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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have I offended You ?

And This Is The Origins Of Christmas As Historical Fact And Not According To Joseph Son Of E'loi.
Let me first explain I, as what is in the Aramaic language mshee-khe-taa,  Am a follower of the Messiah, and a yaa-loo-paa that is to say a student, a studier of his teachings, and with Him I have khoo-yaa-daa that being unity.
that being said let me take first the primes that in this the month of December We are celebrating His Birth Which is something He and His disciples Did not Do.
Let me first point out in scripture it is foretold of His Birth as being inn the time of shepherds abiding in the fields with their flocks Luke 2:8. what time could this have been? is the question first raised for that we must understand the culture into which the king was Born.
A common practice in the culture was that from kha-b-neeshan the first of April signifying the rebirth of the land, until tishrin-qua-ma-yaa October  where the flocks free to dwell in the land at that time they where sheltered,so to my first point The Lord could not have been born in December.
It was in 336 by the Roman Emperor Constantine that December 25th was chosen as the celebratory date for the birth of Ye'shua,
worship of the sun was at that time the primary religion of the empire but the whole of the empire had been converted to Christianity by the conversion of Constantine.
in that it is found that the winter solstice is the true significance of this date being December 21-23 , and was chosen so that the it would " coincide with the the nativity of the unconquerable Sun"
and The Sun symbol itself is held by the scepter of the ruling Pope and placed upon the obelisk at saint peters square.
The term also applied by the papal sea (papacy ) of Rome,  yule hence yule tide,it is also the pagan celebration of Saturnalia a roman sun God winter festival. the 6 pointed star used ceremonially is from the association of the Saturn symbol, symbol for man of the stars Shatan, Satan, Shamhazi.
and It is a accumulation of these practices of sun worship that we are found to be worshiping in on this Christmas Day.
and we say we are remembering Christ on this Day and for Many that is Because that is what we are taught, indeed Christ taught something we seem to ignore in saying this is for him in remembrance of His birth.
If indeed we had been instructed by the Lord on this matter to me it would be of no consequence But as he did give instruction of his remembrance I believe it is,
And He took the bread and gave thanks and break it,and gave unto them saying,this is my body which is given for you; This do in remembrance of me.
Now is it of us to choose in which way we are to remember Him the Holy one of I'sra'el.

"To put it very briefly, the Church did indeed use the
pagan holiday date for Christmas, but not so it could "force conversions."
Rather, Dec. 25th was the celebration of the days lengthening once again, which to the pagans meant that the sun god would bring light and warmth to the earth, once more. By co-opting this date, the Church made it the celebration of the
Light of the World.  It wasn't done to force conversions, but rather to make it easier for Christians to celebrate alongside their pagan neighbors without raising suspicions that they, the Christians, were
worshiping the sun god, which could get them killed. The only
conspiracy was of the pagan officials against Christians.Easter is the first Sunday following Passover, just as it was when Jesus celebrated it with his Apostles, so there is nothing pagan about that. Only the name Easter comes from a pagan source, but the holiday is based on the Jewish calendar not on any
Roman god or goddess worship. The external deserts in the
world are growing, because the internal deserts have become so vast. " -- Pope Benedict XVI

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