Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Fullness Of God

Here I Am again, talking about what I know best talking about homelessness and the church. I wish for the sake of both that there was No need For ME to feel like I needed to address either,such as it is I feel I must.
I have addressed each on separate Grounds and combined both before and will continue too,as I Love God and His people the church,and I have known nothing but homelessness for, Oh so Long. It is a shame to me that the church needs be addressed but as it is Not teaching,not listening to and not sparing Children of God, From the suffrage of the world and it's woe's I am always driven forward in that I feel we as the body, Of Christ needs do more for our fellow man.
If in anything are we blessed in that we have a Savior whom to us has become Personal But as the body of believers have we adapted this personal Savior and His teachings to our daily lives and have we been instructed to in His Word?
Now I must explain why I ask this question, I ask because it is one we should all ask, but this year being a census year, and It has been deemed that 62% of all Americans consider themselves to be Christian second in this country only to Muslims. this to me was an astonishing fact,Because most Christians believe them selves to be a minority.
However you are not, That is Not to say that you will not become the minority because yearly the numbers Grow against the church. Membership is declining,younger people are staying in the Church for shorter periods of time,and More and More people are seeking alternative means of worship,wicken and paganism in the top of the fields followed by new age worship, In short people are turning from the one true God because the Church is stagnant and the Church is failing.
The Church is no longer found in the Church,and It is because they are teaching the doctrines of men and not the doctrines of God.
So are we in the period of a great falling away?
It is my belief that indeed we are.
We The Church have come to dwell in temples not built by men we seek each other out and try and find meaning to our lives we talk about God to each other and we share Him with other Christians, That is not what we were called to do.Nor where we called to worship Our God in a House of Idols and in the midst of idol worship.
We have failed,But even In the midst of our failure God is there and He is calling,It is Gods promise that he will restore unto us His people, all that we have lost.and God is not slack in his Promise to man, He has and always shall fulfil His Word, Now for us it is to turn to His Word and to learn and to teach others, That all men might live the fullness of God.
Now with the church having a membership of 100's of millions in this great Land and what we have come to claim as a Christian Nation, He has to be a long suffering God as He always has been since the beginning of time. For this nation has Called unto Him for it's own destruction He as God of both the old and the new Testaments has In both Declared both that if you turn from the man whom has need of your worldly Goods  He ask wherfor is the Love of God in you,and  states He will mock you in your calamity.

So I believe That God true to his promised has searched the Hearts of men and seen the darkness in which he dwells. and He has true to His promise began to mock the church in it's calamity.
Every Sunday in this people in the church's Of this country have driven by men and women begging on the streets of their cities and to them given know thought and no acknowledge them in anyway. And God Watches Us, So we are No longer afforded the Claim that we are Christians We must needs bear forth such fruit If men and women in Your cities towns and rural farm communities are in need of anything you have and God has Given unto you abundance than it is not yours.
It is A God in which you serve who Holds all that you are, The church will never  explain why it is that men went without when they were given unto abundance with hundreds of millions of Christians in the land You will be called to account for every man every woman and every child that has perished for want. and If you are a true believer It is In gods word. search it out Repent and seek God to Guide You in your life.

I say this because someone chastise me for saying I have nothing and count it all a blessing in Him, But my blessing is that for me having none of the worlds riches it is easy for me to give away all of my little because to me it holds no value to me it is nothing.
As It is what I am accustomed to but It is hard For others to see I am truly in this lowly state a man of great riches. I know I am an alien in this land and to this world For I am a Child of God and Rich beyond all that life has Given any man I have want for nothing of this Earth and In this I am blessed More Than I can explain.

I wish only to share my riches with all of you, I want none to Hunger I want none to suffer the elements and I want all to have health and suffer no pain.I want you to receive the adoption of my Father, and become the true Sons of God.

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