Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Monday, December 13, 2010

God is in control

In today's society I find it truly hard to believe that People even in a world where we are but a mouse click away from the other side of the globe, Are so totally disconnected from what is going on around them.When talking about current events however I have found that most people are of the mindset that they will tell you I don't even want to think about it.
It's like saying please sir I prefer to stay right here with my head in the sand.
If you try to enlighten someone to what is going on in there little realm,in most cases they refuse to believe the truth and say to you that is not possible,just today I had tweeted someone that in 2005 the Us.Government had allocated approximately 1.241 million dollars per person for the eradication of homelessness,the number however falls a little long in that they did not account for households that had doubled up,in accounting for those households the number still falls somewhere by the governments own census bureau stats somewhere in the range of 1.002million per person,to me somewhere between the allocation of said funding and the homeless community there are some very beautiful silver lined pockets but this is just my guess.
when you look at organizations that are helping the homeless and see that for instance the national director of the salvation army in 2005,had an annual income of 126,000 dollars and why not God bless his heart all that work he has done to take men and women off the streets and put them in his subsidized slave labor camps, I mean shelters,He deserved to be able to have comforts not afforded his clients.
in the case of goodwill industries and in 2005 grossing a profit of 8.3 billion dollars,and i must say not bad for a non-profit organization.I am sure that they spent the money wisely,because it at that time became impossible for a homeless individual to get free clothing or shoes or bedding and such things of this frivolous nature.
saint vincent de paul society in 2005, feed by their estimates approximately 210million meals and that is not bad which means on any given day they feed 89% of Americas homeless population,and that's pretty good for and organization that only received 2.1billion dollars outside of their normal,721,000 million dollar private sector donations,bringing the per meal cost in at an estimated 270dollars per meal,man I am gonna start eating there again why didn't someone tell me what I was missing.
yes I do realize that there are overhead cost associated with serving the impoverished in this country,the clothing they receive in some cases and the rental assistance and heat programs,oh wait are not heat and rent subsidies covered by block grants that's right I am so sorry.
any way the discussion which I had with an eves dropper (LOL)covered allot of these subjects and it all started because I revealed the fact that it was 1.241million dollars per person that could have housed every man woman and child in this country.had it not been given to organizations that had for decades been failing in providing the service they where allocated the money for in the first place.
I have found that people in this country have a very big heart and do not want their fellow man to suffer,they want them to have food shelter and clothes,they believe that my fellow human beings deserve what I have and they believe that it is most cases their duty to help as part of the human race,they rush to give to causes that are dear to them.
and Might I say God Bless them one and all.
I however am not the only one who has figured out you all have a giving heart
I would say to you all once again if you want to give your time your energy and your voice to an organization,or if you want to fund them in their efforts please i beg of you to look at not just the above orgs but any who might seek your support many are there for you to give your resources to but you must ask yourself do I want to continue to reward these people for their failures.
Do not be afraid to ask of anyone who is representing you in your good faith efforts what is it you are doing? can we see your books do you have a projected over all cost,and who is it you are helping could we meet with you as a cheerful giver and as an American tax payer have the right to know.
God bless you one and all May you be blessed in all you do!
And remember Trust God to lead you For God is in control

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