Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sometimes the Simplest Things

Having coffee the other morning sitting outside and I had chance to meet a young woman who engaged me in conversation as many would say was just by chance Or happenstance, But as a man living in Gods mercy and grace I myself know that not to be true as I believe people when they make themselves available to the spirit are often found together right where God wants them too be at any given moment and there we were found she came to the carwash to vacuum here car out and when done with a simple smile and a good morning we began our conversation. Often times I talk about how the simplest things like a hello can mean all the difference to a man Like me.
We continued on in our conversation and I was able to relate to her as someone who while having a different life we walk in accord with one another she first simply spoke to me a good morning and how are you in which I replied I am well and I am Blessed. her reply to me me was simple and to the point. Are you a Christian? I said yes I am, to which she replied I thought so! and this was a beginning to a wonderful conversation. we spoke of The world the church and Our love of God and how so many more people need to walk in this spirit I spoke of how friends of mine had perished on the streets we spoke of how people are so wrapped up in their lives They often never have time for or the desire to converse with someone like myself and we laughed and together we cried me and this stranger that took the time to speak to me.
I know in the end it was a woman sent by my God and My savior for many reasons the biggest being she in know way judged me and she talked with me until her child was restless and ready to drive away without her As he was very small, we said Our good byes and we parted she went and got me lunch and brought it to me latter while I was sitting on the corner, and she gave me the gift of being able to bless others unwittingly as she gave me a subway gift card and it had twenty dollars on it now I have not seen her since and Her blessings on me did not stop there I have since our meeting and her gift to me been able to daily to share with others Gods blessings in my life because a simple footlong sandwich from subway will feed more than myself and I have been able to each day find some fellow wanderer that is willing to break bread and share her blessing too me with me, I am able to witness to them the mercy and grace and Joy given me by people like Her That God places in my life. Her Gift and her blessing to me was farther reaching than I am sure she and I was at the time unable too realize, But that is what I am writing about because while Her and I never gave it thought at the time, God did and He had us both Right where We were for that very reason.Her and I that morning came to agree that he was in the midst of our simple coming togeather.
Why Because He is.


  1. I especially like Subway because you can get some really healthy food choices there - high fiber bread, lots of fresh vegetables. I go there often; a footlong sub can feed two people well.

  2. What a beautiful story! I, too, believe God is in everything. No coincidences, but God-incidences. I pray he will further bless you for sharing this story and reminding us that we should all be in God's business--the business of being kind to all people.

  3. Oh Joseph~ you are such a beautiful Blessing in So many peoples lives, I love how you wrote about this lovely Woman, who spoke with you and gave you so much that very day. Not only the gift of food, but the Beautiful gift of friendship. This is so priceless and so moving to my own Heart and soul, God loves you so much Joseph, as I do my Dear Brother In Christ. Always, Amy


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