a few thousand individuals while 10s of thousands took there place are we so blind or have such a God complex that we have to wait for the whole system to collapse in upon itself,You can't continue to say we care and not change the direction of your path God is watching and the kingdom drawith neigh unto you,yet you do not see for there is no watchman upon your towers. Men only choose to see themselves in all things and their care of their fellow man only reaches as far as their own little world. homelessness I say again will never end as long as their are those that profit from it and everyone else keeps silent on the matter of it being a God given Right of every man woman and child to have the safety of a place to call their own in this world and to walk as equals among you know matter their station in life only then will we be as equals I do pray soon that men and women wake up for it is now that we are on the edge of the precipice we pull each other from the brink or we are over the edge If this great country can't do it how can we expect it from the world.A closed mind is truly the sign of a closed heart


  1. I see what you're talking about all around. Even at church last Sunday I heard a passing remark that made it clear we just have no clue. I won't repeat it as it was cruel and prejudiced and the good church people didn't see that - they saw a joke. All you can do is keep trying, take strength from the Lord and continue to shout out your knowledge of the subject to educate us who are ignorant.

  2. I had to share this post on twitter..Thanks joseph



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