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Lao Tzu

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Albert Pine

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I will try

My post yesterday seams to have stirred alot of emotions in alot of people,and for that I am glad It has also seamed to raised alot of questions,and for people who have questions on this subject I believe they are deserving of answers.
I am posting my answers to some and Invite any To a True open discourse on this subject this blog is set up so people can read comments of others and leave comments please feel free to do so on any subject,As to the working model of the shelter system we have today first let me say I have stayed at shelters from Los Angeles,To New York City and all points in between I have been at this for a long time,The shelters In almost all and with few exceptions,allow you only 3 nights per month free,then you must pay,volunteer your time << sounds like work but they won't say that and will not let volunteers use that term,or you must enter their addiction programs.and this in most cases is what is required to have an extended stay,this excludes most winter shelters that being said the winter shelter is just to keep people out of the weather,most cities that have winter shelters they are generally housed at your local armories,national Guard gymnasiums they provide from generally 6pm-6am shelter,they however in most cases are funded by federal Block grants,they are allocated by block grants for daily needs dinner generally a bag lunch and showers towels shampoo,soap and razors much of which they often never have,because they are always asking for donations of these items.Most of the staff at these places are generally in the dark as to the allocation of the block grants some having been taken from the clientele and placed into there positions by people who often never deal with the homeless.only the money.
food banks,your local food banks are generally supplied by a larger bank in your state and are a link in a chain of what is called food bank networks,even to me the paperwork that was involved in this process was overwhelming.certain cities by there homeless per capita population are allocated a certain # of pounds of food from the network smaller towns having high # of a homeless population are given as much as a city with the same food banks also receive federal funding in most cases and are required by federal guidelines to serve in a certain way this process has no appointed oversight committee,the food banks issue this food as they see fit,they often go by there own inter dept guidelines single man gets this this this ,if you have know way to cook beany weenie's would benefit you more than someone who is in need of food struggling,but has a stove or motel room with a hotplate for that matter.but it is not allocated in this way.
It is a struggle for every individual who is impoverished or homeless and they often never complain or say I can't use that they say thank you and leave with what was given,and are grateful
most people who have know way to cook or to carry heavy cans.often discard them at times even stopping and throwing them in the dumpster.praising God for the peanut butter that they threw in with it.I do not write all of these things to offend people or to make them think they are doing no good but to shine a light onto the reality of what is going on I do not put the good hearts that donate on the chopping block God bless you for your desire to help,If you want to Help and donate I ask you this Go to your local shelter and see if they will let you observe what they do and see if they will let you with out telling you by there schedule,and trust me when I say things Run quite different when outside volunteers are availing themselves.drop in visit are generally not encouraged.God bless all of you who are helping But we must all who want to eradicate homelessness,come together as one voice and say enough is enough lets fix this broken system and in so doing mend these broken lives we have the funds the food and the volunteers and we do not need another org,assoc,group,church,non profit(stops too laugh),to pop up with the new answer to turn into a new way of exploitation of the disenfranchised,May The Lord God Of Us All my Lord And My Savior Jesus Christ Be With You All In Spirit And In Truth


  1. Homeless is a symptom of many different problems facing a wide variety of people. There is no simple one size fits all solution. Each solution is as unique and the person facing homelessness. The family that is homeless due the local plant closing is different from the Vietnam Vet that returns to the jungle each time he closes his eyes.

  2. Jay while I respect your opinion and agree that it is not a one size fits all,It is no less a broken system which needs our attention as a whole we need to ask the tough questions of those who are in orgs. with a failure rate of over 80% What is it you are doing


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