Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Saturday, December 11, 2010

it is your responsibility

I have offended many with my post since I started this Blog and never was that my intent,I only speak from my voice of experience and not from a voice lent to me by some conversation that I had with someone who is less fortunate than myself.
and there are many who are less fortunate than me I have many things alot of my homeless brothers and sisters do not have i have peace of mind and a comfort with my station in life i have no great expectations of being more than i am,and I have most importantly a relationship with the Father Of Us All.God is most Important in my life and It is that that I wish to share with people,I have as of lately became distracted in the fight against homelessness because I for all of these years have seen no results from Good peoples efforts,Nor do at this point expect to see any results in the near future,people will continue on their path's doing what they do and the result will be the same while yes in this battle we have small victories,the battle will never end the war,I have been a harsh critic to those who advocate for the end of homelessness,and my reasons for it are simple.
I have Been homeless for entirely to long,the definition of chronic homelessness is someone who has been homeless for a period of more than a year, if that is the case than I must avail myself to being terminally homeless.
I have come to know thru facebook and twitter that there are alot of wonderful people out there trying there level best to bring awareness to this problem and for them I will continue to pray for them,I have also found that there are those as it has always been that pray upon the homeless,and are mearly trying to make themselves look good,it is their refusal to give validity to anything that a homeless man might have to say,that only strengthens this belief,but with them i cannot continue to rage nor to try to shed light on the err of their ways,but one who has profited from the misfortune of others in the end shall find no profit at all and in this alone i find comfort
It will continue to be my belief that legislation needs to be enacted to stifle the indiscriminate exploitation of the homeless,and that boundary's and accountability in these organizations that are mear profiteers must needs be put in place,it is a hate crime and a violation of peoples civil liberties to treat men and women as statistics and cases to be managed in doing that you are putting aside the human aspect of the problem,we as homeless people truly have no voice if we do not sing the praises of those who claim to be our voice and this is to much for me. I cannot agree to giving my time and my energy to an on going exploitative system so if you chose to give of all your time and money it is a choice you make and I will not be the one to Hold you accountable but there was indeed reason for the lesson given to us by one mightier than I when it was revealed to us that you will say have i not done these things unto you and the Lord shall say depart I never knew thee,so to all a warning!
be diligent be demanding of those to whom you believe to be helping others and do not be afraid to ask what they are doing with all of the offerings you have made if it be your local shelter your local united way or your pastor it is your responsibility alone to make sure those in whom you intended too,  received your help,But most importantly in your fight against this system,give your heart and friendship openly to those in need.
God Bless you All

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  1. Well said. As Covey (1989) posited long ago, we tend to each live our lives autobiographically which tends to cloud the lens that we view the world.


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