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"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Monday, December 20, 2010

Forgive Me My Passion

I want to first and foremost thank you all for your interest in the advocation of the homeless being housed,I would like to ask each and everyone of you however too ask yourself a question, what is it we are advocating for?
If we are truly advocating for the homeless are we doing so in a manner that is benefiting them?
Do we want our efforts to be wasted on public policy,that has to date passed laws that have abridged their personal freedoms?
Is it their right as Individuals to have the freedoms that we take for granted?
should a man less fortunate than ourselves be able to sleep when he is tired weather it be on a local park bench or under a shade tree or under a bridge out of the rain?
If we are donating clothing to help organizations shouldn't he or she have access to this clothing when they need it?
If we are giving money food and volunteering our time to feed them shouldn't they be given food that is both nutritious and readily prepared?
If they have no way to cook shouldn't the food banks to which we donate take this into account?
should our donations be allocated to the sum of over 80% in most cases to the administration fee's of these services?
what is being done to eliminate the problem?
What More is there that we could be doing?
Is the church doing it's duty in this arena?
Is it the church's responsibility to do something about the homeless problem?
If the church or any other organization not doing what it is they profess to be doing should they be able to retain a 501c3 status of a tax exempt entity?
should there be guidelines for accountability and annual,auditing of the system ?
why is the federal department of housing and urban renewal who is in trusted with the allocation of a federal budget of so many billions of dollars failing by their own guidelines to monitor these agencies when they have an operating budget of 27 million dollars for just such personnel?
why does any agency that pads it's numbers with statistics by taking only a select few clients deemed the most likely to achieve their goals in the rehousing program allowed to still operate and receive federal funding?
these are only o few all encompassing questions I have for years being asking and would appreciate any feedback,that I might receive on this subject as I have a list of more agency specific questions that I believe should also be asked.
I have been accused of just wanting to complain in an open forum because I question and feel this is an unjust accusation
as I feel that we should be all asking these questions after a period of funding this problem. I have for years heard how it is me a homeless man who is a drain on the system I haven't stayed at a shelter in years and haven't went to a doctor in this country sense I was diagnosed with acute miologinis lymphoma of the lung,and had to take this homeless self to Mexico for treatment because of an ongoing fight with social security.I was blessed to have meet a person who helped me to finance my Mexico treatment but in noway feel obligated because of the views of a few people operating within and taking advantage of the system failing me and many like me for so many years,to keep my mouth shut and not ask questions,that I as an American citizen deserve answers to.
I am sorry that anyone is in any way ever offended by my words when I set out to find these answers recently I told myself that it was going to be a struggle and it has been,I have in know way set out to offend any and if me questioning a failed system offends any maybe you are in the wrong field and should be advocating for homeless pets who truly have no voice of their own because I and others like me do deserve to be heard on this matter it is our very lives that are at stake and not yours!!
So you will just have to forgive me my passion on the subject or do as so many has in the past 2+ decades and dismiss my voice
But I can't keep silent on the subject and because i have passion on the subject I can not be dismissed I owe it to the men and the women whom I have lived with out here on these streets and and the ones because of their untimely demise caused by the personal struggle they endured are no longer able to fight alongside me
but have passed on.
So think Me not a fool and do not dismiss me as others have for I shall finish the race and i will complete the task I have set out to do before many of you ever even considered the homeless and our plight.

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