Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Monday, June 27, 2011

To All you homeless Traitors There I said It!!!

Homeless, By Housing and urban development and by all agencies dealing with The homeless Problem in this county is something that I have such a hard time dealing with, It has been stated that chronic homeless men and woman are the biggest benefactor of homeless aid in This country. I am writing this post Knowing that in the homeless Online community I am Not going to make friends with this post but It is going to be said. That is bull shit the biggest benefactors of Homeless help are Mission stiffs, people who go to missions to become a part of their programs and fell they must do what they call jumping through hoops to meet the requirements of staying in these programs and the Most money spent on the homeless, Is being spent in these programs. People come online and claim being homeless, or formerly homeless and presume to speak for all the Homeless saying we are giving a new face or we are giving a voice to the homeless.
If you are in a shelter If you are in a program if you are working with an agency getting federal funding to house you and others like you You are making it possible for the continued Profiting from men and women Like you and you are simply by saying these people are doing great work Screwing the rest of us and you have failed to realize you are only a very small percent of the homeless population who benefit from these programs I simply hope for your sakes you are found to be so blessed as to be part of that less than 19% that find success in these shelters and these Profit centers who have by there very intake process Eliminated those of us who might have there own opinion and not bend to the will of men who Go home at the end of the day to  the comfort of their 6 figure incomes, But I do Not wish for those people who are making it possible for these profiteers to continue any hardship I do understand feeling as if you had nowhere else to turn, But you need to know that by continuing to accept their beds and by jumping through all the hoops you leave behind you a great Number of men and women who fell short of meeting the requirements for Help maybe they where to Outspoken or unwilling to give up There Human right to housing For a Bed Or a piece of bread. But I guess it’s what you had to do right.
and I will tell you the truth if you are in a shelter every night And you have not had to struggle because you have a balanced meal served to you by staff and volunteers every night Your ass aren't homeless and you don’t know the first fucking thing about being homeless, But go on and sell your asses out but stop saying your homeless and stop saying that shelter you are at is a God send Because It is Just that you are being blinded by those Presenting themselves as angels of light. and these shelters you stay in are the reason why men and women die on these streets. The people living on the streets the ones that are dying from exposure and beatings There blood will be required at your hand because In your haste for comfort you left them behind when you jumped through that first Hoop. and you are not the voice of the homeless you are the voice of the help orgs. You find encouragement from them because you are their voice not because they give you yours. So don’t try to be a voice of suffrage because as I have both lived in and been on the payroll of shelters in this country I can tell you, You are Sheltered and You have it made. so Enjoy your bed Because Others Who came before you and will come after you will pay for it.
And For everyone else No I am Not moving back inside until we recognize Housing as a basic Human Right I will stay out here till I die Or I am Forced inside,because I will not Throw others under the bus for a house Because in so doing it will never be a home.

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