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Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My decision to no longer blog about homelessness.

I had sworn to my self that I was Going to blog about homelessness no more, as I had Got to a point where I felt people just don't care. truth is I think people do care I could Go thru my list of twitterer followers and come out the other end with a list  names of people who are very passionate on the subject some of which have a vested interest as myself in finding an answer to the problem.
Well for the sake of my self absorption, I will forgo the whys of my decision to stop blogging on this subject and just say this fat chance!  You are going to shut me up, by helping me to find an answer to this plague, I may soon be one of the statistics of those that meet their demise out here on these streets i will however leave behind this blog and in that maybe someone will read and be encouraged to try something that I have said we should try as it's not been tried yet.
I say again if we simply bring some accountability to this system we might just begin to see light at the end of the tunnel, I also have motivation now to continue this fight as I have received a response from the Federal government as to my question of an overall audit of this system, and their response was much like their last response, Their will be accountability now that we have a new director, I am assuming it meant the new director of HUD I may however be taking that for granted. As my request for an audit and my request to examine there books was directed at HUD and director was replaced this year.
I do not see however a change coming because the new director was chosen from someone who was embedded in the system so Good luck with the change coming.
I will however try again to get a look at their books, It is not an easy thing by the way to get the us to open their books to you.
And as to the dear lady who has said I was not one to be giving advice about being homeless sense I have been homeless for so long Please if you read this Read thru the rest of my post as I have sworn to be homeless until the men and women who are party to my suffrage are found to be blessed by the recognition of their human rights to a home and they start fixing this problem so as you are new to being homeless I understand your feelings but I'll be out here until they recognize your right as a human being to have the safety of a place to dwell.
So bless you one and all, and may you find the peace Given Me in Christ Jesus.


  1. I really dont think you should stop talking about how you feel about the matter, I do know that you do speak from your heart, that is all it takes, Jesus said this alot, those who have ears let him hear, which i believe he ment that people need to hear with thier hearts. We both know the reality of selfishness in this country, but i have strong belief in the younger generation, I beleive if they open thier hearts and listen and are looking to make a difference, then maybe one might come across some of your writings and not just read it, but take it as, This man, speaks from his heart. I hope you are doing okay my brother.

  2. God gives every person a ministry, words to speak and hands to lift others up. Not everyone realizes this. Fewer still embrace it. Thank you for doing so. It is a light to others.

    I pray that you continue to follow God's leading. May God grant that the people who read your blog do so with minds and hearts that are open. Amen


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