Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ignoring The Simplicity Makes It No Less Simple-( Or the elephant in the room )!

After having so many Conversations about the same thing I am convinced that People Don't get it,After Me explaining To someone that The problem That Homelessness presents In this Country is not one of a people problem But one of a Social Problem If this society In which we live were itself functioning and productive, it would be easier to Integrate the downtrodden masses into it but as people have Truly looked around and see what is going on in this country and see how the current system under which we all toil is both a tyrannical and exploitive system yet somehow everyone want to ignore the simplicity of the fact that the homelessness in this country is mearly a issue of human rights, at any point in our history with the exception of Darfur, and the tyranny of the Sudan,and other selected vested interest, we have amassed the military industrial complex and invaded or bombed countries that treat it's people as ours, so In that people are unwilling to stand up for their own country men and say it is enough. it's simple the country is ready to tear itself apart. and we will be each of us responsible and will be remembered as a country who let it's fellow man be put under the subjection of tyranny. and it is up to us but as people who say they are trying to help and I know personally some of you really want to. you can not in your hearts want for men to be remolded. and fit into some social model to be accepted of you because that would be daft,and if it is truly the case that people must first fit your model than stop advocating for anything, and start preparing for a coming revolution in this country because you are on a path that will force legislation to round up and re educate the homeless in this country how long before they say the ten year model is not working now it must be enforced.
I am beginning to think that I am the only one who has even read any of the legislation that goes with the housing first is not something that was conceived by 100k homes or path achieve or pathways to housing or American assoc too end homelessness it was originally implemented by Philadelphia, dept of housing and urban development.
so once again we really need to stop and ask what are we doing are we trying to end homelessness or are we continuing to feed into this system of exploitation, if you really looked at what has been done in the past 2 decades you would truly stop dead in your tracts and say to yourselves oh my, you are saying to me with the inaction of your actions,let me say that again the inaction of your actions, and i will spell that out you are choosing a fight that is already over, and having no effect. at best you are sweeping a battlefield.
But all of you think that you have the answers what I am doing is the best that I can do you say, it is only because you have chosen that, and I wish to not be thrown into the mix, I have before stated that it is the homeless my brethren I advocate for but know that I chose to get out of this fight not in the sense of not advocating for them but not in the ineffectual way people would have us believe is right but in that It Is a human rights issue and Not any other issue  you can not keep cold hungry people locked out of empty houses and high rises for much longer we are Human and we are tired of being cold and being told we can't sleep or can't rest or cant find comfort as far as that goes.
I am amazed in the fact alone that people who have become part of the downtrodden masses in the past year have not already started a revolution I'm not a brain surgeon and have no Dog in that fight but I can tell you that even a homeless man like me figured out that the banks that took your homes also took your taxes for the next 2 generations to pay for their failures, In that the federal reserve a private bank Not part of the banking system loaned the Government the money to bail out the federal reserve banking system or, consolidate the industry,to drive out smaller banking entities, and in doing so the made themselves seem to have liquidity because the money was loaned to a government that ask them to print it, and it's people will pay it back or the rest of them will be out on the street.
and In doing so 50% of the homes in America went into default mode making people who could have to refinance and those who couldn't into foreclosure.
You may not want to hear what I say next, But I am homeless with a 10th Grade education and I am either smarter than most people or one of the few paying attention.
But i digress what ever you want to do than do that's what this country is all about but when they can't take anymore human right from people like me they will and already have started on you, so next time you see a homeless or person of less privileged than you say hello sport them a smile you may be sitting around their cook fire before you know it.

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